Tuesday, March 5, 2013


For those of you who aren't familiar with Kerry,
she is a very talented artist and
who began amusing us with Craig List posts in her area
...exposing us to just what's available if you were in the market for, say a...
lamp made of cottonballs
(check her out here)
because of you,  I began to search out funnies in my own area and I must admit
was a bit disappointed that the items posted were just not all that humorous.
I mean..the sofa photos did not have any fat smelly men on them
and most of the mid-century modern kind of actually fell into the correct category
just last evening I decided to give
Craig's List
one more whirl via another category
(warning...you must be 18 to play)

and here's just a small unedited sample of what I found...just for you...

Trent Sizemore (needs to shut his ass)

My god this commercial makes my ears bleed. Make it stop Trent. You are not as good of a singer as you think you are. PLEASE stop before I stab my ear with a pencil. Thanks.

Jay Richie stoled our rabbit at Cracker Barrel (Amarillo)

We were there last night and there was a chocolate bunny statutue that I wanted to buy and it was the last one. We were looking at it and trying to find the price and sat it down to look for the box and this guy just comes right up and took the bunny and bought it. My daughter cried all night till about 10:15 last night because someone basically just took the rabbit right out from under us, and I *think* it was the Jay Richie guy from Channel 7.

RE::: ??Jay & the Choc Bunny?? (Crax Barrel)

Woman, did you report it to ASPCA or PETA? He probably saved your daughter a chocolate overdose, weight gain or a trip to the dentist....Get over it Your child probably has!!!

Re: Chocolate Bunny Theft (lm{amarillo}off)

The sad thing is, you are serious here. How sad that you had to go without or tell your child "someone else paid for it first". That is probably the hardest thing you have had to do isn't it? Let me tell you something here dollface. If you had to sit and look for a price rather than get off your ass and ask, it is your own doing and not the blame of someone else because they picked it up and bought it. So, your lazy ass missed out, that is your fault not whoever bought it.

Secondly, you think it was a news person and named that person but you stated you "think" that is who it was. Don't speculate, if you don't know, you don't know!

Rants & Raves is not a posters paradise for slander so if you don't have something worthy of ranting without slandering someone, stay the hell out of there!

here is my sweet Mattie introducing Mr. Richie (Ch7 Anchor) at the SHS
National Honor Society Induction
(I can scarce believe he would ever have stoled a rabbit)

and more.....

Toot n totum

The problem with the mcmurphy deal is there is no where to take a dump. I've curled many a monkey tale in toot n totum and I can honestly say I enjoyed the vast majority of em. My only beef is the one time I bought some cherry sours and then went to take a dump while eating them and the store clerk accused me of theft. I was like really? I'm gonna steal some sours and then stay in the store and take a freaking dump? That was at the bell and 45th store and I'll never take a dump in that hell hole again.
and more....


So my 18 year old daughter was on this Facebook like site, fetlife.com I don't understand this bdsm thing but I told her to delete her account and that Jesus would not approve of such things. 

re: Trent Sizemore (Morilla)

Now, now...............

He's every bit as good of a singer as he was a mayor.

He was no Kel Seliger.




Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Bwahahaha! You have got me beat or rather a few very odd people's airing of laundry has my CL posts beat. CL is good for a laugh most days.
Thanks for the mention!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Now I am craving a chocolate bunny :)

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I needed a smile this morning and found one here- xo Diana

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

"(I can scarce believe he would ever have stoled a rabbit)"-
You stoled the show with that quip!

Geneva said...

Hilarious .. ":o) Every Word! Thank you for the smiles this morning. xo geneva

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos said...

Thanks for sharing the craigslist crazy! I'm feeling much better about myself now :)

Silvia C said...

It's not only funny that the woman would be bothered by someone "stealing" what she perceived to be already her daughter's choco bunny, but that she actually POSTED the incident on Craig's list. Where do these people find the time!?? So hilarious, darling! Thanks for sharing.

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Acquired Objects said...

I need to go on craigslist! Between this and Andie's furniture over on Divine Theatre I need to go find some fun and fabulous!


Maureen said...

It's a sad country you live in if little girls cry over lost bunnies until ABOUT 10:15. How much more specific about time is she usually? Canadian newsmen are never accused of having STOLED a chocolate bunny. However do you cope with these earth shattering incidents?

Marissa said...

Funny, Funny, funny.. enjoyed reading and laughing!