Wednesday, December 14, 2016


He's not quite 2...his 2nd birthday is late February

Just the other day, out of the clear blue sky, as plain as day, he called me


many many years ago, before Grace ever even considered children, I had a dream that she had a little boy who called me

but before that....

there were two precious little girls who call me is 9 and one is 3

and another young lady that came into my life when her daddy married my Grace--she calls me POPPY too

what a lesson in life and prayer and wishes and dreams and answers and plans and timing

now another one who will call me POPPY in a couple of years


I hope the things you whisper in Santa's ear
and dream sweet dreams of
and speak to God about when you are on your knees


and I hope you can know what I knew that day...when

out of the clear blue sky
as plain as day
he called me

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


each year I decorate my main tree and am always filled with affection when I hang this ornament of my mother.  I think she's 5 here and I am also amazed at how many of her grandchildren look just like her

December 10 she will turn 82
does it amaze you when you can see the exact same face in a 5 year old as you can in an 80 year old?

December 4 we baptized our 4th grandchild in Lubbock Texas
he was the fourth one to wear this heirloom gown
even though it is very feminine, our children decided long ago that their children would all wear it
good job for the dads of sons who went along with that tradition

Betty Beatrice was the 1st 9 years ago December 7
Polk Street Methodist Church in Amarillo

she was still able to wear it on this day
today she is so tall and skinny, it might still fit her

next came sweet Perrilyn Hazel on December 13, 2013
Polk Street Methodist Church in Amarillo

Henry August December  15, 2014
He might have to overcome this photo in his senior slideshow presentation

and when he's president the country will all say...

Coach Been never missed a beat when his Everett Gruver donned the dress
December 16, 2016
First United Methodist Church Lubbock Texas

there is a lot to be said for it

I so hope you and your family are hanging on to all the fun and wonderful things you have always done that make your family unique and special
and I hope your season if filled with blessings overflowing!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Somebody I love is having another birthday and I am in the process of making him a new crown!

If I lived anywhere in the world and could choose anywhere in the world to go for a long weekend other words if I lived in Paris, I would want to spend my time in New Mexico


This weekend we have chosen a little hide-a-way that is tucked into the trees in Taos
It is called the El Monte Sagrado which means

cocktails with friends we will meet up with

spa....say yes please!

soulful spaces

indoor outdoor places

and a picnic somewhere between Taos and Chimayo
to rub our hands in the holy dirt and take in the view of those aspen leaves changing

to celebrate the life of this little boy who I adore!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I take the Word of God literally

I love the suggestion when it says in Psalms 139
that when God knit you in total those very private was just you and Him
and you had a few days or weeks before anyone even had an inkling that you existed...

and it was during this time
He was counting the numbers of hair on your head and writing down the days of your life in His book and was taking note of all the things you were going to think do and say
before you thought did and said them


and what about in Hebrews 12 where it says you are cheered on by a huge cloud of witnesses

I like to imagine all those loved ones in heaven who already saw you before we did
having a chat...knowing the exact moment of your birth is about to be here

and they are chuckling, looking down below and maybe even saying


but that book also illustrates that in that cloud are men of faith
Abraham, Jacob, Moses
and Everett and Joe Gruver and Beatrice and Grace and Charles

and just outside your door is another cloud
love love love
waiting waiting waiting
push mom push

and then that miracle happens
the miracle of life that really happened 9 months ago
when it was just you and God making plans
to change the world by giving you your very own sphere of influence and the gifts
with which to influence that sphere with

a miracle that happens every day all day all over the world in every kingdom of
plant bird animal and man

a miracle that will change the world

**it might seem like this post is about a new baby...and in many ways it is

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Do you remember that Sunday School teacher, at the very beginning of class on Sunday morning,
who would seat you in a circle in the small wooden chairs, and ask the question...

"does anyone have a joy they would like to share this morning?"

Wow...I had no idea...
she was such a sage

and then to remember the answers....the voices of little children...I can still hear them like they were yesterday....

1.  my mom is making fried chicken for smelled so good
2.  I got new socks with lace on the edge
3.  my grandmother came to spend the night with me

wow....I had no idea...
those sweet innocent incredibly powerful little words were

changers of the game

be a game changer

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Our little small county is reeling in loss

In one day we lost two very wonderful blessings that had shoes that will never be filled

This is my sweet neighbor Lynna
she drove herself to the hospital
and then she died...she was only 64 with her whole life ahead of her

in our small town, as you can imagine, a loss like this is quite a shock
and there were immediately cars and trucks and people and well...chaos at her house

Some call them Lookie Loos
and I know what they those who might rush to a car accident
or post photos of a tragedy on Facebook

so we had a conversation last night over wine and charcuterie
and I made the statement that if this were me, I would not want my home to be invaded with lots of people and I wouldn't want my family to have to write hundreds of thank you notes for peas and carrots and j-ello salads (yes maybe here I am being kind to myself in the numbers that would lookie loo me)

but in a sad and tragic event, really why are we expected to pull ourselves together and entertain those with the best intentions, wash tons of dishes and then send tons of thank you notes when we are barely able to breath?

and just a few hours later...another untimely loss

Guy Paul Hindergardt

(You can read about him at the Buddy Boy link)
his death was on the Amarillo news stations, his funeral will be live streamed...because he was famous? a matter of fact, it seems that he is.  His simple innocent way of living touched literally thousands of people in his community and our area.

and it caused me to re-think the

maybe...maybe this is what we need in a time of great loss and shock and grief
maybe we need some peas and carrots and j-ello salad...made with a few tears dripped in
maybe we need to wash a ton of dishes because we don't know what to do with our hands
maybe we need all the people who ever knew or liked us or didn't like us but knew us..
to come visit and pay a respect...maybe that visit is for THEM
maybe there is great healing in knowing how many people one life can touch
and maybe it can cause that one person to go forth and try to live a life that would touch so many

maybe just maybe
that Lookie Loo knew them better than we thought

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


When I was a little girl and would travel to Amarillo to visit my grandparents
we would pass by all the Route 66 Motels.

Amarillo is just about fact Adrian, Texas is the very exact halfway mark between Chicago and LA on this famous and historic route

I was so inspired by each and every hotel, and still am...they are so quaint and one of a kind and capture a very romantic moment in time

Little did I know how much those little hotels impressed upon my design taste, especially the swimming pools.  The pools were all small, with fancy umbrellas and crisp blue water
I am living my 8 year old dream of having a pool in my backyard and this summer's project has been an outdoor kitchen area

The first thing I did, as I almost always let color inspire me

I loved Santorini...that blue is the prettiest color I have ever seen!

I love the pots, the water, the stone, the vibe

the next thing I love are the fancy umbrellas
I purchased this paper parasol at Pier 1 and it is long gone in the Texas Panhandle breezes
I will always be on a search for another

last summer we added a pergola to the pool house and a privacy fence between our neighbor and us

we also purchased a large fountain

everyone matches!!

Miss Betty

Mr. PV and Cute Carpenter Man are working around this 100 year old elm tree

did I really go for orange umbrellas this year?  Sometimes I like when we have hail storms that tear up umbrella fabric

moving this brick patio was a very big and very hot project...we moved it under the covered kitchen area and replaced it here with gravel

concrete counter tops and this will be an Argentine grill

because my man likes to cook outside!  He likes to catch fire to meat!

I wanted to cover the face of the cinderblock with tile

similar to this...but this is not in this summer's budget

so I began looking on Pinterest for ideas to paint/stamp/stencil and found lots of very cool ideas
we seriously had a cold front on this day that dropped our temperatures to the low 80s
perfect for Pandora, paint, and some rum drink that starts with a P...oh yes...

Pineapple Rum...with an umbrella!

after I completed the "tile" and after I ordered stencils from 3 different ebay stores and after I took the question to Instagram...I think I might like the "tile" just the plain way that it is
and guess what...I spent about $8 on the whole project

next summer....



all those plans for next summer, next Christmas, next birthday, next year, next time
well....that's what makes time go by so darn fast

look back on the past with fondness, look forward to tomorrow
but cherish the time you are living in right now

and as for me....I just might go grab a room at the