Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It’s tough being a woman in a woman’s world.
Why is it that a woman, girl, babe, can walk in front of a mirror and see F.L.A.W.S.--yet a man with a beer belly, not enough hair on the head, too much in the nose, double chin, aging hands, and/or any stage of varying degrees of imperfection look into the same mirror and say “loookin’ goooooooood!”…and quite mean it?
To all my sistas who:
Have a bit of gray at the templeA little bit of cellulite on the thighsA laugh line or twoA butt that fell, or a A bust that went from 36 C to 32 long….
UNITE! Let’s don’t look in the mirror…let’s look at each other and say--
….and for those of you who are at your prime…well power to you GF…flaunt it while ya got it and catch up with us later. We’ll be waiting on you…we’re the ones with beautiful eyes and kind faces as we redefine sexy ….a tummy that pooches because we’ve born 1 or 3 kids, a lingering gaze--with creases--that rests upon the daughter of your daughter, and soul that runs deep enough to know what lookin’ good really means…deep enough…. to quite mean it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DANG 101

When I graduated from high school I hardly even said the word butt. College certainly changed that and my cussing habits got a little out of hand. When I had my children, I stopped cussing and started biting my fingernails. Then I started letting those bad words slip more and more as they got to be teenagers…(mostly under my breath and outside behind the pecan tree)…but nevertheless, I let the habit creep up on me again.
Most years, my resolution was to quit. I don’t do it that much anymore because it’s important to me that I have better control of myself and let beauty grace my lips.
So, I came up with Dang 101, which simply put is to see how many ways can you say dang.
First of all, and most simply.
I challenge you. Let your mind get a little creative and give it a whirl.
DANG. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. Danguh. Hecky Dang. Dang It. Dangggggit. Gosh Dang. Gosh Darn Dang. Ding Dang. Well I’ll be dang. Well, I’ll JUST BE DANG. Whoooohoooodang. Dangahangadangdangdang. Dippity Dang. Dang Ya’ll. Frickin Dang. Dang a Mercy. And my favorite of all. Damn Dang. Oops!