Tuesday, January 28, 2014


to be outside looking in
witness those you love
gain clarity

cool, neat, fun, wonderful, spectacular, refreshing, uplifting, jazzy, super duper, crazy good
I might add

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Do you recall a post I shared last summer about my dear friend who lost her son in law
he was also our daughter's business counterpart in a wind energy company for 2 years
and his wife her dear friend.  Our granddaughters play together too.

Below I have a remarkable link that gives a light of hope within tragedy
her words are like honey to the soul
and the photos so personal and sweet
I wonder how they will affect you?  There is one in particular that I cannot grasp..
please let me know how it makes you feel?

Written by Holly's sister Kim 
for those of you who have lost someone dear I pray that it will give you some sense of peace 
and perhaps even joy

Justin York Gifford

Friday, January 17, 2014


Miss Betty Beatrice Calvert
Polk Street Methodist Church
December 2007

can you see her tiny little cameo?
her mother was wearing one just like it only larger...to be saved for another day just like this
 in about 25 years?

Polk Street Methodist Church
January  2011

Miss Perrilyn Hazel Davis
Polk Street Methodist Church
December 2013
same day, same time, same church, same dress, same folks
new baby

this has to make you chuckle

sweet cousins

sweet spirit in a sweet place


Tuesday, January 14, 2014


What a sucker I am for old bottles
I love the way age and time affects glass
sometimes giving it the slightest glisten
or actually turning it colors
I'm especially fond of old perfume bottles

last weekend Mr. PV and I went to an estate auction in Dalhart
and there were several there

estate auctions or garage sales are the best place to find them
sometimes they can be quite pricey in an antique store

I had this old apothecary jar that I filled
with tiny old perfume bottles

a few were neat enough to not go into that jar

the two large bottles are from Pottery Barn I think
the small one...estate auction

I wear Paris
because it smells like soap
and I love the bottles
maybe someday my perfume bottles will be loved by someone who loves old bottles
can you see the tiny Paris perfume bottle that I put a cross on?

they look so pretty together..arranged by color

you can find them everywhere at 822

old cosmetic jars are lovely too

the blue collection

continues to grow

my dear mother wore Chanel..their tiny crystal bottles are so pretty

I could look at them all day

I bought this atomizer from my dear friend's granddaughter's garage sale

she was letting her have a little sale on the porch...
you know what they say
one man's trash is another man's treasure

it belonged to her mother...I've asked her numerous times if she'd like it back
are those sweet little jewels just not the best???

vintage and slightly tarnished silver trays make a lovely place to combine them

so romantic and nostalgic

I wonder what people will like at my estate sale?

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I actually really do like the winter
but it helps to have life and prettiness
 makes it nice to be indoors while the snow flies

I always bring in my plants from the yard to give them a try through the winter

for Christmas this year my sister filled this with bird ornaments which I put on my tree
then I got some other old jars and made terrariums for my kitchen window

don't you love these tiny little plants?
they are their own small rain forest
tuck away something sweet like this little bird
or a cute little rabbit
the myrtles are hanging in there...they like the porch better

poinsettia on the stairs that I rescued it from the grocery store...3 years ago!
it has really grown but never turned red again

palms always give a grand happy lift to any area

I love orchids
usually I just buy them in full bloom, but this one actually is blooming again
for a very informative post on orchids please visit my friend

are you happy yet?
my all time favorite is the 
I don't always have luck forcing these bulbs

this year I added a wee bit of Epsom Salt to the water

and that seemed to work

makes a person feel like spring is just a blossom away
and oh the fragrance!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


**all photos via story

Untouched Paris Apartment Discovered after 70 years. Includes Painting worth $3.4M

the above were the headlines...can you even begin to imagine?

do you ever watch the Antique Roadshow?  We watch it every Monday night during NFL commercials and last night a person brought a dusty old oil on canvas that had been at the top of her bookshelf for over 20 years...worth....

what would you do???

I can look in this Paris apartment and find all kinds of treasures!

I am especially drawn to this emu...although it could be a young ostrich chick
it's hard to tell as it looks a bit dusty..the more I look the more I lean toward ostrich
caught forever as a 3-6 month old

where is that painting???

could this be it?
I wonder if this was her apartment?

I'm guessing this apartment is full..
of things that would interest me for a very long time!

do you have a hidden treasure???