Monday, June 15, 2009


hurry go get the matches!

Fupa: to be expected

Wrinkle cream budget: refriggindiculous

Cello lessons: humbling

19-year-old cello teacher: enchanting

Herb garden: heavenly

Laundry with no kids: time for herb gardens

Cooking: NOT

Blowing bubbles with Betty: O Yea!

Nancy Grace: compelling

CNN: blah blah blah

Fall Trip Plans to Machu Picchu: wowsy

Spring Trip to my back yard: wowsier

8-minute sex against the wall: overrated

Drinking sauvignon blanc in a chair by the pond: underrated

Thought of dentures: scary as heck!

Flossing your real teeth: critical

Connecting with others: boring

Getting to know myself: exciting

Knight in Shining Armor: Jesus

View of life: relaxed

52 birthday candles instead of 25: most excellent!