Thursday, February 28, 2013


We do get snow from time to time in our northern most location of Texas
and from time to time we will get huge blizzards, which most generally means that we have wind to accompany our snow

this blizzard brought us 19"
in one day

Today we are hosting a dinner party for 
my bff's mother's sorority

in addition to shoveling sidewalks for these dear ladies during his lunch hour
(some of who lived in our garage apartment as newly weds)
Mr. PV thought it might be kind of fun to welcome them with 

a ....

here I am...toasty warm inside taking photos of a ....

very sweet thing!

I did select her outfit

I have every table I have "set"
we were planning to go to Amarillo for
new bowls, fresh roses, groceries
the roads are still closed in some places

so I went to  Alco and bought bowls that match nothing I have
for $1.50 each

and I cut my ferns

and put them in old prayer candle jars of water 

and dug out the old pottery
and put on a pot of soup

we can't wait to see you sweet ones!

Monday, February 25, 2013


We remember in our town
the blizzard of 1957
when the graduating class of 1975 graduated from the audience instead of the the stage
822 snow gauge
Miss Mermaid?  Can you see me now?

(see how you in NATIONAL GUARD)
we are shut down folks

really epic blizzard with
more expected

when in doubt
blueberry Nobilo
tussie mussie
do your part for the class of 
if I can you can!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


As we near the end of this part of our reno journey it is so hard for me to believe 
*this much time has passed
*this much has been taken apart and put back together
*I am still in a good mood

this is not the is the middle
if I remember correctly---this summer I was thrilled to be here

because...this was the beginning
don't you really like that color of green though?  I sure did!

here we go!

some random page I tore from a magazine that I can't properly credit 
because I can't remember where I got it

I remember this wonderful little thing sitting in my garage for what seemed like
I had to talk Mr. P.V. into it for our vanity
I used the "it's free" tactic which seems to work when you near the end

you can visit here to see how this started

and here we are today

let's just sigh a little shall we?
Grand le Sigh

our 3rd set of sinks
they were going to be the last even if they looked bad
(that choice was a lot harder than I expected)

The mirror is from Hobby Lobby and lighted from behind with rope light
(um...this year's Christmas lights -- I was in a hurry because 15th Anniversary is
nice surprise right?)

Some dear blog friend suggested I was a soap Ninja
I concur

Man I love this shade of blue
"Sea Salt"

Remember when we went to buy our bed and bought this mirror instead?
It reminds me of when I went to buy a hat for the Kentucky Derby and bought a birdfeeder

but we did get our bed finally
and I'm telling you feels nice!

these past 3 days I just lay there and look up at our view 

and over at the view

and think to myself

now that wasn't so bad at all!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


When we connected the garage apartment to the existing house
(about 15 feet)
we wanted to do something a little fantastic
our fantastic is pretty normal for most city people

but even our sheetrock crew said they'd never done this before
which kind of scared me
Have you ever gone to the prom and had the same dress as someone else?
That kind of stuff happens in small towns
so we weren't surprised when the same contractor sent the same sheetrock crew and they did the same barrel ceiling in our good friend's new custom home

Interestingly enough
their entire home was completed and they were moved in before our addition was even close to done
and the treatment they did on their barrel ceiling was EXACTLY what I wanted to do to ours
(paint it gold metallic)

I did not want to do the same thing as my good friend for 2 reasons
1.  She's my good friend and I wanted hers to be unique
2.  She's my good friend and I wanted mine to be unique
(*note the old school house light fixture we purchased at an auction for...ONE DOLLAR)

So I say to Mr. P.V.
"I'm thinking I'm going to hire a mural artist to come paint our ceiling"
he kind of looks at me funny and says...
"you're kidding..right?"

Yesterday I spent about 2 hours experimenting on my ceiling...I can always repaint it...
I've gotten pretty good at painting walls...just plain old painting...I charge Mr. P.V. about $30 per hour
so I guess I hired myself

You can't really tell, but this is gold metallic
and the rope light is tucked into the molding 
 then I coated it with high gloss varnish
to give it just the nicest little glow

do you remember that I painted some soft trees in the front entry?

with just a whisper of a bird here and there?

I thought I'd add a few here too?
the word is 
for those who go in and out of our home on the side of the house

well...the jury
is still out

if there are two things I have learned
1.  I don't have to decide TODAY
2.  I'm a pretty good painter so maybe by this time next week...this barrel ceiling will be 


or clouds

but for today
it will just be