Wednesday, December 14, 2016


He's not quite 2...his 2nd birthday is late February

Just the other day, out of the clear blue sky, as plain as day, he called me


many many years ago, before Grace ever even considered children, I had a dream that she had a little boy who called me

but before that....

there were two precious little girls who call me is 9 and one is 3

and another young lady that came into my life when her daddy married my Grace--she calls me POPPY too

what a lesson in life and prayer and wishes and dreams and answers and plans and timing

now another one who will call me POPPY in a couple of years


I hope the things you whisper in Santa's ear
and dream sweet dreams of
and speak to God about when you are on your knees


and I hope you can know what I knew that day...when

out of the clear blue sky
as plain as day
he called me

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


each year I decorate my main tree and am always filled with affection when I hang this ornament of my mother.  I think she's 5 here and I am also amazed at how many of her grandchildren look just like her

December 10 she will turn 82
does it amaze you when you can see the exact same face in a 5 year old as you can in an 80 year old?

December 4 we baptized our 4th grandchild in Lubbock Texas
he was the fourth one to wear this heirloom gown
even though it is very feminine, our children decided long ago that their children would all wear it
good job for the dads of sons who went along with that tradition

Betty Beatrice was the 1st 9 years ago December 7
Polk Street Methodist Church in Amarillo

she was still able to wear it on this day
today she is so tall and skinny, it might still fit her

next came sweet Perrilyn Hazel on December 13, 2013
Polk Street Methodist Church in Amarillo

Henry August December  15, 2014
He might have to overcome this photo in his senior slideshow presentation

and when he's president the country will all say...

Coach Been never missed a beat when his Everett Gruver donned the dress
December 16, 2016
First United Methodist Church Lubbock Texas

there is a lot to be said for it

I so hope you and your family are hanging on to all the fun and wonderful things you have always done that make your family unique and special
and I hope your season if filled with blessings overflowing!