Monday, October 18, 2010


A day in the life of someone trying to pull off a really just a day in the life of...

Plus:  Surprise birthday party for hubby to celebrate new address
Minus:  Busted when caught driving down the street after unexplainable out of town bootleg trip

Plus: Purchasing Stella for my golf bud Charles because it's his fav
Minus: Putting Modello Especial on carton of eggs because beer section is on the other end of store

Plus:  Finding festive pumpkin beer in the middle section to remind me it's my fav
Minus: Pumpkin beer falling off the cart and spewing in the floor
(Just what I get for putting the Modello on the eggs!)

Plus:  After several in town searches, finally finding just the right color mums/pumpkins for new porch
Minus:  Busted...birthday boy is sure to notice and wonder when where and how I got the just right stuff get the idea.  It seems that all is fair in love and war and checkers.

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