Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am so glad that when I am forced against my will to ride the ferris wheel that I have someone to hold onto so I won't be scared out of my wits!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


"What a difference a year will make," my in the know friends tried to tell me while consoling me last year as my last one flew the coop.Empty Nesterville? Empty Nesterville, I like you. I can’t believe it, but my friends were oh so right. This house got crowded….one too many cranky princesses and I might not mean me.The good thing that I know is what lies ahead. Two are not only gone but their plates are completely broken…they have their own houses and their own plates and they are F.U.N. We visit each other, eat out from time to time, spend the night at each other’s houses, make travel plans, talk on the phone, email, and rarely do we argue about whether a headboard is a queen or full. And they hardly ever gripe me out.Miss C.P., I will miss you, don’t get me wrong. I love you and I will miss you but I don’t have room anymore for your luggage in the doorway of my new dressing room aka your old bedroom.Update August 18, 2009:Uh oh....melancholy is back...just got back from the longest trip with the longest truck with the longest wait in line Houston traffic back to Empty Nesterville.That bright blue suitcase that I brought home to refill is sitting in my new dressing room without all the mess and chaos and it kind of gave me a lump in my throat when I passed by the hallway and saw it sitting there. Empty Nesterville is kind of empty today.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


You Are Who You Were When You Were Eight
Yesterday I was golfing with my husband and we had a discussion about ant beds after coming across one on the course. He told me when he was a kid, he would stomp in them, put firecrackers in them, pour gas in them, and fry the ants with his magnifying glass. And with his softer side he had a multitude of home made "ant farms"; various "ball" jars with holes poked in the top where he could watch the ants make their tunnels, feeding them, playing with them.
I asked him if he ever got stung by the ants and he said, “yes, when you mess with ants, that’s just part of it.”
The more I thought about it, I began realize that I too was curious about ant beds and so began my comparison to ant bed play and personality types.
My sister who is today’s drama queen would stand in the middle of an ant bed and when they began to crawl on her and sting her, she would scream bloody murder but remain standing in the middle of the action until someone came to rescue her. I’m pretty certain she did this more than once.
My older brother was much like my husband…find, destroy, and enjoy.
I on the other hand would be very curious about their tunnels under ground, could they swim, what did they eat, where were they going and why were they going so fast all in the same direction? Why are some red and some black and some big and some little?
My youngest brother would steer completely away from them knowing of the consequences that play would create…so back to my sister…why would someone stand in the middle of one and become frozen with fright? Her actions probably had something to do with the younger ones steering clear and thus the fact that others’ actions persuade us.
So, perhaps the quote “you are who you were when you were eight” could most certainly include “and the way you play with ants tells it all.”