Tuesday, December 1, 2015


When we bought 822 there were a few things left behind

Mike was in her eighties and some of the things were just not worth moving
so we agreed for her to just take the things she wanted and we'd deal with the rest

we kept in touch for a while after she moved to Indiana with her son,
but sadly, I have not heard from her in a few years

Mike and her husband Don owned a car dealership in town--
one of the things I like about corporate decorating is that it comes in

this summer we discovered some precious art made my Mr. PV when he was 6
and it became the theme for our vintage Christmas 2015

the den mantel used to have many many nutcrackers but today
these sweet Santas 

the lighted Santa was something we found underneath the stair cubby while we were tearing them out

The toy truck belonged to Mr. PV too

This year we made a crude 
NOEL for the upstairs mantel
the "E" is from the extra large yard sticks left behind in the garage

one of my all time favorite holiday photos of Betty is her with this
extra large Santa they probably used for display at the Hergert Dealership

I think here, Betty is in between believing in Santa
we found him also under the stairs...so glad he was left behind
he's one of my favorite holiday guys!

BEES...yes...there were wild bees left behind
and this started our desire to become bee keepers which finally happened this summer

on this frosty cold December morning I wonder what they are doing in there???

of all the things that were left behind, and there were many,
I will never forget finding this nativity in the garage apartment
it wasn't even protected in a box...just laying there on the concrete under some rubbish

I think about all the holidays it was displayed back then
and all the holidays to come
it is my favorite thing that was left behind

this year as Perrilyn is old enough to begin sugar cookies and gingerbread houses
we embrace the magic of the season
enjoying the miracles that have happened in our lives
and those that are on the verge of happening

I am sad about some things but will always continue to have faith in things just being ok
and cling to many things left behind

and cherish all the wonderful things yet to be

I hope your December is the best one yet!

Monday, November 23, 2015


Do you have lots of bibles around your home?

it would not be hard to find a bible in my house

This is Mr. PV's bible that he had in school...it has been read well over the years...I love how it looks and smells

This is the bible my dad gave my mother on their wedding day

one of the sweetest things I've ever seen

This is the children's bible that's mixed in with all the toys under the coffee table that I hope will be read to all the littles over the years in our home

This is the bible I read...and it has an interesting history
the glasses and the book cover belonged to my grandmother

this bible belonged to my ex-husband....I gently covered his name with an address label

I wanted it because it belonged to Grace for a while and it has her little 5th grade handwriting in it
it has her grandmother's handwriting in it...and I adore her...it has been read, hauled around, thumbed through, written in, highlighted and cried over...for many many years now


Grace (text):  Abdon Ponce's (murdered his mother and her boyfriend last week) wife was ISO a bible on Perryton Pickers
Me:  What? (I am surprised that someone would be ISO a bible...aren't they everywhere?)
Grace:  I mean of all the family there's not a bible?  I think she looks sweet, they have 3 tiny boys
Me:  Do you feel called?
Grace: yes, from moment one

This is my miracle jar...when I have a miracle occur or an answered prayer...I jot it down and put it in this jar.  On this day that Grace felt a calling to contact the mother involved in this horrible tragedy in our community...it occurred to me as I wrote down the date and our texts back and forth...that...

miracles happen all around us 

but what if


WE...might be the miracle that happens to others

God's Words

Monday, November 16, 2015


do you  know

our local PBS station brought her to Amarillo
and Mr. PV is the president of her Fan Club

Spearman Chapter

He rarely uses a cook book, but has quite a collection of them
Barnes and Noble had 1 left on the night of the event we attended at Public House

it was a wine pairing with recipes taken from her newest cook book
the gastro students at Palo Duro High cooked four dishes under the direction of
Chef Brent Lancour
yes....of course you know this is our kind of event!!!  

she did not cook

but rather flittered about the crowd and spoke of how she became involved in cooking and 
how she loves the US...she was a refugee as a child and her story is so compelling

Mr. PV now has a signed cookbook from her...I think she added my name in there because she liked that I asked a question about her cooking in her 12 gold bracelets...a gift that she rarely removes.
I like that.
what fun the evening was

her mother is 95 and what I love the best about watching Lidia is how she honors her mother and how much fun they still have cooking and tasting the food they cook and sipping the perfect wine ...the show is filmed in her house. 
I like that.

on a worse note...it seems as though each day I think I'm going to write a post,
either something happy or sad keeps me from it....
prayers for Paris for sure!

Usually we live in a quiet peaceful little town where we worry about things such as am I blocking isle 3 at the grocery store visiting with JoJo too long...

this week we had a double homicide...
read HERE (scroll down a bit if you are interested)...and one normal November Friday 13 morning ended up with this young man giving chase to the murderer who he had NO IDEA was one, until this crash happened...
HE WAS OK!!!!  
but came back to his house to find a dead body in the car that was left behind.


pura vida

Monday, November 2, 2015


Mr. PV and I got into an interesting conversation yesterday
the topic was

What exactly is the difference?

I'm really not sure I know the answer to this and would love your input

we were talking about our kids and all the stuff they were doing
which took me back to my very talented mother

I was telling him the story of the time she put on a one man style show
she invited several very pretty models that were her friends and like a tailor
took their measurements.  From that, she alone created 80 one of a kind outfits and had a style show to raise money for a charity.

That is talent!
her hands and mind have always been and still are her greatest asset

she creates different things now as her heritage has become so much a part of who she is today

so...our entire family creates and they inspire me every day
Grace has an 8 year old and an 8 month old
she is a project manager on a very large energy contract
for our community she is in charge of Bountiful Baskets and teaches Sunday School
she will soon open her new store

where she and her hubby make things like this
He has a degree in electrical construction
in order to marry her, he had to move here and works in the wind energy world
he climbs these towers on a daily basis
brave for sure and then comes home to a garage full of things waiting to be painted or built

This one...he has started his own little side company in oil and gas leak detection

his sweet wife just finished her real estate license

and last but far from least 
my little Dove Feather works for Texas Tech Health Science Center
and her man is a head coach.

They are deep into the Dave Ramsey phenom and
besides their regular jobs, she recently finished her master's and he will begin his after Christmas

They paint furniture in their garage...they bought one can of turquoise paint and buy old furniture on Craig's List.  
Buy a dresser on Friday, paint it on Saturday, sell it on Sunday.
And in the summer CMB could lay back and relax but instead he works for a corporate mowing service.

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and once again it comes down to 
talent or creativity
all I know is this person right here is one heck of an example of 
just getting in there and doing it.

Want a farm table?  Then put on your building shorts and build one.

in the mix of talent or creativity, I believe I have discovered one thing
that brings it all together... 
the one thing that determines the success of all the things we endeavor
and that one thing is ambition.

raw, pure, simple, humble
so if you feel you are lacking in the field of talent/creativity
not to worry...the world is your canvas and the strokes belong to you 
it's not your mind that rules but your heart

in the talented/creative world of advertising, one of my very favorites is this one

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Do watch commercials and grade them on their effectiveness?
Why I do I do not  know, but I do.

One such commercial that has struck me so funny lately is the 
Bart Reagor played football at Texas Tech and while he might have been a great player and now a great car salesmen...he's not much of an actor...but he tries so hard and that's the thing I like best about him.

In his latest over animated commercial, he asks if you are pumped about your car...do you go out and look at it and feel like you can't wait to jump in it and drive it?  If not...WHY NOT?

I think this is how we should feel about the place we live
I have lived in many a fixer upper--8 to be exact--
homes that began quite humbly, including this one
but no matter what house I was living in and working on, there was only one thing that it had to be and that thing was

today, I live in the house that I will live in forever
and I am pretty pumped about that

I look at it a lot from all angles

I never hesitate to enjoy that hard work that we have put into it

Mr. P.V. mows his grass, with a push mower, once a week

I wash the windows, on a ladder, myself

I feed the roses epsom salt mixed in water often
my nails are proof

and when it's fall, I find big pumpkins and use flicker bulbs

we celebrate

and think about the kids who drive by and wish they could live here when they grow up
just like I did when I was 8

I consider it a privilege to clean the muck out of my fountain 

I consider it a privilege for Mr. PV to do that too when it's his turn

you can't see my comfy chair, but I sit here often
with a glass of wine and wait on the butterflies to eat my parsley

yes, I am pumped about my house

but I was pumped about each one of them while I was there

if you're not pumped?  

just a little bit of seed...