Friday, March 2, 2018


When we first began this project, hopefully our last big one for awhile,
I made my mind up that I would exercise my patience and when it gets done it gets done

this was in late summer...demo day

this was in late February and the day I decided that I might not have meant
The marble has been chosen and quite possibly on it's way!

Progress on the niche for sure I really have flowers and art in this niche 

giving a whirl at venetian plaster that in theory was going to be a very pale pink since this is the powder room just off the pink music/dining room.  
Our color intensity kind of got away from us!

well...yes, yes I do have art hanging...mirrors too!  I know I have to drive Mr. PV so crazy!  But getting the cart ahead of the horse kind of helps me not be so forlorn in long projects.  These antique mirrors have been in my guest bathroom for a very long time! 
Waiting Waiting Waiting

not waiting on me, that's for sure!

I think this ceiling pitch is going to be so cool!

a very rustic hewn beam with a very chandelerias chandelier!

I have found a tin retablo on eBay that has a $4,500 bid
NOT plan to amuse myself while the marble is on order and getting installed, is to paint her on a very large ugly painting that I bought at a recent auction.  The frame is to die for...

It's also a pretty good way to spend a very blustery March day!...and/or weekend!
depending how detailed I get on that dove!