Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Itsy Bitsy Spider? Today is your lucky day. You have beaten all odds. You scare me, but I admire you more. When I found you in my kitchen sink this morning, I washed you down the drain with my handy dandy faraway from the spider squirter, and then I chopped you up in my garbage disposal. But when I got back from the post office, there you were. You are one tough daddy with long legs. So, I got a stick for you to crawl on and I let you go on Trent’s porch. He took our bat to show and tell so I thought he might enjoy you too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Don't we all seek green? Grass that is? So...we look across our yard and mostly find green...and then we notice it...it's just a little ole' teeny tiny patch of green that doesn't quite have the look we're going for, but green still.
So...we leave it...seemingly harmless, able to ignore it, turn our back to it...let it grow...ignore it some more...pay attention to something else and oh my...the next time we look...it's HUGE! A huge patch of invasive green crab grass taking over our otherwise perfect lawn.
The remedy...one bottle of chilled Kim Crawford, 8 gallons of water, backbreakingfingernailpolishchipping effort to get rid of that little patch of green that seemed so bitty and harmless when it began.
And what's left? A hole that looks like a moon crater that will take the rest of the summer, if not more to fill in and become whole.

Why didn't I just dig it up when I knew it didn't belong there? And chunk it over the gosh dang fence?