Saturday, October 23, 2010


My dream house that didn't last

Just a little bit of sin

My haven



Wednesday, October 20, 2010


These lovely ladies are probably way past the point of wearing miniskirts and their protest for the forever mini skirt captured in time must give them a chuckle.

Just goes to show you that nothing really is forever. 

But it certainly is good when it's good!


At the surprise party that of course was a surprise to no one

Friend list includes

Wife (52)
Adult children YAY! (20-30)
Opposing Bank Presidents (50-60)
Bosses yet friends (60)
Golf buddies (50-60)
BFFs and hubbies (50ish)
New neighbor who owns the other bank (80)
Wine/gourmet friends (60)
Customers yet friends (50)

I commented to my children…once you get to be about 25…we are all the same age and what brings us together are the things we have in common and love the most…in this case it was the birthday boy…41.
Pura Vida!
Live it.

Monday, October 18, 2010


A day in the life of someone trying to pull off a really just a day in the life of...

Plus:  Surprise birthday party for hubby to celebrate new address
Minus:  Busted when caught driving down the street after unexplainable out of town bootleg trip

Plus: Purchasing Stella for my golf bud Charles because it's his fav
Minus: Putting Modello Especial on carton of eggs because beer section is on the other end of store

Plus:  Finding festive pumpkin beer in the middle section to remind me it's my fav
Minus: Pumpkin beer falling off the cart and spewing in the floor
(Just what I get for putting the Modello on the eggs!)

Plus:  After several in town searches, finally finding just the right color mums/pumpkins for new porch
Minus:  Busted...birthday boy is sure to notice and wonder when where and how I got the just right stuff get the idea.  It seems that all is fair in love and war and checkers.


Middle brother and wife build a wonderful pool at their wonderful home and we invite ourselves for sibling day.

We have not all been together in many years, so this was a very fun day looked forward to for many months.

We even invited our mother, which in my opinion is quite kind, although there would be no siblings if not for her.

We are old, boxy, saggy, wrinkly, scarred and tattoed. Some look better and younger than others. We are very comfortable with who we are and who we have become.

We love each other, we love the ones we have married as if they are our own. And we love to have a good time!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Texas's TIME!



a +tt//" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">img border="0" ex="true" height="207" src="://" width+320"

Who in the h-e-double L figured this out? Did you just sit around thinking and think "Oh..if I type in "above code" it will become a photo on everyone's computer?

I guess you did because it is.


And what's even more amazing is how I had to take out certain characters to show a resemblance of the html photo code because the blog kept recognizing it as a broken html and wouldn't publish.

Ranks right up there with a fax machine creating words on someone else's fax machine.

Or even this photo itself. Capturing a ball in mid air with a little thing called a camera.



And what's wildly ridiculous is that I am up at 4 am writing about it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Life is like a chess game.

If you do this then I'll do that and that will make you do this and then I will do that in response to what you did after I did what I did.

Whew!  So complicated! can be like checkers...

Double crown me!

Oh yeah....I much prefer checkers.

Game in session!


The gallbladder is part of our magnificent digestive system. Most all mammals, except those that are pure herbivores, have a gallbladder (rats don’t, whereas mice do). Its function is to store bile made in the liver.

Bile — a greenish-yellow fluid made of cholesterol, salts, pigments, water and minerals — helps to break up and emulsify fat in the digestive system. From the liver, it’s secreted into tubes or ducts, which drain downward into the gallbladder. Bile is stored and concentrated there — the gallbladder can hold about a half-cup of fluid — until it gets a message (via the hormone cholecystokinin, or CCK) that the duodenum (the uppermost part of the small intestine) has food with fat in it, and the digestive system is going to need help dissolving it. At this point the smooth muscle lining squeezes the bile out through the cystic duct to the common duct and into the small intestine, where it can emulsify the fat.

It's hard to believe that something so small, hidden and unsightly can be so critical in how you feel.  I have not been to the doctor in quite a few years, so when I have random pains every once in a while, I just chalk it up to spine cancer, liver cancer, arm cancer, toe cancer and lately gallbladder cancer.

And since I am still very much alive I give thanks that I am cancer free and have been healed more than likely by eating things like flax seed and jalepenos with occasional fly poop on my unwashed basil that I eat straight from my herb garden during a lazy stroll through it.

I'm feeling pretty good today, so I think I have conquered my gallbladder cancer.  Yay!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Thank you Don Williams

Thank you for not being dead yet

Thank you for letting me cross you off my life list before you or I were

Thank you for letting me use my CDIB Card at the buffet at my Choctaw Nation Casino

and most of all...thank you for this song.

I believe in love too. I really really REALLY do!

**Special instruction for photo show that if you don't do won't work! Click to play. Choose full screen toggle box, let it load, and start over again. If you don't do this, the timing isn't right.**