Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It all started out with our visit to the newlyweds in Lubbock.

Mattie: "Mom, they just found another body in the lake and a very prominent doctor was murdered here last week.  I'm not sure if I'm going to like living here or not."

We are from a very small town and as owner/editor/reporter/photographer/paparazzi, of the HPO rarely do I deal with spectacular headlines and Mattie is certainly not used to that kind of thing going on so close to her.

On the following Monday morning I receive this text from her:
Which is a bit annoying playful..don't make me text back "WHO?" and then you text me back and tell me..just tell me...I have contractors to monitor.

You know the headlines..Prominent Family Shaken by Shocking Allegations...well, in my little circle I consider everyone to be prominent.  I have always told my children..."bad news travels fast, don't let it come from you."

From time to time I have had to struggle with reporting bad news that has happened to people that I go to church with, see on isle 3 of Lowe's Market, chat with at the post office.  Again, not that often, but enough that I have developed a policy...I only publish it from an official source (i.e. police report) and if it's too raw...I make a link to the big time papers who don't care who it in the below cases...because after all, it is the news.

If you are intrigued enough and have time enough to follow the links, you might find yourself wondering, as I am these things really happen in our small towns?  I think that on at least two of these, we have only begun to know the real story and would even go so far to say...expect to see them on TV sometime.

Cynthia Howell
This case happened before we went online and is still considered unsolved

David T. Johnson
This one hit me hard...a very good friend of mine

Frank Humphrey
In one of the other towns I cover.  I didn't know him, but it sure caused a stir

Dr. T. Mike Dixon
This is the one concerning Lubbock.  He went to school with my little brother and lived here all his life.  He rode his bike up and down Barkley Street just like I did.  This is a brand new story and you will find many links within this one to read.  It is so beyond belief to me.

Pura Vida must always end in la muerte pura ...that's a given. These stories are at best...unforgettable and  will certainly go down in our history.  We are not immune because we are small.

on a lighter note...this is the story of a very small town near me that produced a very good thing...because Pura Vida is life...that's a given!
It Must Be In The Water


It's All Connected said...

Who can shoot themselves twice? They are all such interesting and sad cases. It must be so interesting to work in journalism. I guess you see it all! ~ Maureen

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

You must hear / see / write / read it all! How is the pool coming along, Gina? Any more contractor stories? ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow, I live in a small town and murder is rare here , its a shock when it happens,

Leslie said...


Small town - and I'm sure you find out all the details (good/bad) of everything.

Hope your landscaping is coming along!


heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Hi Gina

Well, it happens everywhere I guess. But you did get me at the part where it turns out that Cynthia Howell and her husband were swingers. Now THAT I don't hear about that often.