Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The only  C (or B)  I ever made in school was in geometry

and I probably would have made an F if I had not gone in early or stayed late for extra credit

I just never did 

or....did I?

when the grade became moot
and math became beautiful
it changed


**all photos from Mr. Paul's Pinterest Board

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


These are not my kids
but when I saw this photo on Pinterest
man oh man it tugged at my heart
it was my sweet moment...often...

 all these years later
we celebrate

what I thought was hard
fevers, stitches, broken bones...well..that was hard..but they made it through all the way to
much harder and challenging issues than we ever thought possible
the kinds of things that make a mother bend to the floor

but today 
we celebrate 
personal growth in career and relationships and self awareness

these are not my  kids
but when I saw this photo in a magazine
it looks so much like a sweet moment of mine
that I framed it and it sits on my desk

to remind me
that failure is not really failure
it is simply a more difficult path

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


**all images via pinterest unless taken by me

Baby Bo Peep lives in Lubbock, and if I have the windy dusty reality where I live
mark her down x 20!

to get us through the howling month of March
we discussed often how helpful it would be to have a project to dream of and tackle in April

the current formal living room began with great bones
even though this living room had moved way beyond this point
it still wasn't exactly what I had in mind just yet

we are still living with lots of furniture and accessories that came from 1107
like this wonderful farm table from World Market that was in our outdoor kitchen
I love it and the benches that went with it...but it seemed too informal for the living room at 822
and all this while I have been toying with a music room versus a dining room

the room began with a coat of the palest pink paint to compliment the very dark rough beams, white carpet and very white trim
at the end of the room is a very large window where our 1921 black grand piano sits
making this more of a music room than a dining room...in my dreams!

so....how to bring it all together???
well...blog friends...

in the dark perilous windy cold nights of March I have been being so inspired by your
photos and ideas and vision

below are a few 
from the very talented Joan and Dan
this began my mental process to change the dark table with benches into something more

I love this but too too white

I went back and forth  for a long time on
slips..these are so beautiful and I found lots of really pretty ones!

I really love this too...I love the mix of all the shades and texture

I so very seriously considered this...something about it that I just can't get out of my mind

I usually choose without much thought but I had about 5 different carts from about 5 different stores
racking up those Southwest Miles on my VISA

here is what will arrive only a few days past April

the Harper Oyster Banquette from World Market
I will keep the dark farm table and have it covered mostly with some type of 
burlap runner, linen table cloth..glass cloches and candles for sure..unless I go for minimal and just have the farm table...is that possible?

I love World Market..such a bargain with sales and coupons and free shipping
the Linen Lydia Chair 
it's not the exact same color of the banquette which I like and it has nail head trim on the back
the tufting is different which bothers me a bit...but I do have a plan in mind to use antique pearl buttons

I actually have an antique candelabra similar to this and my curtains are blue dupioni silk
which I am seriously considering replacing with pink??? should I???
I'm not a bow person and I would only have lights like this at Christmas
I love the heavy white floor baseboard through the sheers!

The large mirror over the fireplace mantel...yes yes yes on the candles and old silver!!

Our last freeze is usually about the 3rd week of April
I plant when the barn swallows arrive
so here's to spending the early weeks of a thawing April indoors on the 
and then blog friends?

I will be in touch with you for inspiration on the

Monday, March 31, 2014


(Lipscomb County Texas)

so long March
see ya next year about this same time!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 Cute carpenter guy said
"you are two peas in a pod"
and I can only guess he's referring to the fact
that we both like 

I do I really mean it when I say I love the clean look
but what about all the 

These jars are filled with Mr. PV's little boy toys
I love how the Hot Wheels are so chipped and played with

did you know there was a Spearman brewery? 

Spearman Brewing Company
Pensacola, Florida
it opened May 8, 1935

I know you will believe me when I say...if I were to lower my camera lens just a bit
you will see there is no carpet...there is still so much to do but
I just had to see how it was all going to look...carpet Thursday...then desk which is in the hall
and then I will show you the rest of a collection that's taken a lifetime to grow into 
  • Family of missions--many trips oversees...where Mr. PV might have been known to trade his deodorant and toothpaste for carved animals
  • Mr. PV is a Libra...scales, measurement and balance appear in so many ways
  • Finally a place to hang the hard earned college diplomas 
  • Books and globes and photos and vintage bar ware and rocks and history and memories and...well...certainly no minimalist vibe in this little space...there is and will be a lot of stuff...but there really isn't one single thing that won't have some kind of story to tell...
I look forward to showing you 

how far we've come!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


We have known for 3 years this tree had succumbed to drought
but we also knew it was going to leave one big snaggletooth gap in our landscape
my argument was that 3 seasons out of the year it looked ok and during summer
the canopy of the surrounding trees disguised it

so imagine my surprise when I saw cute tree trim man arrive
and to find out I was not the boss of this tree

the day would not prove good...notice the drops of rain on the window?
you know?  it is pretty ugly...the tree I mean

 but it is (or was) nearly 90 years old!
Barkley Street is lined with great big old elms on both sides

are you seeing the weather decline?

yep....too windy to stack bb's again today
and it also got a little bit dusty...so much in fact we made the national news!

this is not a new thing for us...no wonder we aren't afraid of rattlesnakes!


not only is tree trim man cute...his is strong!

hmmmmm....I wonder if he could have done this if I'd seen it before he started?

I remember things when I was six...not yesterday but.....

we do have a landscape plan to make us forget this tree was ever even here
so I was happy the wind and the dust settled long enough to snap one last bittersweet pose for posterity

Monday, March 17, 2014


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Wardian Case
The Wardian Case was an early type of sealed protective container for plants, an early version of the terrarium. It found great use in the 19th century in protecting foreign plants imported to Europe from overseas, the great majority of which had previously died from exposure during long sea journeys, frustrating the many scientific and amateur botanists of the time. The Wardian case was the direct forerunner of the modern terrarium (and the inspiration for the glass aquarium), and was invented by Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward (1791–1868), of London, in about 1829 after an accidental discovery inspired him.

On our trip to the city we had such a great time browsing all the fun shops on
did you know that just outside of Amarillo is a town called 
Adrian that is the halfway point on the famous Rt. 66?
1147 miles each way between Chicago and L.A. 
 The Midpoint Cafe has the most delicious ugly crust pies...
(we didn't go there but I just wanted to tell you about it)

no...we were on a mission...to buy some cool stuff and have a delicious Golden Light Burger and ice cold beer lunch...and as often happens with me when I'm on a mission...I got distracted and made a purchase that I had not intended but I guess you could say the luck of the Irish was upon us!

At the Maryland House Antiques they did not have a brass bar cart but they did have
several book sets and just in from an estate sale....
this most lovely thing that would have haunted me forever if I had walked away from it
---I even learned a thing or two about it and wanted to share that with you

below are examples of Wardian Cases via google

this is a vintage glass aquarium via pinterest

I'm not sure how you feel about Martha Stewart but the above link is a "how to"

and here...is ours!

it is very rough and has a tiny crack in the glass on one side

I won't do the rock, the charcoal and the soil because I will change/move it too much
but when you do this it creates its own little rain forest

I'm no expert so I don't know if this is old or not..but it is certainly very used!
I love the patina!

Martha's friend and Dr. Ward suggest a specimen plant
my 4 year old poinsettia that I rescued from the grocery store has grown too big!

so I decided to put in some orchids and ferns in blue vases
I will change this and move it no telling how many times

I also added a blue Madonna chalk ware statue

If I were her I'd like to live here

this is how it is for today

are you wondering if we bought what we went to buy?
yes...we did...but that will be for another day!