Friday, December 31, 2010


 Most people are on the world not in it

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.

Peaceful slumber to all the moments of 2010 that need to be gently stored away.
Welcome all that are yet to be lived.  Promise to live them with a heart full of mercy and most of all

Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's December.  It gets kind of cold.  I still try to walk.  For my health.  I don't have to walk.  I want to.  At least that's what I tell myself.  "Yes,  you want to."

Yesterday I saw A.

He has to walk.  He is afflicted.  With a disease that took his mother's life and his brother's life at a very young age.  His ability to drive was taken from him.  He walks.  Not for his health, but because he must.

It's cold.  I'm pretty sure by the way he walks it must hurt.  He is bundled.  Hat, coat, gloves.

I see him down the block.  He meets three cars in a row.

He smiles.  He waves his happy exaggerated wave.  And he walks.

A+ are my kind of man!  You are an inspiration more than you will ever ever ever know!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Cute little show that comes on early while hubby dresses for work.  The show features old houses in which some kind of neat treasure or message is found within the walls during the renovation.

If my walls could talk they would say two things...


Monday, December 27, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Once I thought, was pretty sure in fact that I was going to win the HGTV home in Sante Fe.

So sure in fact that I picked a home that I had already been to in Taos that I knew was for sale, left a token gift for house via peep, planned my sale of house I won to purchase house I visited and my speech to peeps about how magic it was to just plan on being blessed because you are a good person.

I'm sure the right person won.  She lived in Alabama.  So I am still in line for some good stuff.

We have a winter time Wheel of Fotune ritual.

Blazing pinon/oak mix fire
carpet picnic
wheel of fortune
contest to shout out the puzzles

We are all good at solving
and sharing

so....I decided since we are all so good at it and so very lucky...I better get my Spin ID Number.

I did.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


NASA reports that this is the first time an eclipse has coincided with a solstice since December 21, 1638, and the next one won't come around again until 2094.  When things this spectacular happen I say get on out of bed to see it.  1:41 AM for me.  I was quite pleased that two other folks in my family left their cozy covers and stepped out into the cold December night to see.  And one across the street neighbor. I was cold and maybe shivering a little, but here it is from my tiny little place in the universe.

Perhaps I need to read up on what my camera is capable of at night.

It works just fine in the daytime and from what NASA says...I have time to study up for the next one. 
Or...get a fancier camera!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Number are accomplished! Celebrated!  As of 7 PM, December 20, 2010.

Number 13.




This time next year I will still be singing!



Every day with you is sweeter than the day before
Every day with you I love you more and more
December 20, 1997

Friday, December 17, 2010


I had a dream.

That I was playing Silent Night on the cello and hubby was singing.

We were in his church.

That Christmas he bought me a cello.

I have not accompanied his singing at church.

That’s because our ensemble was not yet complete.

We are waiting on Betty to play it on the piano so that she can cover for my inadequacy. In case hubby is unable to.

These old piano keys are chipped from B racing his hotwheels across them. And now, the C scale is marked with blue painter’s tape. For Betty.

One day in the near future we will all perform Silent Night at FBC in Gruver.


Between now and then, it’s possible that we will add a mandolin.  And a gypsy tambourine.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Just at the corner of the Dumas highway where it intersects onto Lake Merideth road we stopped the car.

We had discussed becoming blood brothers before and knew that it was something we wanted to do.  My idea I'm sure as I remember watching westerns with my brothers.  They always played cowboys and Indians and they always pretended to be blood brothers.  Except they didn't have to pretend.  They are real life blood brothers.

He pulled out a little needle and I wondered a. where did he get it and b. how long had he had it
"You ready?"
He drew blood first.
I held out my finger, closed my eyes and got ready for the stab.

We were both bleeding ever so slightly as we sat on the side of the road.

We mixed our blood and swore to be blood brothers for life.
And then we sealed it with a kiss.

That was 15 years ago.

Blood is thicker than water...and... love is thicker than blood.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I wanted a quaint brick paver porch on my 1920 Southern house.  A brick porch would fit the white plaster, green/black shutters, widow's walk and stately columns.

So, I ordered the bricks.

And they came.  On multiple palettes delivered just at the edge of my yard...what seemed like miles away from where they were going to be laid.

Not only would I lay them one by one, I would more than likely move them that way.

To the handy dandy brick hauler.

Kind.  Thoughtful.  Caring.  Genius.

One 8 year old boy, one bicycle, one rope, and one pizza box.

He loaded as many bricks as he could...coming to this number by trial and error, and delivered to the front porch a load of bricks for me to lay.  Each time he announced his arrival with, "handy dandy brick hauler!"

Together, he and I made short time of a daunting task.

Today, the slightly imperfect porch at 104 Barkley still exists.  And I was right.  It did enhance the feel of the home.

And my grandmother was right.

You can tell the character of a man by the way he treats his mother.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am in love.

Yes..that's right...with a detergent product.

Since my iron and ironing board were snatched up in my free crap on the curb pile, I was kind of in a dilemma.

But I recently found and highly recommend Downy Wrinkle Releaser.

All you have to do is take your clothes from the washer or dryer, place on a hanger, spritz on the front and back, and more wrinkles and a  fresh downy fragrance.

I buy them two at a time!


A new fortune is in my cookie.

Online news in another county.

O Yay!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


1 box of red jello
1 can of green beans
1 banana nut muffin
When you walk into the store, get a small basket just inside.  Put these 3 things in the basket.  Take them to the front and pay for them.  Charge them to me.  Our charge number is 127. 
These are my instructions to my 4 year old peep.  Why? 

I am exercising her memory, expanding her world, and giving her freedom.

I sit in the car and wait for her to walk out...with her bouncy blonde ponytail and toothy grin.

After she does this a time or two...I'll give her 5 things to remember to get.

When she is 8 she announces that she wants to be a Rhodes Scholar.  I didn't even know what that was.  I had to look it up...without the aid of the internet.

She went on to save the whales, crusade on behalf of  no more elephant ivory, and start a spirit squad in her backyard all the while planning a "BIG SALE ON THE PORCH" and writing a book about squirrels and birds.

Well, no wonder.

Today, she is a landman.  She is a single mother of her clone.  She is about to purchase a home.  A nice one.  She is about to go to Rome.  Alone.  She has issues and struggles every day.  She never says a bad word.  She is a light of energy.  And she is indeed...a Road Scholar.

Who knew?

I am glad.  I want to be on her road.  It's a good one.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Copper finials arrive. 

I am the type of person who hangs a strip of wallpaper and then a picture. In other words, getting completely ahead of things.

We are so far away from any kind of decor, but finials have arrived and I am consumed with finding a way to attach them to the 30+ foot peaks.

Text message to Manny: Are you afraid to get on the roof at 822?

Manny:  No.  Why do we need to?

Me:  To set some copper finials.

Manny:  I will meet you there in 5

Me to peeps:  I have a real bad feeling about Manny.  He's so young and I wouldn't let my son get up on that roof.

Peeps:  I don't think he should. He could get hurt.

Manny and his peeps arrive.  Manny is fine but his peep helper is LOADED!  No way! 

But just around the corner is an angel unaware, complete with cherry picker.  And his own tools.  And a giving spirit. 

He has no idea he just saved Manny and peep's lives. 

As dusk approaches, first one copper finial, then two, then three.

Angels come in all forms and ways.  With all kinds of good to do.

What I wonder is this...does Manny have any idea he had an angel step in on his behalf?

I know I do. 


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I never knew about orbs until we took a trip to New Orleans which btw was one of the most fun trips I've ever been on.  Of course the entire city is founded on a spectacular and colorful history that very much includes the spirit world.  Many of the photos our friends took did have these orbs in them and we just laughed it off.  I would imagine there is some logical and scientific explanation of orbs, but what if....????....just what if???

The Bible tells about the spirit world and us being surrounded by angels and demons.  There are many versus that are literal about this.

"The angel of the Lord, who encamps with them, delivers all who fear God."
Psalms 34:8  
"For God commands the angels to guard you in all your ways.
With their hands they shall support you,
lest you strike your foot against a stone."
Psalms 91:11-12
These photos were taken on Thanksgiving Day 2010..just to take photos of the house at night.

I was very surprised to see these circles of light.  Dust?  Spirit kisses?

You decide.  I already have!
And for the record, I uploaded 3 photos...all 3 loaded..but only 2 are here...and I am

Colossians 1:16 For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Today is Turtle Surprise Day.

Luksi is the Choctaw word for Turtle.  Each family or clan chooses a creature that becomes "who" they are and is passed down from generation to generation...much like a last name.

Our clan is the turtle clan.  My entire Choctaw family is and always will be the turtle clan.

My sister obtained her Indian name this summer and she is "Turtle Mother".

Because of this, one of the rooms in my new/old house will be the nature room.  I know it's kookie but you shouldn't expect any less than I would name all my rooms.

A while back, I made some ebay purchases that included an empty turtle shell, a book about turtles, a vintage turtle print that will all be in this new/old room.  These are to go with a few other turtle items I've collected before.

What's strange is that in today's mail...I got all of these...and a nice surprise is this year's Christmas ornament from our chief is a turtle.

The ornament says--"The seemingly plodding turtle, thriving now, as it has for millions of years.  Its home integrated within its body has many lessons to teach us.  Among these teachings are: persistance, patience, protection, self-sufficiency, and oh yay...long life."  (I put in the yay part)

Man I really really like these kind of cool surprises

Monday, November 22, 2010


Said the marigold to the summer
"I am thankful for the sun"

Said the carrot to the earth
"I am thankful for your warmth"

Said the frozen rain to the sky
"I am thankful you let me fall"

Said the twigs to the tree
"I am thankful you need me no longer"

Said the snow to Betty and B
"I am thankful you want to build me"

Sunday, November 21, 2010


to skin a cat and knock out a wall.

and for the record, no cats here have been skinned, but walls have and will continue to be



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Van Gogh said it best...

On Saturday morning, as I crawled out of bed,I thought of the challenges that lay before me. I thought of the end and a new beginning and I lit a candle. I kneeled down beside my bed and simply bowed my head. And although I am not Catholic, I prayed for the strength that a flame can bring. I prayed for healing and forgiveness and peace. I prayed that God would guide, protect and mend a broken heart. I prayed. At some point, my mother reminded me: Do not blow out the candle. Let its flame burn until it can burn no more. And so I have. Tonight, in its last hours I am reminded. Sometimes you are surrounded by such darkness that light seems unimaginable. Sometimes the flame is so waning and weak you forget its presence. You walk away from it, neglect its luster, because it seems too small. But there are times, in this life, things burn so brightly you are blinded. The smile of another, the laugh of a child, the love of a friend. The smell of garlic or a glass of wine. Most times, if we really see, light is all around us. We are surrounded by a swirl of light and life and love.

This light makes me thankful for each and every moment. For times lost, for things unsaid and for a brand new dawn.


Last night I text messaged my mom and told her "one year ago you were here when I needed you most."
She wrote me back "I will ALWAYS be here for you."
I can't imagine that in 32 years I will still have these struggles with my children. That I will still have to fear a quivering voice on the other end of the phone.

Van Gogh said—“It takes the shadows to bring forth the light”.

I am including excerpts from two blogs, two hearts, two souls who have taught me so much about being a mother, a friend, and a live-er of this great big thing called “life.”

When I saw said candle in front of my computer that morning I wondered why it had been moved there. After reading Embrace the Grace…I knew. The burned out candle made me sad because I knew what it represented. But reading the blog made me feel better. Her sadness was bearable because it was something she was able to treasure even though it was painful.

As a mother, we are only as a happy as our saddest child. As a person older and wiser, we realize that all the sad moments are really the catalyst that make the happy ones happy. Without the contrast we would have nothing to strive toward.

And I also recently realized that because your little girl is 30, her hurts and sorrows are not something that belong to her…oh no…they belong to you perhaps even more. The sorrows are bittersweet as you watch her grow beyond them and the happy moments are victories more powerful than any of your own.

As I sing “this little light of mine” to my precious little grand daughter…it makes me so proud to know the words were a seed when I sang them to her mother…and from my grandmother to me.

Life is a garden…some flowers grow in the shade…some grow in the light.

That Van Gogh…he really got it!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Conan...I am right there with ya buddy.

People to meet, places to go, stuff to do!

Garage shelves to dust and paint.

Paladium windows to putty and sand.

Decisions to make and I mean BIG decisions!

Flat rock or rounded pebbles???

That will take me all day long!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


DANG!  I have a door budget.

It's $3500 dollars.  That's more than my lifetime anything budget.

I'm good with budgets because I really don't like spending money all that much. This amount seems extravagant for a door.

So I spent the day with hubby skulking about the rich part of town looking at doors. 

If I handle things just right...I can have a very very nice front door...AND a spa pedi..o YAY!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sometimes you get to play Barbies outside in the nice spring breeze where the mimosa blossoms can be pom poms and the mock orange can be real wedding bouquets.

But sometimes you have to play Barbies in the basement while tornadoes loom overhead.

And sometimes you have to be Midge.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Let's play TAPE!

Playing Tape is fun and there are barely any rules.  In fact, the only rule to speak of is that you tape stuff.

As seen in this photo, you can tape paper, ribbon, pencils, or you can tape the tape.

Tape is fun to play, especially in an office setting which is called Playing Office.

You can play alone, but playing Tape is much more fun with Betty.

Sunday, November 7, 2010



I am a gypsy.

I have often wondered what would happen to my body when I died.

I know what will happen to this old soul of mine. I will float. And do interesting things to my friends and children to let them know I am still around.


I don’t want to be put in the ground. I never have.

Once I considered making my ashes into 3 one-carat diamonds so each of my children could have me to wear.

But they each assured me this was creepy.

Yesterday, oldest peep let me listen to this song.

Naked As We Came.

Now I know.

I have lived my life on Barkley Street and I have finally found the place I will be living when I die.

This is where I will be…not wasted…but spread around the yard.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Dear Mattie,


I was up all night worried sick about it.

Thank you for not swallowing your ring.

It was expensive.

PS...way to get those guns up!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


My dream house that didn't last

Just a little bit of sin

My haven



Wednesday, October 20, 2010


These lovely ladies are probably way past the point of wearing miniskirts and their protest for the forever mini skirt captured in time must give them a chuckle.

Just goes to show you that nothing really is forever. 

But it certainly is good when it's good!


At the surprise party that of course was a surprise to no one

Friend list includes

Wife (52)
Adult children YAY! (20-30)
Opposing Bank Presidents (50-60)
Bosses yet friends (60)
Golf buddies (50-60)
BFFs and hubbies (50ish)
New neighbor who owns the other bank (80)
Wine/gourmet friends (60)
Customers yet friends (50)

I commented to my children…once you get to be about 25…we are all the same age and what brings us together are the things we have in common and love the most…in this case it was the birthday boy…41.
Pura Vida!
Live it.

Monday, October 18, 2010


A day in the life of someone trying to pull off a really just a day in the life of...

Plus:  Surprise birthday party for hubby to celebrate new address
Minus:  Busted when caught driving down the street after unexplainable out of town bootleg trip

Plus: Purchasing Stella for my golf bud Charles because it's his fav
Minus: Putting Modello Especial on carton of eggs because beer section is on the other end of store

Plus:  Finding festive pumpkin beer in the middle section to remind me it's my fav
Minus: Pumpkin beer falling off the cart and spewing in the floor
(Just what I get for putting the Modello on the eggs!)

Plus:  After several in town searches, finally finding just the right color mums/pumpkins for new porch
Minus:  Busted...birthday boy is sure to notice and wonder when where and how I got the just right stuff get the idea.  It seems that all is fair in love and war and checkers.


Middle brother and wife build a wonderful pool at their wonderful home and we invite ourselves for sibling day.

We have not all been together in many years, so this was a very fun day looked forward to for many months.

We even invited our mother, which in my opinion is quite kind, although there would be no siblings if not for her.

We are old, boxy, saggy, wrinkly, scarred and tattoed. Some look better and younger than others. We are very comfortable with who we are and who we have become.

We love each other, we love the ones we have married as if they are our own. And we love to have a good time!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Texas's TIME!



a +tt//" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">img border="0" ex="true" height="207" src="://" width+320"

Who in the h-e-double L figured this out? Did you just sit around thinking and think "Oh..if I type in "above code" it will become a photo on everyone's computer?

I guess you did because it is.


And what's even more amazing is how I had to take out certain characters to show a resemblance of the html photo code because the blog kept recognizing it as a broken html and wouldn't publish.

Ranks right up there with a fax machine creating words on someone else's fax machine.

Or even this photo itself. Capturing a ball in mid air with a little thing called a camera.



And what's wildly ridiculous is that I am up at 4 am writing about it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Life is like a chess game.

If you do this then I'll do that and that will make you do this and then I will do that in response to what you did after I did what I did.

Whew!  So complicated! can be like checkers...

Double crown me!

Oh yeah....I much prefer checkers.

Game in session!


The gallbladder is part of our magnificent digestive system. Most all mammals, except those that are pure herbivores, have a gallbladder (rats don’t, whereas mice do). Its function is to store bile made in the liver.

Bile — a greenish-yellow fluid made of cholesterol, salts, pigments, water and minerals — helps to break up and emulsify fat in the digestive system. From the liver, it’s secreted into tubes or ducts, which drain downward into the gallbladder. Bile is stored and concentrated there — the gallbladder can hold about a half-cup of fluid — until it gets a message (via the hormone cholecystokinin, or CCK) that the duodenum (the uppermost part of the small intestine) has food with fat in it, and the digestive system is going to need help dissolving it. At this point the smooth muscle lining squeezes the bile out through the cystic duct to the common duct and into the small intestine, where it can emulsify the fat.

It's hard to believe that something so small, hidden and unsightly can be so critical in how you feel.  I have not been to the doctor in quite a few years, so when I have random pains every once in a while, I just chalk it up to spine cancer, liver cancer, arm cancer, toe cancer and lately gallbladder cancer.

And since I am still very much alive I give thanks that I am cancer free and have been healed more than likely by eating things like flax seed and jalepenos with occasional fly poop on my unwashed basil that I eat straight from my herb garden during a lazy stroll through it.

I'm feeling pretty good today, so I think I have conquered my gallbladder cancer.  Yay!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Thank you Don Williams

Thank you for not being dead yet

Thank you for letting me cross you off my life list before you or I were

Thank you for letting me use my CDIB Card at the buffet at my Choctaw Nation Casino

and most of all...thank you for this song.

I believe in love too. I really really REALLY do!

**Special instruction for photo show that if you don't do won't work! Click to play. Choose full screen toggle box, let it load, and start over again. If you don't do this, the timing isn't right.**

Monday, September 20, 2010


A. How in the h-e-double L did I get to be 50?
B. How in the h-e-double L did I acquire so much stuff?

I'll tell you how...going to auctions to entertain ourselves and hoping for that one treasure like you see on the Antique Roadshow. And going on very cool trips thinking you need to bring back art as your souvenir...that's how. Both seem to involve mimosas.

It really seems so harmless until the time comes to move 2 blocks down the street.

I can tell you what is not making the move:

1. Nacho warmer accidently purchased at auction while signing to hubby across the room
2. Wagon wheel headboards purchased at auction on purpose for hubby to turn into something
3. 2 copper and turquoise 1950 era bread boxes, which thank heaven just sold on ebay.

What will make the move:

This angel purchased in Madrid....New Mexico...will be hand delivered along with 3 signed Bunnells, 1 fake Bunnell, 1 Bunnell portrait by a different Bunnell lover...and at least 972, 486 other items.

And like I always say...when in doubt....


Thursday, September 16, 2010


I am just about to go on my 2nd in my lifetime pubcrawl. If you think it sounds kind of like crawling through pubs..then you are a mental giant because that's exactly what it is.

My last one was quite successful as I came across the perfect ringdroid for my bf.

New Orleans, haunted---absinthe---indeed makes the heart grow fonder...

So, look out Charleston Pubs...I'll be packing soon!

Monday, September 13, 2010


When asked the question:
If you had to choose would you rather have a


Or grotto pool...which would you choose?

oh man...tough choice!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Adiós Mexico beach all inclusives

Ciao Italian wine/countryside drive in BMW convertible

Dewa sono uchi ni Japan

and as for eye brow lifts, facelifts, tummy tucks...not an option, not that they ever were. In fact...who said I needed that?

If it was you...then I will give you a very sharp tree saw.

All my spare money...not that I have any...will be used for my 4th house on Barkley Street. we come!