Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Do you remember her from the late 1960s?
Her eyelashes are back!!!  

but there is something I have realized...those eyelashes are for the young gals 
not for ME!

My mother had a friend Char....when I was in high school I can remember thinking
"she is so pretty, but she would be even more pretty if she'd just wear mascara!" 
I just couldn't understand why she did not wear mascara???  WHY NOT???

now I know
mascara is hard and quadruples my getting ready time from 1 minute for lipstick and blush
to something that I'm just a little too busy for
besides I know a thing...
no one is looking at me anymore!!!

no...here's what is worth the time-save and what they are looking at!

a new stocking for a new baby....

to add this group (who is missing....)

their little sweetie cousin who went to Tennessee!

they aren't looking at my masacaraless eyes
they are looking at
Theodore August Pshigoda
who arrived 9:27 AM, December 26, 2017

His older brother
Henry August Pshigoda
cannot wait until he can play with him

let's play white pick-up Theodore...wake up...wake up and play with me!!!

and who in the world would ever notice I don't have on mascara
when they have THIS to look at??

and besides
we have added our own Twiggy to the family this year
her mascara is a dream and something to strive for if you're into that kind of striving

lots of love and really good stuff happening in our part of the world!

Happy New Year to you and yours and here's to 
mascara in the stockings...just not mine!!!

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