Monday, August 13, 2012


A very very long time ago, when I was newly single, my doorbell rang and when I went to the door, there was a long ago face standing on the porch.

Someone I had gone to school with, then living in OKC....he was traveling through and for some reason was at our courthouse and when asked about me, they gave him my address.

Now, as I recall, he was kind of handsome and I'm sure charming...but...did you get that part?

THEY GAVE HIM MY ADDRESS! And I'm sure directions on how to get to my house!

He could have been
1. A monster
2. A burglar
3. A rapist
4. A murderer
5. A Kirby Salesman

Thankfully, he was just an old friend who btw I had NO desire to see...and so I was stuck seeing him. Obviously I am still holding a grudge on that one 

The point the facebook, (which I only do for my news sites) blog land and computer age...not to mention the small town thing, you really don't have that much privacy in today's world.

Have you ever googled yourself?  Now that's scary. all my posts where I have exposed just about everything from babes to boobs, I am now happy to report that I have a brand new post box....not that anyone around here needs something so particular as a number to go by.

Actually, it is very old...we purchased it in Canton on First Monday last summer and today it's getting rocked in.

Our friendly UPS man won't need an 822 because he usually knows who you are by
1. the pink house
2. the house by the school
3. the house that's all torn up
4. the house with no numbers getting all the stuff like wallpaper
5. probably much more than we realize

So...because I have accepted that privacy is really not a thing I care that much about...

Here is my new old box...right in front of my house...waiting...waiting...waiting to be set and top rocked... and...for me to get a key that will unlock it..until then?

Don't go to too much trouble to rob me...most of the good stuff is on the front porch or side yard....or back-ordered or re-ordered or being enjoyed by my funny neighbors...or just too heavy for you to take.

I have just lived here too long to hide!


Leslie said...

Great post Gina! You are right.. now privacy. Other than my blogging, I'm not much into posting all the details of my daily life on facebook.

Love your new post box!


Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hey Gina - I am not on facebook, but should be.....for my shop and customers. I love your new old mail box.....awesome! Is it cast iron? You are right about the online privacy thing....scary!

stefanie said...

that is!!!! scary!

It's All Connected said...

When I was newly single and my parents ran the general store across the street, they liked to tell strangers my sad story and point to my house. I suggested they might be setting me up for robbery, murder, rape, etc. but I never could get them to stop. Sigh. ~ Maureen

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

It takes some getting used to, this lack of anonymity. We live in a "famous" house in town - everyone knows our house and that leaves little privacy. But it's nice when people drive by and wave.

Love the mailbox, by the way.

LKB said...

I have that same mailbox....I'm sure mine is a reproduction. It started off white, it is now black because........well.....just because black seemed to fit the type of mail I get. The nice thing about having limited privacy is sometimes people know where to send you little "sussies."

StagerLinda said...

Love of that rapist wasn't at the top of your list! The new/old mailbox is awesome.

Annmarie Pipa said...

privacy is so 80's.