Friday, March 29, 2013


While bo peep and baby bo peep and I went to Saturday night mass

(we are a couple of Methodists and Catholic Wannabes)

something very strange was happening outside

it began like this

and got to looking like this in a few short moments

we had a few warm days after that late cold blast

but today....and through this weekend they are saying
severe weather
rain, lows in the teens, perhaps some snow?

I'm like
old man winter?  
do you see this concrete ball?
could you please just

show me some love?
and skidaddle!

Monday, March 25, 2013


**unless noted all photos are mine from the 2010 Kentucky Derby and you are most welcome to them**

Many years ago my mother told me the story of the stable pony

me to her:  what's a stable pony?
she to me:  it's a pony that lives along side the wild boisterous high strung horse 
its presence intended to calm 

with only the sight and smell of its stable pony, the crazy horse is able to melt into a state of
casual safe warm comfort

often so much is expected of the performance horse

that it needs a place

to be at peace
it needs a steady presence 

and very often the stable pony must endure the attitude and intense energy 
of the skittish animal...
not an easy task I'd say

but what if your horse is not aggressive or high strung?

what if your duty as the stable pony was to be tethered to a weak horse 
and your job was to help it gain strength by trotting with it
around the ring
around and around and around and around and around and around and around

purchase from Donna Bollard 

to help it become the best it can be and where intense energy has nothing at all to do with the gain

in my young years I would admit that I might like to have considered myself to be the highly active horse

but now today
I realize
that the stable pony is indeed

the strong one

a quiet secure deep rooted strength by which all other horses are measured

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The other day I was wondering what Paul was up to

Yes...I do think of my blog friends often, even when I'm not reading them..and that got me to thinking of how many of you remind me so much of my real life friends....and that got me to thinking it happened enough that I was going to write a post about it.

For example:  My dad's pilot was Eddie Gale Martin...he reminds me so much of Paul.  They look alike-- their personalities seem so much the same (yes...your personalities shine through your words!) and never not ever was I around Eddie Gale that he didn't make me laugh...ever!  Good form you two!  I'm guessing you would really like each other and much as I like you both!

Then...I got to thinking about my dear friend  Khristi...look how pretty she is! and look how much she looks like my blog friend..... 

both sweet, creative, love a great bargain and their family
one word that describes them?  

In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger (German, literally a "double goer") is the closest word I can find to describe this phenomenon.  I would also relate it to

"Twin Sons of a Different Mother"..more than a look-a-like...I think it's no phenomenon that I am attracted to the same kind of people in my virtual world as I am my real world.  
Yet I still find it fascinating that I have found you!

curious? goes....

***Please please please don't be offended if you cross genders or if you are not listed...perhaps there is only one you...and besides...this is just to amuse us all!  Of course, I will think about someone I didn't include...I highly doubt I will add to this post..but you never know.

Heather=My bff Cindy Loo friend for life...weathered many a storm together...miss her everyday and could never talk to her this point in life?  A very creative homebody spurt!
Anita= my mother...two of the most ethereal and creative women I have ever had the honor to know
Laurie=Liz Miser..Liz is about to have her first one fly the nest and has lived through some sadness related to this, but always maintains such a happy cheerful attitude...Laurie...always inspiring in your difficult circumstances!
Marissa=sassy, salty, fun Missie
Keith=my very soulful friends... always seeking the deeper spiritual meaning in every circumstance..what fun to go so deep with you!  Interesting...I could put most of my friends in this category! But especially Grace and Mattie...every conversation creates a question!
Sha-Bam=my older brother...go figure!  Talented, funny, a bit sarcastic and totally unpredictable.  From Bobby's facebook:  I love screwing with the minds of foreign tech support guys. " My name is Perry, Not Terry with a P as in Pterodactyl.
Kerry=My bff Denise...put together, smart and a little on the edge.  One word?  Sophisticated! OK two words...clever and sophisticated!
Maureen=my aunt Lu...I can't really explain it..she just pops in my head that way
Tina=Kimberly my sister in marriage...funny funny funny and sweet!
Carolyn=Kelly...I hate she moved to California...these two even look alike..they both seem so serene to me and very artsy and talented!  (I use that word talented a lot don't I!) Kelly has 7 kids Carolyn has 4 boys..did I say serene?
Texas Anita=my bff and always doing something beautiful that takes my breath away! sweet son who is always including me in his garden world...a fun thing for us to share!
and here I will also include Nancy and Bethany because Charles and Jena love those dogs!

Jane and Lance are a travel team and they make me miss Charles and Sonya so very often!
Sharon=Brooke--lovers of all things fine and beautiful!
In our house there's a person we lovingly refer to as Bon Bon.  She's like Lara...always taking and sharing the most wonderful photos.  Amazing!
Leslie=my sister Tracy...she loves beauty and looking beautiful!
Loi=My Brian... smart*articulate*savvy* very talented and creative and more than anything fun about it!  Did I say smart?  Brian also reminds me a great deal of that her writing has an agenda to teach and spread intelligence...and did I say...intelligent?
Laura=me...when Laura writes...I find myself saying...all the time...."that's exactly how I feel!"  She has such a knack to write down the most wonderful emotions with very few words...and when she does that thing she does..I find myself thinking that we are really two peas in a pod...and both from Texas too!

In reality, I would suppose that all the bloggers that I have found--
and all the friends that have found me over the years and let me stay in their lives--
and even better still, the ones that God blessed me with to be related to--
there is some sort of connection to
the way you are
and the way I am
and that's why

we're doppelgangers!

Monday, March 18, 2013


My hubs and I have a fundamental disagreement going on...
sort of a malady that's getting in the way of
me getting my way

You see?  
This is about the 10th time cute tree trim man has been to our house
I'm not complaining about looking at him...just his saws

however,  I must agree that sometimes too much...

is simply too much!

but I don't like cutting down 80+ year old trees..
it hurts my green hippy soul!

 I promise we are being good stewards of the earth
as in..
for every tree we cut down we plant more
that fit the style of our home
these "rockets" look so much better than what was there

and if we're going for this 
(see how cute we are holding hands under than new tree?)

then we can't also have this

so I made a deal with him

here's the deal
"you take care of this half of the yard and I'll butt out...and I'll take care of the other half of the yard and you butt out..."

so long half dead 80+ year old tree

hello new chaises on major sale with free shipping via eBay

maybe my hippy soul can heal
"honey...can you pretty please mix me and my 3 peeps up a little ol' mojito?"

Thursday, March 14, 2013


One of the things I love about bringing my summer pots indoors 
are the surprises that often occur 

like this wonderful clover that somehow popped up in my fern

just in time for St. Patrick's Day
so this lucky little surprise set me off on a tour through my house looking for
I don't have to look far...
I found some in nearly every room!
that's the paint color of this wall and then I take the time to sit and look at life through this kaleidoscope
and read my green books
and dream of warmer days just ahead

I would love for you to be my guest and come prop yourself up on one of my many 
perfectly chopped pillows
your comfort would be my number one concern!
no stressing around here!

I will imagine this weekend there will be lots and lots of green beer

but in the meantime I'm turning my other habit into art

even though it doesn't seem like it, I like wine and spirits in other colored bottles too

and speaking of happy spirits

I'm beginning to think 

I like


the color
the flavor
the happiness

the life
the zen

no pinching!