Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So many twists to this déjà vu yarn…you know that dreamy hazy feeling of “I’ve been there before?” Or more to the point…. “WHOA.I. Have. BEEN. HERE. Be-fore.”Allow me set the stage for you….TML Convention Fort Worth Texas…we pop into Grace, a sophisticated little hotspot that serves the most excellent dirty martinis… Guest Bartender Night…nearing Halloween…also Guest Artist Night…Jill Johnson (photographer for Glamourpuss) is there for a book signing…hubby just celebrated his birthday and received a card featuring a cat with a Zen rock cairn on its head…(which he cut out and placed on the top of a pumpkin and a blog all it’s own)….and I’m pretty sure I saw someone wearing a very comprehensive mullet….I can only hope because it was “kittywig” night.Lol-ing yet?More….to prove the déjà vu phenomenon to myself I get home and dig through my baby bible to find a photo of me--6 years old…Cinderella dressed in yellow…my first modeling gig…in one of my mom’s many many patent pendings of which I was often exploited for…to the best of my recollection, this one was MOPWIGS…mopwigs and me… forlorn poutylip model look, just like the kitty in the blue wig…yes oh yes…I had been there before! Kitty, I feel your pain.For a peek at what might have been for me if A. My mother was not so ahead of her time orB. I was a cat click here