Monday, May 18, 2015


I am so excited to share with you our latest art acquisition!

It's such a great story!

In our county, there is a little town called

the 2nd grade class of 8 displayed their artwork in April
at the Hansford County Library
I so admire a teacher who knows how important art is

to the right side of the brain!

to the parents of the children who will cherish their sweet creativity forever

and to the communities who love to support the kiddos in all endeavors
especially ART!

I went to do a story on the art for the HPO
and was particularly drawn to this row of still life--
it was placed below a larger than life oil painting of the 
Battle of Adobe  Walls
Hansford County Artist Gwynfred Lackey

I fell in love with the colors, and everything else about everyone of them!
so I contacted Mr. Hargis...the superintendent, to see if they were available for purchase

(side smiley note to Mr. Hargis...his older sister Charla used to baby sit me and then when I was older I babysat Mr. Hargis....I love to call him Mr. Hargis!)

He forwarded my email to Mr. Beck, who I did not baby sit but could have,
and he told us his class was interested to make him them an offer...

we did

 Mr. Beck said his class was 

but the story gets even more wonderful

their beloved Miss VeAnn's cancer has returned
so the pink firetruck came to Morse and surprised her at the spring concert
her older son Reese, whom she had not seen in a while, hopped out of the firetruck and removed his cowboy hat to show he had cut his hair for Locks of Love to be donated in his mother's honor
(are those tearful freckled faces not such a blessing???)

all the money raised went to help this sweet family
including the money the 2nd grade class made on selling their artwork
me and Mr. PV

I cannot begin to express how much this story has touched us

it has touched us in a way that we will forever share

gosh I love America

and small town life!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015


This is the book I read to my children

this is the one I wish I could find

Our kids are spread out...Grace is almost 10 years older than Mattie with Charles in between

so their book looks almost as tattered as this one


To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,
Home again, home again, jiggety-jig;
To market, to market, to buy a fat hog;
Home again, home again, jiggety-jog;

Somehow...this is the rhyme that has lasted over the years....

...because when we all travel to and from one another's houses
 or on other more distant trips here and yonder,

it might not surprise you to find 
a safe arrival home...
includes a modern day text 
that will simply say

jiggity jig

I so hope summer vacation plans for you and those you love, will meet all your expectations 
and get you where you want to go...
but most of all...
back at home 
safe and sound!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


    Did you know???  It takes only 4 things to become an official Certified Wildlife Habitat?
    You can do this in your own yard by providing 4 very simple things.

    1.  Food
    2.  Water
    3.  Shelter
    4.  A place to raise young

    Whether you have an apartment balcony or a 20-acre farm, you can create a garden that attracts beautiful wildlife and helps restore habitat in commercial and residential areas.  become an official Certified Wildlife Habitat®.

    How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Garden

    FOOD--Everyone needs to eat! Planting native shrubs and trees is the easiest way to provide the foliage, nectar, pollen, berries, seeds and nuts that many species of wildlife require to survive and thrive. You can also incorporate supplemental feeders and food sources, especially during the harsh months where food may not be so easy to find.

    WATER--Wildlife need clean water sources for many purposes, including drinking, bathing and reproduction. Water sources may include natural features such as ponds, lakes, rivers, springs, oceans and wetlands; or human-made features such as bird baths, puddling areas for butterflies, installed ponds or rain gardens.

    COVER--Wildlife require places to hide in order to feel safe from people, predators and inclement weather. Use things like native vegetation, shrubs, thickets and brush piles or even dead trees.

    A PLACE TO RAISE THEIR YOUNG--Wildlife need a sheltered place to raise their offspring. Many places for cover can double as locations where wildlife can raise young, from wildflower meadows and bushes where many butterflies and moths lay their eggs, or caves where bats roost and form colonies.

    Once you have provided these essential elements to make a healthy and sustainable wildlife habitat, join the thousands of wildlife enthusiasts across the country who have earned the distinction of being part of NWF's Certified Wildlife Habitat® program.

    WE DID....Our bronze plaque is in route!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


at 822
we love bugs
they can be such a learning experience for little ones
to respect, to be gentle and to be unafraid
and to begin a lifetime romance with nature

this was our first bug catcher
it came with little tweezers and a magnifying glass
believe it or not...we hatched several butterflies from this cutie

but now that Betty is older, she'll pass this one down to the little ones and
we will become a little more sophisticated in our project
do you remember the WARDIAN CASE I found at an antique store in Amarillo?

It has become our perfect butterfly house project for the summer!
butterflies and bees need a shallow place to drink

also some water low to the ground 

attracting the butterflies to lay eggs is easy

so be sure to include the flowers they love

at 822...parsley is the number 1 snack!  

my new potting table is so much fun...this old table was left in the garage
Mr. PV added some tile to the top and drilled a few drain holes for me

and I spend time here almost everyday

keeping an eye out for butterflies--until Betty pops in after school to relieve me

I mean...who wants to eat parsley anyway?

 when you can have this wonderful cycle of life to share with all the 
grandchildren in your world!

meanwhile....on the other side of the herb garden
the vineyard is coming along nicely!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Oh the power of Pinterest and the ideas you can find....
so inspiring

this was my dream hive

this is my reality hive

with a little help from 
I was able to kind of get what I wanted....not sure about the bright colors until the yard is in full that point, if needed, I will age the hive to look more like the one I found on Pinterest

 my bees have arrived out of nowhere, looking for me and Mona Lisa and Van Gogh's Poppies

did you know that bees are attracted to lemon grass also?
I just so happened to have some extra lemon grass in my 
herb class #5
I made a lemon grass sun tea and drizzled this near the opening

this might be my new bee outfit
do you like it?
Our Heritage Days is coming up soon...better get busy finding the right fabric!

I like this

and this is pretty cool too!

wow....thank you pinterest for keeping my interest

and giving me all kinds of ideas to make my hive
the best on the block!