Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Somebody I love is having another birthday and I am in the process of making him a new crown!

If I lived anywhere in the world and could choose anywhere in the world to go for a long weekend celebration...in other words if I lived in Paris, I would want to spend my time in New Mexico


This weekend we have chosen a little hide-a-way that is tucked into the trees in Taos
It is called the El Monte Sagrado which means

cocktails with friends we will meet up with

spa....say yes please!

soulful spaces

indoor outdoor places

and a picnic somewhere between Taos and Chimayo
to rub our hands in the holy dirt and take in the view of those aspen leaves changing

to celebrate the life of this little boy who I adore!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I take the Word of God literally

I love the suggestion when it says in Psalms 139
that when God knit you in total seclusion...in those very private moments..it was just you and Him
and you had a few days or weeks before anyone even had an inkling that you existed...

and it was during this time
He was counting the numbers of hair on your head and writing down the days of your life in His book and was taking note of all the things you were going to think do and say
before you thought did and said them


and what about in Hebrews 12 where it says you are cheered on by a huge cloud of witnesses

I like to imagine all those loved ones in heaven who already saw you before we did
having a chat...knowing the exact moment of your birth is about to be here

and they are chuckling, looking down below and maybe even saying


but that book also illustrates that in that cloud are men of faith
Abraham, Jacob, Moses
and Everett and Joe Gruver and Beatrice and Grace and Charles

and just outside your door is another cloud
love love love
waiting waiting waiting
push mom push

and then that miracle happens
the miracle of life that really happened 9 months ago
when it was just you and God making plans
to change the world by giving you your very own sphere of influence and the gifts
with which to influence that sphere with

a miracle that happens every day all day all over the world in every kingdom of
plant bird animal and man

a miracle that will change the world

**it might seem like this post is about a new baby...and in many ways it is