Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My life didn’t start out this way. In fact, I really am quite a private person who doesn’t like to gossip or get in people’s business and sure don’t want anyone in mine.And then one day I turned into a one man paparazzi…well not one man because I have some free lance contacts that call me up and say, “Hey, there’s a flock of turkeys in front of the Catholic Church,” or “Hey you need to go take a picture of that old chubby man sliding down the slide at the pool,” or “Hey, they’re roasting Hatch chilies in the mall parking lot.”The funny thing is that I do it. I grab my camera and off I run…not quite quickly enough to catch the turkeys on the church porch, but in the lot across the street is almost as good.And the fat man on the slide? I would NEVER post his butt crack because I have integrity and besides he might kick mine.But because of my newfound line of work, I can honestly say I know a little bit about everything. I know who’s meeting when, who got good grades, who had a baby, whose rocket shot the highest in the science experiment and the minutes of most meetings. It’s a weird life I have going now. It seems now that I view every single situation, happening, and photograph in terms of a “story”, and so do other people--(view that for me.) But you know? Life in the raw really is a story…life as it unfolds is a story. And life as the paparazzi in a small town? A very good story indeed.

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