Friday, October 25, 2013


Bees are surely fragrant for on their feet they carry the dust from a thousand flowers

So as we move from my 
coming in as the sentimental favorite
(which prompted the lavender addiction board to begin with)
is my....ta da...board...


as intoxicated as I am with lavender, I am more so with 
the magical mystical 

It all began with a dream before we even looked at 
I dreamed we bought it and grew lavender and made lavender honey 
the first time we came to look at 822
in the backyard was a beehive that Jason the Bee Man told us had been there for at least 6-7 years
hidden beneath all the growth...wild...

my dream became the "faith contract" on our purchase of 822
If you have bees...please don't kill them...have someone come move them..
Jason did it for getting to have the hive
if your flowers attract them...that's all they want and will rarely bother you

Jason the Bee Man fired up his bee smoker...with a very fragrant
cedar smoke that makes the bees drowsy and disoriented long enough to gather them up to be moved

Part of the hive at 822
raw...I share it and I eat it often...just with a spoon
that looks like this

I wanted a hive that looked like this
or this
or this

Please Mr. PV may I have a cool hive?

Mattie took a bee class and so did I when she got through
so if I want

I have to have this

this will be my hive this spring when the right time comes
Jason will bring me a queen...that was our fair trade

my most favorite thing we ate in Napa?
a plate with a bit of honeycomb, goat cheese and strawberries
with a nice chilled glass of 

I want bees in my cupboard, in my drawers, 
in my garden

in my hair
on my fingers
around my neck
pinning my sweaters together

more bees please

thank you
for helping me gather all my 
thoughts ideas wishes goals dreams products I love favorite places meaningful words textiles concoctions
into categories that give me something to ponder over
in the wee small hours of the dark still night

**all photos are mine except the ones I found on Pinterest which you will surely be able to recognize


Optimistic Existentialist said...

How cool!! I love bees - especially honey bees. I don't link wasps though :)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

you did a good service reminding people to call a bee keeper to remove unwanted friends. We rented a house long ago and turned out there were bees in the wall. A bee keeper removed them and they didn't come back.

Lo veo y me gusta said...

Abejas, abejas, abejas...
Lastima que estén desapareciendo.

podso said...

I think this means you are getting more bees next spring. I know a blueberry farmer who hires bees every spring for his crop. We sometime forget how much they do for us! Interesting post !

Evanir said...

Em toda minha vida percorri um caminho...
não sei se é longo ou curto,
mas o que importa são as
pessoas que conheci
e marcaram meu coração.
Na minha vida dei carinho e amor
para aquelas pessoas especiais,
como você que é uma pessoa
especial na minha vida.
Deus fez o mundo, espalhou por
ele pessoas maravilhosas,
e nos deu a missão de encontra-las,
cumpri a minha encontrei você.
Um abençoado final de semana
Deus abençoe você hoje e sempre.
Beijos e meu eterno carinho.

HolleyGarden said...

I love all things bees, too, but don't want a hive of my own. For some reason, I think it must be a lot of work. But maybe not. My grandfather kept bees and he always had fresh, yummy honey. :)

Ann said...

Nice pics!
I love bees
they give us sweet honey.
We always have pure honey in the house we use it for juices and dishes
and my son loves to eat them once in a while.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

We would love to have a beehive one day. Honeybees are so sweet that my kids actually pet them sometimes :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Gina!

Bees are wonderful, and not until recently have I really understood how important they are. But aren't they a magical creature? The gold they give us in honey and all the products made from it? Being thankful and respectful to nature in AWE and treating it as such can be the first step to taking the necessary precautions to safe them, and ourselves. Have a fabulous weekend! Anita

Marisa B said...

I'm not sure we actually met I have been poking my head on your blog every so often, actually more than have a beautiful home and a wonderful blog...this one is one of my own little have honeybees, maybe one day, I love everything about it too! thank you Marisa

Revi said...

Wow - I didn't know you were such a bee enthusiast! Lavender honey sounds delish, as does your plate of goodness from Napa. Your garden inspires me, and makes me a tad envious, except for the hours of hard work! I've not been able to garden for a few years, and that, on top of the drought, has me in sad condition outside.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I would love to learn how to keep bees. I love honey, and I try to eat local honey almost everyday because it truly helps with my allergies. I love this post! It's *neat*

StagerLinda said...

Love your beautious bee collection!

Maureen Wyatt said...

One of the blogs I follow is a beekeeper. I had no idea there was so much involved with it. It's a great thing to have more back yard beekeeping with the numbers diminishing so much.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Toward the end of summer, we dined al fresco on our deck several times. The bees were our entertainment and I watched them very closely collecting their nectar. I use local honey comb on my salad for crunch. Love bees!!