Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Did you know that cardinals (and other birds) feed each other?

Scientists have offered three different theories to explain courtship feeding: (1) courtship feeding allows females to evaluate the kind of parent a male would make for her offspring, (2) courtship feeding strengthens the bond between mated males and females, or (3) courtship feeding provides nesting females with extra nutrition during a time when they can’t travel far to forage.

I sit most mornings very early, drinking a cup of coffee, reading my bible, thinking about the day before me...watching nature wake up.

The last few days I have seen a pair of cardinals at my feeder and witnessed the male hopping over to the female and gently placing a seed in her beak.  I could  not stand how precious this was!! 

I began to read a little bit about it and you can too at the link above.

I told my daughter this morning
"let your man be the man...depend on him to take care of you in all ways...and you do the same for him in the ways you can....

a tidy home that smells like supper when he walks in...laundry tumbling...baby sleeping..fire burning, flowers on the window sill....

let him earn the living
you make life worth the living

romance in the most simple form

right outside my window


Thursday, May 19, 2016


I am learning so much stuff in the middle of the night, when I can't sleep and get on my iPad and read about bees.

This week, I've been learning about the problems of  beekeeping  and I found this so fascinating that I want to share with you.

It seems that bees can get mites and from what I understand, they are much like a tick or a flea...a pest that they can control on their own, but can get out of hand in some cases...but here's the coolest part that still blows my mind...to treat them...you dust them with powdered sugar!


So a few weeks ago, our hive swarmed and in my early morning education I found that
this was really a good thing...nature's way of bees multiplying

our bees simply ran out of room

so I hurried and ordered a new hive and an upstairs for my existing hive, knowing that this is the time of year to be swarming and I wanted to be ready to catch another one if the chance came our way

and it did!!

we got a phone call from a teacher who had a swarm in her backyard

So the Mister and I grabbed our outfits and off we went!

video from Beekeeping Like a Girl

this was a very each catch and the bees were so docile

he put them in a box
and we brought them to 822
where we had lots of pretty flowers

and then...... 
YIKES!!!  One of those very scary storms brewed up in the west
and it was so bad that we even made the news on The Today Show!

Tree leaves...gone

Bees in cardboard Nuc box?
Damaging hail, high winds, flooding rain

They hung in there until we could put them in their new home

well hello new bees! 
hope you like your new cute bee house!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


When Mr. PV goes to his PRPC meetings, the office is on 8th Street which is near 6th Street and a long line of quaint antique shops that I love to visit.

Last time I came upon a new one and made a new friend
her name is
Kim Beauchamp of

her quirky personality made me instantly like her
I came across the most wonderful old book

The Keeper of the Bees
1925 by Gene Stratton-Porter

even in its delicate condition I promised myself to read it

the first of two art plates....I have looked at this many many times
it is so pretty

and not long into the old wonderful smelling pages, I read these words--

....and dimly he was beginning to formulate in his own mind the feeling the world was made up of good people and bad people, of selfish people and thoughtful people, of cruel people and kind people, and it was merely a case of luck as to which kind you met when you went on a great adventure.....

in my brand new age old bee world

I have found those words to be so true
I am lucky to find so many good, thoughtful, and kind


Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Have you ever had a conflict in your most concrete of beliefs?

Have you ever smelled a skunk up close and personal?

well, it seems that the hole being dug beneath our back fence
that we were certain was due to a cute little rabbit...
so much so that we built a rabbit home....
seems in reality, not to have been a cute little rabbit at all

living in rural Texas...it is possible to get all kinds of critters,
most of which are desirable!  We trapped a raccoon in our backyard a few years ago..he was eating our Koi!

many of my country Instagram friends are posting snakes in houses and that's about as icky as it can get!

but, if in fact, you claim to be a wildlife habitat,
does this not include ALL wildlife?

where would YOU draw the line?

this pile of rock and brick and cinderblock, along with a trap,
has been moved around a bit the past few days
as our new friend has moved in...
we move it to catch him/her
he/she moves it to come and go

who will give in first?

ummm...I have a basket just like this

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


may I introduce you please?


  • both have jobs
  • have a teen, 8 year old, 1 year old and June Carter Cash lab
  • teach Sunday School and volunteer for other local events and charities
  • own and operate Yellow Bird
  • are under full scale home remodel and have been eating out of a crock pot for months
  • build custom cool stuff for customers like the light below
  • go to auctions on the weekends to find cool stuff for customers
  • are about to launch a vintage lumber yard
  • and never and I mean never ask anything of anyone

this family is one cool family
and I am so proud of them!

I hope you like the link to their online store!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Do you Facebook? 
I only do so I can put the HPO headlines front and center...as an old person, I have to face that social media is the way the majority of the public inform themselves. 
I have taken advantage of it and have LIKED several pages that are helpful and I can learn from.

Recently there was a FACEBOOK FIGHT on a bee association page...how can you tell it was a fight?  It's so interesting how the tone of a written word makes itself loud and clear! 

The topic...keeping bees or having bees...two entirely different things and the whole rant really put me in my place.

I am not and never will be a
so I guess that makes me a

this is my life list and I wanted to raise honey bees for a very very long time...so long ago that I almost forgot about it!

I suspect this was me in some other life...I would be the one drawing, except she's right handed

maybe what I really love the most is growing flowers and therefore having bees just comes with it

and no matter what, if you keep or have...you will get a bee sting

don't be scared...it only hurts for a little while...last week I got a bee sting on my upper lip and reminded myself of Marge....as my dad used to say
"I've had worse on my lip and never stopped whistling"

HAVING bees is so easy...no daily checks of the hive, no finding the queen and putting a dot on her, no inspections for mites and worms and bugs and stuff...no...just let the bees be bees like they have been doing for thousands of years...all without the help of a human

on occasion...giving them a little intoxicating cedar smoke (it intoxicates me too!)

and taking just a little bit of God's perfect food to have and share...

I hear it's the best thing in the world for a bee sting!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


We are so lucky to live a decently short drive to the Land of Enchantment.  We often can take a weekend and get lost in the drive there, which takes about 5 hours.

Typically we go to Santa Fe because it's I-40 most of the way, but from time to time there is no better place for a hippy hipster to visit than Taos.  There are many very cool places to stay and this time we chose The Historic Taos Inn with the famous Doc Martin's Bar 

We considered the El Monte, but truthfully it is the place to stay when the leaves are turning and there is a winter chill in the air...but of course you simply must have a cocktail at

The Anaconda Bar (can you see that brass scaled snake?)
the Anaconda bar is at

We always stop in to light a candle at the

and pop into Two Graces Art Gallery where this time I could not pass up a piece of fabric...Mr. PV was a little surprised that this was my "purchase" of the trip.  Actually, I left the fabric behind and it haunted me until I contacted Robert and Holly and had them ship it to me a few days later.

What I couldn't forget, is the story that Robert told me about the fabric, how long he'd had it, that he purchased it in Boston and about the man who created it.  I loved the story and the history and the color of the print block was incredible. 

so here I am....I have had two large pillows made for my sofa with enough fabric left over to do something fantastic with.  I am thinking I will take a large square and frame it under glass...and if I have enough after that I will have Mr. PV a vest made to go with his bolo...j/k...or maybe I'm not???

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


have you ever wondered the value of your existence?

of course we all have value and we all have our own sphere of influence
I just wonder sometimes if we realize the power that lies in the story of our lives

this man....is very smart.  
He graduated first in his class in junior high and high school
he was the class president
he went on to college, working his way through...
while he was attending Texas Tech University in Lubbock, he worked at the sports hall the entire time
and came home to Spearman in the summer to work at First National Bank

just out of college he was hired as a teller at Amarillo National Bank where he worked for 6 months
and then began his lifelong career at First National Bank in Spearman

from the time I have known him
he has had goals
structured, well planned, 

he wrote his life goals when he was in the 8th grade

he never ever stopped
planning, thinking, wanting and working

and along the way he has made many many friends
I know he has made a few enemies...he is not perfect...but
he is honest and fair and good

he is a teacher
his example is simple

and then.....
apologize when you need to
and above all else

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


This Henry came to America as a young boy and became a farmer in Ochiltree County Texas,

he married Pauline "Pauly"

This Henry came to Bokchita Oklahoma Indian Territory, as a young boy by way of
he married Phoebe Onie

this Henry
 turned one on February 26
and is sitting on the ground where his family has farmed for over 100 years

 in a room full of young and old

while he was eating his tractor cake

each stood in turn to say who they were and how they were related to Henry

as we all stood to salute Henry on his big day
I couldn't help but wonder if 
Henry Benton
Henry Pshigoda

were talking a few things over... 
namely... how in the world did their separate lives all those years ago...

become woven into 
one little boy named