Thursday, October 23, 2014


When we purchased 822 in October of 2010
we agreed that we would be patient for Miss Mike to leave her home of many years and move when she felt ready....that was part of the purchase agreement.

So we made plans to live with our daughter down the street
~and there we lived until January of 2011

Miss Mike actually moved out in late October so we began the renovation about then
the very first thing we did was create a place for us to be comfortable because we knew
we were in for a loooooooooong hard cold serious task

These are the original stairs that led up to the master from the den
 the stairs were moved to create the entrance at the front of the house

 believe it or not all we really did was paint and get new carpet
the fireplace was there
the beams were there
the huge walk in cedar closet was there

I was pretty crazy about those covered wagon lights but I did eventually part with them
and that precious man of armor now lives in the wine cellar
guarding all the wine we store whatever

dormer window facing the back yard
(I am missing that macrame for real! and I used the wonderful brass curtain rods)

this cute little bathroom was the main reason we decided against the master being upstairs
we still had no idea where the master would be, we just knew it wouldn't be here

The large mirror was painted white and relocated to the living room mantel
the wallpaper was removed easily (love 1974 vinyl wallpaper!)
and to replace the faux marble double sink we put in a pebble tile
only pretty and new
those deco lights?  I STILL love them!!!

  • moved the stairs
  • painted
  • carpeted
  • tiled the bathroom floor
  • painted the bathroom cabinets with new sinks and counter top
  • put a pebble floor in the shower
and this is where we would retreat to for many many months


  • the huge painting of the hunter and his dog is an original oil on board by Mr. P.V.'s Aunt Lucille who was 13 when she painted it in 1906.  A gift from Mr. Grandad PV
  • Son Charles loves animals and hunting so this became his room-like an old hunting lodge 
  • We knew a sweet precious lady would join us I added some soft feminine touches
the stairs are gone but we left the stairwell open so we can eavesdrop on our guests

a few coats of paint and new carpet
seeing this photo also makes me want to paint the spindles

I toyed with and am still toying with painting this brick

the dormer window could be someday.. double French doors that lead to a 
walk out balcony...wouldn't that be cool overlooking the backyard?

the 3/4 bath  looks so much better all in white
still loving those swag lights!

see the pebble counter top?  Ironic that I chose the same thing that was "in" in 1974 

can you see that I painted the cabinets white and then 
I painted a swirly design with the same color after letting my paint thicken.  
When I was considering living in Anthropologie in South Lake Mall, I  spied these awesome crystal handles that jumped right into my shopping bag and charged themselves to my Visa.

lots of fluffy down feathers and toile with a man and his dog and his lover

vintage bedding purchased from estate sales and the mink pillows were sewn from a stole from
Baboo..Mr. P.V.'s great grandmother

I'm not all that much for feature walls but this room did need some deep color

aww...look at my little Charles in New Mexico...he's my nature boy

 the stairwell was left open to the kitchen below
hmmm....maybe the guests eavesdrop on us? 
this budget makes me smile

every room was included in my notebook

  • Paint (almost every gallon purchased locally) Black Forest and Muslin
  • Crystal hardware splurge Anthropologie
  • Bowl sinks eBay
  • Pottery Barn dupioni panels (eBay) Blue Smoke
  • Pottery Barn smocked cotton sheers
  • Lowes blinds
  • Bedding custom sewn by the Quilt Lady in Fritch & estate finds
  • Poster bed Mathis Bros. Oklahoma City
  • Rattan chairs World Market
~Favorite Thing~
the old painting for sure

~Biggest Challenge~
This was the easy me!

Friday, October 17, 2014


The entry to 822 was probably 
the major change we made as far as structure goes

after we cleared the wild growth
you could see the charming front porch and door (which I promptly painted blue)
but it was just too small!
Personally I could have lived with this because I loved it 
but the mister wanted a grand entry and finally won me over to the idea
You can't really see them, but those old lead glass and brass porch lights have a wonderful patina and  turned the most lovely shade of lavender...they are spectacular!

  • took out the old sidewalk and poured a new larger one keeping the curve
  • took out the old front door and replaced with stain glass windows
  • put double doors where the dining room window was...the large peak was already there
  • added the round porch and heavy rough cedar detail
  • changed the windows on each side to include diamond bevel windows
  • there are 3 other rock homes on our block with very white stone...we chose to leave ours aged

  • lots of ideas on your blogs and pinterest for doors and windows
  • door catalogs
  • googling photos of homes in Normandy and Cotswolds
  • again..the home just lends itself to how it should be...bones are bones don't you agree?

The entry today

the old entry today

one of my neighbors told me the lead windows were the jewelry to this house
I have to agree 

The mahogany doors are from Borano
The windows were custom from Doors by Decora
The stain glass windows are from eBay
All the cedar has been left raw
The porch stain is from Lowes (and I don't like it)
The knock out roses are from Lowes and I love them

I'm not sure why I was so not for this re-do...I certainly wasn't the one up on that scaffold in the cold winter snow with my butt crack showing!

I can hardly believe this project has long been over and will last the rest of my life no matter how long I live.  
I can't wait to invite you in!

~Favorite Thing~
the diamond bevel windows and the symmetry 
~Biggest Challenge~~
living with a front door that was two pieces of plywood in the winter

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I have searched and searched to find if the 
One Room Challenge
is sanctioned, juried or a professional organization
 to make sure I'm not infringing on 
what I'm about to do over the next few months.  
Please let me know if you know this challenge is meant for anything other than 

This is the first week in many many many
that I find I'm kind of out of stuff to do

and it just so happens that we are about to celebrate 
October 19, 2014
the day we purchased 822 in 2010
which is also Mr. P.V.'s birthday...
I always tease him by telling him I bought him this house for his birthday that year!

Here's the challenge (to myself)

  • Post one room at a time, including outside rooms
  • Before photo
  • After photo of as nearly the same view as possible
  • A list of supplies/colors/ideas/inspiration
  • Naming my favorite thing or worst struggle about it and trying to keep that simple
Let's begin shall we?

This is what 822 looked like
October 19, 2010 the day we purchased it

Here it is today

The biggest challenge was to be able to see the house and keep as many trees as possible while  maintaining the integrity and charm of this 1921 Luder stone home.

It has been such a labor of love and the hardest thing I have ever done
but I would not trade one single splinter
  • Cut back trees
  • Relocated front door and sidewalk to center the house
  • Connected the old garage apartment to the house
  • Planted trees to replace the dead ones (we lost several due to drought)
  • Put in sod, roses, marigolds and spring bulbs

the house itself
I used to ride by this old house on my bicycle when I was 8 and wish I could live here
proof that because your dream doesn't come true right when you wish it
 doesn't mean it won't!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Listen...I know you guys are all busy...probably much more busy than I am
so away with the excuses...but I do have a plan

It seems impossible that I have been to wine country twice in the past 3 weeks
but it just worked out that way

Trip with our kiddos was planned for months and months and months

and then the banking industry offered a seminar that just so happened to be
two weeks after we'd already been...turn it down? NOT!
 travel weary?  zzzzzzzz!
I can sleep when  I'm 90

This weekend is our 3rd Annual Barkley Street Art Walk
oh man what a great event !!!  I so wish you could come!
If you could make it on Friday you could dust the inside of my piano or wash my champagne glasses

today I have 10 kids (for regular Tuesday art class)
we're studying color 

busy busy busy
but I just wouldn't trade how inspired I get 
to see other places
like the bathroom at Scribe

or the old truck at GunBun
(our short name for a German wine we couldn't say)

and to be with people you've loved for a very very long time
after this week
I have a blogging plan that I'm pretty excited about

but until I get this week behind me
I don't have much time for much
until then just gotta keep 
my guns up!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


To take us back
this used to be a window...that had ivy growing inside--into the house--
we removed that old cracked leaky window and replaced it with double french doors and poured the concrete to stop, so that a porch could be added later

That's the nice thing about living in your construction...3 years later....
after we had the concrete poured and after finding out that we would not be able to add the loggia on the other side of the room and after we had the window taken out and the doors installed
we changed our minds!

 this became...the door to nowhere

we gathered up cute carpenter man for his thoughts
and trust me...his thoughts equal his brawn!
We came up with a plan to turn the door to nowhere into a window bump-out

it was such a simple solution really
at least simple for him..
this is him without his knee braces after his double knee surgeries
and his trusty helper Mr. PV!
talent with a saw
this photo does not do justice to how great this looks...
it is completely in sync with the groove of the stone

talent with a level

I have yet to find one thing these two cannot do
and you would never know that they each have a real job
and cute carpenter man has a remodel project of his own
but I have found he kind of folds under the pressure of 

I will take the credit for extra fabric on the ceiling and how about that great light fixture from
Lowes?  $7.99!!

So I asked cute carpenter man about window facts for you
These vinyl casement windows are about 2 x more expensive than the double glass windows we had custom made to fit our project.

He told me the windows we have used almost entirely at 822 are considered more industrial.  They don't open so you must adhere to fire codes and have an escape 
There are so many outside doors to 822, we were able to use this much cheaper window solution 
and I believe a much prettier window solution
(a window that contains two pieces of thermal glass injected with a gas to form a seal)
it's a matter of choice he told me 
because it also takes about half the time to install the vinyl windows 
so if you are not a DIY-er it could be cheaper in the long run to have real windows installed
(these 3x6 thermal glass cost about $80 each and a window about $200)
(there's that darn ivy!)
We are planning on copper for the roof

Job Done! 
It looks like the door to nowhere has always been
this window
I found the cutest little chess table that will fit just right in here for
some real fun and a great view
and those wonderful diamond bevel windows which prompted this whole project...
a great find on 6th Street in Amarillo...$135 for them!!!
They are removable for easy cleaning if you like to clean one pane at a time

As it all turned out...I'm pretty happy that this ended up being a window rather than a door 
I can just imagine Coach Been and Mr. PV pondering their chess plays...cozy as two guys can be!