Monday, November 6, 2017


Meet our granddad...Charles...his brothers called him Chief

Meet by brother and sister
Bobby and M
they have been married since 1973...high school sweethearts together forever
after all this time...they got to choose their grandparent names

Meet their children Bobby and Beth and their four new babies

These babies will finally be adopted in January and then we can show their faces.

With one phone call, in one fail swoop, in years and months and weeks and days
God's great plan....unfolded.

Imagine the heart ache of trying for years to have children
Imagine the uncertainty of giving birth to four children you didn't want
Imagine the heart-break of a birth mother changing her mind when the baby came
Imagine the struggle of two parents who could just not get it together to keep their kids
Imagine the anger over the adoption agency bankrupting with thousands of your dollars
Imagine the scene CPS saw to make the choice to remove two brothers and twin sisters from their home

all the while...swirling above...a great dynamic plan was brewing

who in the world would adopt four desperate little baby children?
GOD knew just the family that would!

in one fail swoop...Chief and M get to have four little if they had just waited for them one by one...over the years...

On the very first day of school this fall...Bobby and M called to talk to the kids to wish them good of the twin girls, who can't quite say "Chief" yet...told him...

"sorry Cheap...we're in a hurry...we gotta go!"

God is Good
Pura Vida