Tuesday, November 25, 2014


This bedroom in all it's blue and gold shag glory was destined to become
the pass through bedroom  
I have never heard of such a thing until my wonderful art friend Marilyn told me about hers...and then one day while visiting her studio, I was able to see for myself the sense it could make.

This window is now the entrance into the addition that connects the garage apartment to the house.
It was just about this time that we made the decision to keep the garage apartment and turn it into our master suite....and this window was where all that was going to go down!


When we first married, Mr. PV gave me this antique sleigh bed and I was not about to let it go...
yet it's very small...smaller than a regular...so it makes the perfect bed for my teeny sister and teeny mother if we have a houseful of company...which has happened once so far when the Beens got married..otherwise...they enjoy any room they want to

Are you ready for today?

my mother's dresser

you can catch a glimpse of the door we closed up
so many doors in this house!

vintage white linens and fluffy down
all colors of white

the window is gone and if we ever need to, the curtains can be drawn..not perfectly private just perfectly pretty

Marilyn's work lives in this house!

  • knocked out the window to create a pass through to the library, art loft and master suite
  • painted the walls Celedon
  • carpeted
  • closed off yet another outside entrance with a stain glass window
  • added 9' voile sheers on a rod for privacy...planning to add French doors instead someday

~~Biggest Challenge~~
deciding what if we really really wanted a pass through bedroom here 

~~Favorite Thing~~
the antique sleigh bed with antique linens and my mother's dresser

Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving
I know we're counting ours!

Friday, November 21, 2014


Are you getting the feeling you are looking at the house of paneling?
and popcorn ceiling?

orange, gold, wood and fancy curtains?

This room was not that hard to change...mostly just removing to get ready for the new look

except for this one closet...which was to become the stairwell to the new entry stairs

hmmm....what surprise will Mr. PV find behind the paneling?

once everything was empty it was time to put it back
Just in time for Coach Been to marry his sweety pie and have his very own room at 822
it was a very special time to get this room ready for our Mattie to be a bride


The gold foil flocked 1970 wallpaper
so I was on the internet hunt to find a fabric with 
a purple I liked to match the bathroom ceiling
birds flowers trees
this is a Pottery Barn Duvet

Are you ready for today?

when we found out this amazing antique Chinese screen we bought at an auction, 
was not really a priceless antique after all...
I painted the hell out of it
gold, silver, pewter, pearl and then
we screwed it to the wall!
and it became the headboard

in other parts of the room I used the antique armoire, chaise,
 and lots of vintage gold frames and mirrors
I recovered these chairs years ago and the fabric is a nice compliment
I can change the bedding much easier than these chairs
in my entire life this table and chairs from my grandmother have never been apart

lampshade is upside down, crystals and a ceiling medallion
~on the lookout for a wonderful old chandelier but for now this will do~

we bought this old dresser at an auction in Texline

just the right color and amount of shabby for kissy pictures and flowers

did I mention we moved the stairs?
and when we did, it created this little cubby closet where I hoped
Mrs. Been would dress for her wedding.  Our oldest bought our house 3 blocks down, and that is where Mattie grew up....she was sentimental to dress there on her wedding day

besides..her dress would not even begin to fit through that tiny doorway into the dressing room

yet another outside door in 822
why in the world did they feel they must have an outside entrance in every room?
We didn't close this one up because it has a nice large porch and has made a perfect entrance to the backyard and pool area.  When not in use I have it blocked with this French market basket full of pillows....to trip the burglars~

this door leads into the bathroom
I painted all the doors the color of the walls with gold French words

The "wedding veil" curtains are the same as the bathroom

don't you know Coach Been loves to see this collection of crystal catching the morning sun?

  • Removed the paneling and replaced the carpet
  • Built in a dressing room closet to accommodate the stairs on the other side
  • Painted the walls and added crown mold
  • Tried to keep up with the fancy bathroom within the space

~Favorite Thing~
so much fufu
gold, lace, bling, all on a very tight budget!

~Biggest Challenge~
there was really no challenge here...just lots of fun

this room really serves as our guest room for all occasions
and The Beens are happy to share!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The late 70's oil boom remodel gender happy vibe
I get it...

pink and blue
when in your life have you ever seen a tub like this one?  I really hated to do away with it

all for one and one for all
boy girl boy girl pink blue pink blue

do you see the door leading into the living room?
and the ivy growing into the window?
the pink and blue color scheme into my heart?
All the while we were working on this bathroom, there was a serious romance blooming

and we knew some privacy would be in  order

sadly one cannot "gut" only part of such a small space

so I told my "tired of gutting self"

let the "gut" begin

let's take advantage of the new fangled flex pipe shall we?

and as long as the ceiling is gone?  why not make the shower cool?

Martini...double dirty!


Mr. Darcy
Coach Been
Art from the streets of Costa Rica
her skirt just so happens to almost be the 
2014 Color of the Year--Radiant Orchid

  • Prepared ourselves mentally and spiritually for the biggest DIY challenge SO FAR whatever
  • Got a new hammer
  • Took it to the mat
  • Abused the Visa for hex, 12 x 12 marble, antique dresser, fixtures and other cool stuff
  • Saved money on things that matter...towels from the dollar store
  • Read the future for the 2014 Color of the Year and mixed our own 2012 color...Hooting Owl
Are you ready for today?

antique dresser becomes the infinity marble sink dresser
beadboard, trim and crown mold are White Sulphur
walls are Memoir
vintage sconces...eBay

this is what we call our Japanese tub..you can take a bath with four if you want
or shower for two
the bar of glass block are original to the house
Martini--double dirty--candles--ESPN!

the hex tile was twice the price of the 12x12...
the trick was..make a tile "rug" so you can have the look for less

maintain the ivy...on the outside!

color of the year 2014 with a chandy from Lowes
I love Lowes

now there's a place for all those antique purple bottles I've been collecting

a vintage apothecary jar of vintage perfume bottles
 ~peace man~
we took off the cabinet doors and added some fancy trim

a dollar store table with an extra 12x12 marble tile
lace curtains...like a wedding veil...Lowes
I love Lowes...working on my vowes to them

$150 for a new potty is the best money a person can spend in their budget

~~Biggest Challenge~
a picture paints 1000 words

~Favorite Thing~~
when the Coach Beens visit from Lubbock and feel like they are in a spa
next we will show you the easy part of the connecting Been bedroom
it was darn EASY!
Go Team Been!