Tuesday, February 25, 2014


grow beyond borders

turn rivalry into team work

let playmates become soul mates

make you believe you have the best deal in the whole wide world

take you places you never dreamed you'd go

 connect heaven

and earth

imperfect as it is 
can begin
and before
you  know it
a lifetime

of togetherness

that began one day

can turn into years
before you blink your eye

can do that

it really is the


plan for can

that there ever was

Thursday, February 20, 2014


 neat...someone painted me a love note in the 

and forgot to put their wings back on

Monday, February 17, 2014



and his/her host of helpers

are alive

and well

at 822

February 14

is only the beginning

 of joy


target practice



finding things pink and hearty

dreaming about love

and celebrating
* love *
of all kinds

oh dear heavens no it is not over...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Each morning I try to begin the day aware and in deep thought of the abundance of my life

this morning...the outside temperatures are frigid and a light snow is falling...so I begin...
with my fluffy goose down comforter...and then my mind wanders
to my grandmother

I take a stroll through her home as if I am walking through her front door

she lived in the same house my entire life
and I promise you...she felt blessed...she told me so often
she would sing to me
"count your blessings count them one by one"

Her home was nice and she had nice things
but she had the same things forever
which makes it easy for me to remember

I inherited a few things from her
these chairs and this Duncan Phyfe table have been together side by side 
my entire life

No new Pottery Barn couches or pillows or baskets or dishes or the latest trendy trend
really nothing new at all...she had the same things 
with which she always seemed to be satisfied

I am somewhat sad that I felt the need to have her chairs recovered
because today
that old wonderful gold velvet would be so beautiful with this 1960 wallpaper I decided to save

As I mentally travel through her rooms I realize how important it is for me to remember
the way it looked
the way it smelled
and the way I still feel about it all today
it's easy...because it was simple and it was the same and I never want to forget

the two rose vases to the right belonged to her and her mother before her
I would imagine she thought they were the most beautiful things she'd ever seen
and to my knowledge...these are the two she had and she put her own garden grown flowers in them often
she made this iris collage when she was around 40 and I thought she was old

I painted this for her when I was 8
it hung in her den until I got it back
she was so proud of it...no expensive artwork for her
she only had one cookbook
pieces of paper that she wrote down ingredients and used forever
collected in a cloth binder that she stitched
her written word is so precious to me

Recently I came across her glasses
and now I use them as my readers every single day
no....I can't really see so good out of them
but it is very important to me to use them

because my hope is
I see what she saw through them, the way she saw through them

a life simply 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Friday, February 7, 2014


do you believe?
do you believe in heaven?
do you believe that we are bound by love for all eternity?
Do you believe that eternity is before AND after death?

In this photo you will recognize
he is performing in Amarillo Texas in 1956
in the audience circled in red are 
(uncle) Gene
Lue (soon to be aunt)
they had not yet met
but today they have 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 1 great
they have been married 50+ years

in the movie Made in Heaven two souls are in love
they come to earth and are given 30 years to find each other
they are born in the same hospital...and throughout the movie their paths come so close
almost meeting
time is almost up
but love

Their love is deep and joyful, but, unfortunately, flawed: It cannot last forever because McGillis is a spirit who has not yet done her tour of duty on earth, and must leave any day now to inhabit a human body and put in her time. Hutton is heartbroken, and Emmett offers a deal. Hutton can go back to earth, but neither he nor McGillis will remember one another, and it will be up to them to rediscover on earth the love they had in heaven.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Can it be true that Ground Hog Day has come and gone?
We are having 6 more weeks of winter...how about you?
this is a newspaper clipping of my mother when she was a flight attendant for Central Airlines
I think she was 22

I know so many of you are enduring REALLY harsh winter days
and it can be so extreme in the Texas Panhandle but this year
I must admit
I've rather enjoyed the winter and don't mind for it to linger

my weather app says we are at 3 degrees
factoring in the windchill...that means...-20

This bluster and my seeds bring out the lovely 
I am so lucky to work from home...let me share....
the view outside my window

blue jays love the raw peanuts and they frequent this spot

 this year...to my excitement..we have had a pack of stellar's jays
I couldn't ever get a great photo of them...can you see the woodpecker just beside him?

larger and darker than the blue jay

via google

between the clouds that come and go
the sun really illuminates the frost

the Mrs.

and her shiny red beau!

keeping me from my urgent emails!

even the common ones look lovely against the pink sky

oh look...another new kid on the block
a rufous towhee

the other window...view from the art loft
I'm waiting on my art kids to arrive

look down the street how frozen it is

this is where my computer is...
I cannot fathom how the squirrels are able to maneuver their antics

but they do

out the front window

and the view from my kitchen sink...
no wonder I like to have my hands in hot sudsy water

stay warm ya'll!
it will be over before you can shake a stick at it