Wednesday, January 28, 2015


For a person who doesn't like looking in mirrors
I sure do seem to have a lot of them

I love what they reflect

usually this pedestal has a prayer candle on it
I love how the glimmer of the flame is reflected in the mirror

my friend Jolene told me once
"always place something lovely in front of a mirror...then you can see it two times"

mirrored night stands

an antique print of a young girl gazing in the mirror

my strange faced angel holds a broken mirror

I love to hang pretty jewelry from her

I even collect old compacts

the powder in this one is left intact
I love to think about the pretty woman who powdered her face and refreshed her lipstick
while looking into this...where was she off to.... 
and who was she about to kiss?

mirrors over the mantel

mirrors over the vanity

mirrors over the bed

I could look at those chandeliers over and over in this huge mirror

vintage mirrors

Hobby Lobby mirrors
 I heart Hobby Lobby

and I heart estate auctions

and estate sales

what you see is what you get
times two
I like that

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I consider myself to be one of the luckiest gals on the planet for many reasons
but today because of how close I live to
the Land of Enchantment and magical city of Santa Fe, New Mexico

We are only 5 hours and the drive is part of the wonderfulness of it

we try to visit a few times each year 
and if you twisted my arm behind my back,  I could not choose which season I love the best...

 they are all beyond breathtaking

I'm sorry MLK had to die, but for us it creates a bank holiday, and with 
baby Pshigoda due in February...this will be our best time to go for a while

This trip we are staying somewhere's fun to experience them all!!
(I am sharing the hotel site photos...they are wonderful and make me so excited to go!)

we will arrive in the day for check in

but can you imagine walking into this lobby after a long drive or flight?
I can't stop looking at it

I think I could spend the entire weekend right here reading about

but this looks pretty inviting
and so does this!

The Screto Lounge was winner of Best Cocktails in 2013
I can only think they got better with time!

one thing I try to see each time 
is something that just makes this life's journey seem to be in another realm....
please tell me you will put this on your life list!

On a trip to Taos many years ago, Mr. PV bought me this bracelet that I love and wear almost every's true...
my soul 
lives in the Land of Enchantment

Wishing you all a safe long weekend and please use the link below to book your trip and meet us there!


Friday, January 9, 2015


There is a trend making way into this fiesty Texas County

at one time
Hansford County was designated as the richest county in Texas
but before that

we endured the dust bowl and many other hardships

 folks came here to farm and very close to where I live, land was given away in the

there was no time for folly....these folks were 
 a man was busy from sunup 'till sundown
(women too)

But something dark and different was about to be discovered...
lying beneath the parched land
(my dad)

many many people in this area became very very rich
but you would never know it
Gus Birdwell Elementary School 
Gus purchased his clothes at the Library Thrift Shop and growing up we all thought he was a hobo
turns out
he left enough money (millions) to build our school

so the trend back then was one thing and one thing only
and it wasn't fashion or frolic or fun

along comes a new generation who believes in the concept of working hard, yes!..
but living a good life along with hard work I rattle off the subject...
for years, there were only 2 private pools in Hansford County...and one of  them was dug by hand
having a pool was considered frivolous,  a waste of time and money 
and no one back then would dare even think about changing out of those oil and dirt soiled khakis into swim trunks
or lying about soaking up the sun with a hard lemonade

so when I asked, begged, pleaded, cajoled, and made promises of a 2nd job
 to the hard working mister for a pool
he finally agreed
don't you think this is a perfect spot for a pool?
me too!

but first there's always that thing you have to do that doesn't show
in this case a bigger water line to accommodate

this sight made me giddy
this one made me cringe

Are you ready for today?

well...not's 21 degrees


  • Just did it
  • just buckled down and made the decision to enjoy life

~Biggest Challenge~

~Favorite Thing~
We are experiencing another oil boom in the Texas Panhandle 
there have been 15 homes built in the last year...something that, to my knowledge, 
has never happened
lots of people have put in pools...some underground and some above ground but the thing is this
Life is too long not to enjoy it
it's also too short not to enjoy it
I am surrounded by the hardest working people that you could ever imagine
and I admire them
I also admire a person who is able to feel no guilt for 
enjoying life and the fruits of their labors

yabba dabba doo

*that about wraps up the past renovation for 822.  I realize these posts have not really been a ORC for a few reasons...I invited myself, most of them took more than 6 weeks, and I was my own client...hope I didn't offend anyone...or step on was just all about the before and after

2015...I hope will be the year....that we really wrap it up
on the to do list is
turning the basement into a wine cellar and the ugly brown bathroom into a powder room

believe it or not...Mr PV also wants to build a shop and I want it to be a conservatory
I'm sure a lawnmower could look fabulous parked in here

no doubt....floating a long hot Texas summer evening away 
after scuffling with daily life
will be one of my greatest pleasures that I shall never take for granted!