Monday, March 4, 2013

BIG BIG FISH MISTAKE I've spent the past few days in a state of
real frustration with what we refer to around here as
freaking in REAL SLOW
internet service
perhaps due to our frozen ground?
(as in it's taken me 4 days to write this post...well not just seems like it and you'll know why in a minute) between posting all my online news and to keep from pulling my hair out
I decided to address that thing that seems to be pulling my attention from my graying temples
as I was browsing through the medicine cabinet, in between loading stories,
I came across some fish oil pills that have been sitting there for a long time
after I discovered I was unable to swallow due to how huge they are
so I'm thinking...
hmmm....oil...flabby neck...not wasteful...
so I poked a hole in one and it squirted all over the place besides my hand
and I guess all my good sense was wrapped up in my computer woes
I actually was able to apply some fish oil to my flabby neck
before I was able to realize what a huge
and I mean
mistake this was
folks...don't do this
fish oil is in a capsule for a reason


Marissa said...

Yikes... wonder what that smelled like? I bet that was just gross...
On another note.. I nominated your blog for the liebster award.. go check it out when you get a chance...
Fish for lunch?

NanaDiana said...

LOL- OMG-I am laughing right out loud here! So...I suppose the neighbor has baited his hook now? Gives a whole new meaning to the term "there's something fishy here", doesn't it?;>) xo Diana

Style Maniac said...

Oh my! Thanks for the tip. I'll stay away from fish oil for sure.

Maureen said...

I was actually thinking it was a good idea and I'd do it. That's until you got to the stinky part. My cats would go mad if I smelled like tuna!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

OMG! That is so funny...for me, not so much for you. I made my mom cut open one when I was about 7. You are right they are in a capsule for a reason.