Tuesday, January 26, 2016


While you are in the midst of the rubble

keep on believing

that good times are just beyond the bend

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Mr. PV was serving on the City Council of Spearman when we married
he has been doing that for 22 years now

when he began, he was the youngest Alderman to to be elected

After our good friend Mayor Steve Benton moved to south Texas
Mr. PV was appointed to complete his term and then was elected the following year

so...he has been on the city council now for 22 years and the mayor for 10

our city council is a volunteer board...no money...
just time and love for community are what compel those to serve

He has loved it, and so have I.  I have been so proud of him as his post has given him opportunity to serve on regional boards such as Texas Municipal League, Panhandle Regional Planning Commission and was also appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve on the Regional Review Committee.

He is currently Executive Vice President of First National Bank and will take a higher position in early March.  As much as he will miss being the mayor, 
he felt his energy needed to be more focused on his job at the bank.

I am proud of him for that too.
He began working at the bank in college during the summers...starting as a teller.

This man has a lot of assets...he is a hard worker, he does his very best at everything he does whether that be leading a community, a bank, or planting a veggie garden at home.

His position will end this May so there will be some last hurrahs as he ends his tenure,
and it will be exciting to see who will step up to be our new mayor.

The race is on beginning January 20, 2016 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


In the midst of a cold January morning, I love to look at this photo even if it is blurry!
green grass, wet concrete from a morning thunder shower, water in the pool...

but this photo also shows "before" 
the rock wall

I like the before...I love how the gravel meets the grass...it was perfect to me...but...

from the very beginning Mr. PV had the vision of a couple of rock walls
and as always...he doesn't mind doing what it takes to make that vision happen
you can see him digging in his swim trunks...
dig, splash, dig, beer, dig, float, dig
it works!

it wasn't easy....me bossing him around while he was digging the yards of footing by hand
planning (WAY) ahead for electricity and water and other things takes a sound mind

lots of cinder block to haul in by hand so as not to smash the grass

unfortunately this tree will need to go to make room for a fountain someday...
maybe even this summer
it's not a very nice tree anyway...but I never like to lose a tree!

the project began in the summer but lingered through January

actually it IS January and it is still lingering
we have had more snow this winter than I can remember in a long time 
with more expected this weekend

projects like these are awesome to watch
here you see the electricity for the lighting before it's covered with the capstone

the wires are for little copper lights and useful plugs in useful places for outdoor entertaining

I don't know his name and he doesn't speak much English which doesn't keep me from chatting with him and telling him how impressed I am with his incredible talent
he just looks at me and smiles

January...I never rake my leaves...God made them to fall....so I leave them be...
cold stone wall
but right around the corner...
this rock wall will have a few children balancing on it and 
pretending all kinds of things underneath that old shady tree

vision...it's a good thing!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


When is the last time you thought about the ripple of your actions?

Grace and her husband Ashley both have full time jobs,
and 8 year old and a 10 month old....
she is also in charge of Bountiful Baskets in our community

when they decided to have a store front on Main Street for their hobby of re-purposing area auction finds...

I must admit I was left a little baffled of them taking on another thing
and by the way did I mention they are in the midst of a full scale renovation of their home?

nice to be young and full of vigor right?

They worked all summer to prepare to open YBB and the very first thing they did...before they had even really made any money at all...was set up a $1000 give away...you can read the story at the bottom of this post

If there is one thing our community does and does well...it is to take care of our needy
they wanted the give-away to be different...perhaps to take care of someone who diligently takes care of the needy...a servant

so she launched her campaign on her Facebook page, taking nominations from the public, throughout the month of December.

the appeal and response was incredible
it was touching, surprising, wonderful and heartfelt..and created a ripple in our pond that was so great
her single action of one idea caused 
others to name and compliment and praise and lift up others
most of the nominations brought tears
it was a gift to be nominated

and in the end, they chose one

what a wonderful example to one of her most important souls on this earth
Betty watches as her mother tells the story from the beginning

of course little Henry is part of it too...I always wonder where his socks are going to end up

gathering to honor the winner

if these folks alone were the ripple this kind deed caused...it would be good enough..
but in fact...this was a tiny portion of who became involved

the winner...a true servant...she would never dream of asking for more than what she has
but don't we all need a little bit of love and faith and uplifting 
to continue to be the good things we are?

what a great way to begin a business!!!
a kiss for luck
kisses cause ripples in ponds too!

First and foremost, this give away has been the biggest gift we could have received this Christmas. The genuine love and compassion in our community’s core has been presented to us in a magnitude beyond our imagination. We are still baffled by the selflessness showcased by each and every nomination we received. In a world blasted with bad news and negativity, this community always finds a way to shine a light, to place their needs behind others and to lift one another up with... generosity and gratitude.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says. This is what each of you have done through nominating your friends and peers. As we read all of your emails and letters, our hearts have been transformed and Christmas has found a new meaning within us. Such positivity. Such kindness. Such examples of love.

When we set out to give a Christmas Wish away, we weren’t exactly sure what that meant. We just knew we wanted to give someone special a little extra something at Christmas. Our first thought was finding a family in need. If we have learned anything through this experience, it is how much our community surrounds those in need. There is a sense of nurturing here like none other and people RALLY around those searching for a helping hand. The more we thought about who the most deserving candidate might be, the more we realized we were looking for a servant. And that’s exactly what we found.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

The winner of our Christmas Wish Give Away this year constantly puts her own needs on the back burner. She serves her family, her church, her friends, her community and her God. She always has a smile on her face and a skip in her step and repeatedly gives her time and her heart to anyone in need. She is kind and humble and genuine and works very hard at everything she does. She never slows down long enough to complain or question or pity. She is a teacher and a blessing and certainly an example of what we believe Christ is all about. Giving without ever asking for anything in return. Serving with a joyful heart and having a kind and gentle spirit.

The winner of this year’s Christmas Wish Give Away nominated by Rosi Martinez is Esther Lozano.
Please use this gift to do something for yourself as you are always doing for others.

Thank You and Merry Christmas,
Yellow Bird Boutique