Thursday, July 28, 2016


You don't want me to get into a political rant!  It's not nice.

My dad always taught me it was rude to discuss politics and religion and under no circumstances are you to ever
ask who a person who they are voting for.

Especially this this dynamic, boisterous, bombastic, heated 47%/47%/ election climate
do I understand what he meant.

that being said
I am a die hard

red through and through
most years I just check the Republican box
and for the record
he wasn't really my first choice since I was so excited to think of the possibility of another
Texas President
Perry or Cruz either way! 

but I am also a hippie so what I really want
is to  just live and let live and live in peace

which brings me to
Marcella from Mexico

with his own bare hands
he turned this

into this

He is young, handsome, honest, sweet, kind, dear and so talented you just cannot believe it
he calls a sprinkler...sprinkles...he is also a farmer

in our town, there are 4 contractors and everyone of them are good and busy
so there is room for man like Marcella to be here.  He is not taking anyone's work.  He is employing others and teaching them skills.  He is raising his family.  He is spending my daughter's money on our local economy.

He adores his wife.  His children are in school.  He just wants to live here and he is scared. 

I want him to live here too. 
I want...for him...a way

we can find a way
for him to own his
American Dream