Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This past Sunday our son called to tell us about a particularly good sermon at his church and suggested we watch it.
He and his little family attend the Polk Street United Methodist Church in Amarillo.  He and Jena were married at this most beautiful church nearly 2 years ago.

they spoke their vows beneath this window

The sermons are taped and you can see last week's sermon on tv, so from time to time we hear through the grapevine about the really good ones.

Charles:  Dr. Burt did a really good job last week and if you listen--close to the end-- you can hear your granddaughter fuss a little.

So....we tune in to watch and yes it's true...Dr. Burt is talking about faith...he pours some water in the baptism bowl and touches it to his hands and head...and says..."sometimes...sometimes we need to go back to that place where our faith was fresh, to remember how we felt...the conviction, the depth of feeling..and just reflect why we made that decision in the first place...a place where our renewed faith...
walks us through our lives."

And then it happens...a sweet little cry from the back and I know...I know it's her...
and then something remarkable happens that he did not or could not know would happen
the camera shows the audience
and as I step closer to the tv, I see...

a tall, thin young father
at the very back, 
gently swaying his baby...patting her to hush her little cry


I am reminded

that this boy

this challenging strong willed wild teen
who jolted my heart and soul to the core
and kept me on my knees

is standing where I always believed he'd stand

doing what I always knew he'd do good

sometimes still, just me and God, know this


is a most incredible thing

gosh I hope you have it!

Monday, October 28, 2013


There is nothing more melancholy than a late October rose

when is the last time you saw the most beautiful thing you ever saw?
for me...that was yesterday

I hope you enjoy as much as I did


Friday, October 25, 2013


Bees are surely fragrant for on their feet they carry the dust from a thousand flowers

So as we move from my 
coming in as the sentimental favorite
(which prompted the lavender addiction board to begin with)
is my....ta da...board...


as intoxicated as I am with lavender, I am more so with 
the magical mystical 

It all began with a dream before we even looked at 
I dreamed we bought it and grew lavender and made lavender honey 
the first time we came to look at 822
in the backyard was a beehive that Jason the Bee Man told us had been there for at least 6-7 years
hidden beneath all the growth...wild...

my dream became the "faith contract" on our purchase of 822
If you have bees...please don't kill them...have someone come move them..
Jason did it for getting to have the hive
if your flowers attract them...that's all they want and will rarely bother you

Jason the Bee Man fired up his bee smoker...with a very fragrant
cedar smoke that makes the bees drowsy and disoriented long enough to gather them up to be moved

Part of the hive at 822
raw...I share it and I eat it often...just with a spoon
that looks like this

I wanted a hive that looked like this
or this
or this

Please Mr. PV may I have a cool hive?

Mattie took a bee class and so did I when she got through
so if I want

I have to have this

this will be my hive this spring when the right time comes
Jason will bring me a queen...that was our fair trade

my most favorite thing we ate in Napa?
a plate with a bit of honeycomb, goat cheese and strawberries
with a nice chilled glass of 

I want bees in my cupboard, in my drawers, 
in my garden

in my hair
on my fingers
around my neck
pinning my sweaters together

more bees please

thank you
for helping me gather all my 
thoughts ideas wishes goals dreams products I love favorite places meaningful words textiles concoctions
into categories that give me something to ponder over
in the wee small hours of the dark still night

**all photos are mine except the ones I found on Pinterest which you will surely be able to recognize