Tuesday, February 23, 2010


There are 10 Things I know I’m very good at..ok twelve….
1. I can sing. Ok well maybe not really sing like trying out for American Idol. In fact, when I told hubby I was going to try out for American Idol he simply stated I was not within the age parameters. He never said I couldn’t sing, so this must mean I can. And I do. But I hum well also. In fact I hum a lot.
2. I can paint with both hands. I believe they call this ambidextrous. I can’t write with both hands, but I can paint with both hands and when I paint I often do because painting can make me real tired. I am lucky like this because I get done faster and don’t have to rest.
3. I am pshyic. This is kind of scary but it’s true. I just get a feeling and man it happens. A. Lot.
4. I am optimistic. People tell me this all the time. I’m an encourager. I like to make people feel better. In Revelations it says that we will be known by a new name….we all have a white stone with our new name on it. Mine will be Encourager.
5. I can type fast with long fingernails. I have been taking a break from teaching myself to play the cello so now I get to have long fingernails. See how fast I typed this? I love that clickty sound.
6. I can solve puzzles on Wheel of Fortune. Winter mode means supper when the sun goes down in front of a warm fire, watching Wheel of Fortune. I could so win a car!
7. I can write a good thank you letter. This is a dying art I’m telling you. Not only do people not write good ones they don’t write them. Shame. Take a little moment, get some pretty stationary that speaks of your personality, and give it your all. They are fun to read and fun to write. Don’t let it die. Do it and do it good!
8. I can wallpaper. I love love love wallpaper. And because I’m psychic, I always know where I’m going to hang pictures, so you will find that I might hang a strip or two of wallpaper and then a picture. I can get way ahead of myself on this, but being way ahead is just how I am.
9. I can set a festive table. Just this past weekend’s wine pairing for example…a black and white batik table cloth, black linen napkins, a black square plate centerpiece with tea lights, more candles, five kinds of plates, and five kinds of glasses to go with five kinds of wine paired with five kinds of food…but best of all…menus for everyone with my signature sealing wax bumble bee. And salt and pepper shaker lovebirds.
10. I can make clay balls. In fact, I actually came to my computer to find my recipe and started writing this instead. So now I will go make my clay balls and hum something Friday-ish. This also evidences my ability to multi-task…which could very well be number 11. And number 12?….see photo…I can photo shop pretty darn good!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What would you say if? Just what would you say if….you…..

 Went to New Orleans

 Had a beer in the airport

 Had a beer on the plane(s)

 Met in the courtyard for a beer(s)

 Went on a Haunted Pub Crawl with a guide named Bloody Mary

 Had a real Absinthe shot and sugar cube melted with fire

 And danced in the open space

 Had photos taken that were filled with orbs

 Had more than 1 hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s while cheating at Spades

 Went to the casino and grabbed a beer(s)

 Lost your 1st $100 on black 11 Roulette

 Lost count of the next lost $100s

 Had a mimosa(s) to celebrate

 Had your palm read in Jackson Square by a girl named Betty with big boobs

 Visited a cemetery in the projects

 Had an ice cold Abita(s) with your crab platter

 Tried on $800 hats for your upcoming trip to the Derby

 Told the hat maker you’d be back at 2 to purchase hat

 Sang the cornbread song….over and over

 Made your ringtone the cornbread song

 Sat on a couch with an art dealer in the dark to view $11K painting in dim light

 Told art dealer you’d be back at 4 to purchase art
 Needed a sippy cup for your beer(s)


I would say “Man, that was one fat Tuesday!”

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Are you aware that the end of the world is planned for 2012? I remember a long ago trip to visit the Mayan ruins and had forgotten that the guide’s speech included the fact that the Mayan calendar ends on the Winter solstice 2012. Seemed like forever away at the time.In my opinion the world, my world could end tomorrow. Who knows? Who cares? I quit being scared by that worry a long time ago.But… I cannot wait until the next time someone and I get into a deep conversation and I drop my bomb on him or her….I will sigh….with sad eyes. …and say “I only have two years to live.”Then....I will a pause....for just the right amount of time...and drop bomb #2….“AND SO DO YOU! So----live it up!”

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Christmas before last my quirkier than me daughter gave us, our family, a silver wishing ball. The idea is to take a piece of paper (provided but way too small) and write down your wish for the upcoming year to be placed inside and read the following year at Christmas time.
Now, our family is a very typical All-American family. The kids are grown and each one of them has two sets of parents each…that means both sets on both sides are divorced and remarried which means, if I have my math right…8 holiday appointments for the betrothed and two for the youngest who probably is totally against the idea of marriage by now.
Not to worry. Being the gypsy souls that we are, we decided to change things and take us and our wishing ball to a less hassled less harried place. This year a trip to Chan Chemuyil Mexico.
Two parents, one couple married, one couple seriously dating, one daughter in college, one van that looks like we copped it from the Holiday Inn, two connecting houses with thatch roofs, sandals, boogie boards, sun screen, and one silver wishing ball.
As we took each wish, written on last year's torn piece of gift wrap paper (I told you the ones provided were too small) and read them out loud one at a time, it was just the best. A lot can happen in a year. A baby can come visit often, someone can make the Dean’s list, someone can come very very close to a hole in one, and well…wishes really can come true and peace and love are an absolute possibility!
The most fun part of this wishing ball thing is that we did it again. After we read last year’s wishes, we all took a moment to write down our dreams for next year. And on it will go…we will do it again and again and I can tell you that for sure because I’m the boss of that wishing ball.
And so…the silver wishing ball full of sweet and simple wishes goes in its new old wooden box with a little bit of sand, a seashell, a wine cork, and last year’s wishes…waiting patiently for next year.
Feliz Navidad de la familia que adoro!