Saturday, January 29, 2011


My house is full.  Even though we don't yet live there and even though it is still is full and it has come to life.

It is alive with hard working talented men who don't know much English.  It is alive with men who pour concrete and dig holes and tear out nails and plumb pipes and wire lights and enjoy the work they do.

As I painted cabinet doors upstairs, because many of the walls are missing, I could hear the voices below me well.

I recognized a few words.  Gillispie..I am assuming we are "the project house"...koala sprinkled here and there. 

And there is one person who says things and when he does everyone always laughs...that is the sound that is the most attractive...the laughter coming from the workers who are proud of what they accomplish each day.  They work hard and go home to a good supper and a sweet family.  At least that is my hope for them.

In the day, with me...they share their gifts and time...and as I work side by side with those whose language I don't understand, I realize how incredibly lucky I am.  Together, we will bring this house to life.  It will have soul and heart and a new sidewalk and a new light or two...but will be full of laughter....and love.

O yay!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


In a few short hours, this is the beach in Mexico where my boy peep will be....alone.

His sister peep just got back from a week in Rome....alone.

How in the world did I have 3 peeps that have no fear of being alone?  Traveling alone, eating alone, sleeping alone, BEING alone.

All I can think of is that they must really be comfortable with themselves and find themselves to be good company.

I agree.  They are.

And I guess they just know it.

Language has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone. ~Paul Johannes Tillich, The Eternal Now

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday was a pretty productive day as I only had two bad things happen to me.

1. I wet my pants
2. I dropped the PO bomb to a preacher

I went on a roundabout which included purchasing more paint, dropping off fabric, going to buy champagne for a celebration and an interview with a DJ. 3 towns in 3 hours. When I drove into the store parking lot I thought to myself…man…I gotta go! By the time I got to the bathroom located way back in the far back corner…I realized I should have been thinking about that long before I did. My next thought was “Man! Am I going to have to start paying attention to those bladder control advertisements that I see in my middle of the night insomnia?

So…I have to attend my meeting with well….slightly wet pants. YIKES!!

As if that weren’t bad enough…during my two hour long interview and conversation, one teeny tiny little portion went something like this….

DJ: so how’s NNNNNN treating you?
Me: I think I really p’d her off…only I said the words.

Now..I am a polite southern lady and I realized after it slipped out of my mouth that I needed it washed out with soap. But later in the interview, while taking a closer look at the many awards of excellence on the wall, I find they all have something in common…he is a minister.

Whoa! And WHOA!

I felt like I had dropped the f-bomb.. which of course I would never do. Man…why did I forget my glasses!!!

When I got home and was telling my peeps about my 2 faux pas they made me feel so much better. Peep that has happened to me and I’m only 30…she was referring to the not making it to the bathroom in time….no comments on the PO bomb….just 4 raised eyebrows.

All became right in the “I’m Getting Old Department” when hubby opened up his latest Ebay purchase and found the cool shoes he ordered had a sponge heel that looked like spectator nurse shoes in black. But he really made my day when he came in from outside and announced he had fallen in the yard.

Seems as though someone moved in his or her BBQ grill right in the path to the woodpile and he took a tumble while rounding the corner.

I’m guessing he was pretty p’d off and possibly even wet his pants.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Re-arrange my art.

How, I ask myself, am I so lucky that I am still sitting here in my Victoria Secret striped jammies on this frosty January morning writing a blog entry?

And after I skip my usual chores and hop into a steamy shower to dress for the day and then run by my castle of a house to make sure the crew is busy moving my stairs, it might be time for Chinese with hubby.

I will spend part of the afternoon moving my stacked up artwork into categories by color and subject and where it will hang.  Then I will have peep happy hour and then off to dinner with friends.


I seem quite spoiled.

To keep myself from feeling giddy and guilt ridden...I remind myself that....

I have pumped gas on frosty January days such as this.  I also happen to know from experience what a zerk is.  I have born and raised 3 feisty children into adulthood.  I have spent many hours on the floor painting furniture in my hot garage to earn extra money.  I have picked up trash after ostrich races in the blistering summer sun.  I have hauled water, loaded panels, painted for charity, and well....I am certainly not a lazy person.  In fact...oh yeah...I have been sitting here at my computer editing 4 online news sites since before sunrise.

I will not take this day for granted or get lost in whether I deserve it or not.  I realize I will have plenty of hard work days ahead and when they get here...I will live them with a very happy heart! I get dressed and have Chinese with hubby...I will re-arrange my art.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A rooster in a box in the back of your SUV might not be quite so funny if you're the one getting the rooster in a box.

But, I must admit it brought me back to some old memories that also were not quite so funny at the time, but crack me up today.

Divorce and all that implies. 

Gifts from uncle dad included:

BB gun
Shar pei puppy
Rottweiller puppy
cute little house bunny
machete knife
cow dog puppy...who can resist?  It seems like there were more, but I can't remember them now.

Time heals all wounds and adds a humorous slant to life.  And the answer to the all important "why can't you and dad just be friends" question is this:  "If we could be friends we could be married."

So, to all the peeps who got a chicken in a box with a least you got corn to go with....and remember....this too shall pass.


Your toes get stepped on.  Or you get hit in the head while you're trying to spin under your partner's arms.  Or even though your heads are close together, your faces are looking other directions.  And sometimes you dance when there is no music at all.

But sometimes when you dance everything is just right.  Every single little thing is just right.  There is music and rhythm and a sublime union.  And that's when you remember why you even dance at all.

Because life is a dance and even though sometimes the dance isn't the best of all...sometimes when you dance...

it is!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


2. For a distinguished example of local reporting of breaking news, with special emphasis on the speed and accuracy of the initial coverage, using any available journalistic tool, including text reporting, videos, databases, multimedia or interactive presentations or anycombination of those formats, in print or online or both.

Yep I did's the day I nominate the HPOs for a Pulitzer Prize #86 on my life list

The Great Tornado Hunt
June 13, 2010

and I sealed it with my bumble bee sealing wax
and a kiss!  And then I sprinkled it with Holy Water.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is how I would do it!  Because that is HOW I FELT...and still feel!

What joy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011



Chorus: And thinking of her
Sweet sleep overcame me

I am your master
See your hear
And of this burning heart
Your heart
(Chorus: She trembling)
Obediently eats.
Weeping, I saw him then depart from me.

Joy is converted
To bitterest tears

I am in peace
My heart
I am in peace
See my heart

Thursday, January 6, 2011



Who: Peeps who have nothing to do

What: Wheel of Fortune Contest
When: 6:30 PM CST
Where: 1107 S Barkley
Why: good question
Further details: carpet cocktail, blazing fire, dinner cooking

Pat called and said, “Ge_ y__r a____ o_ts__e i_ t__ _____e_!”

I call dibs on being Vanna.

I'd also like to buy a vowel, with a side of Cabernet.
See you in a few! Punkin is still napping!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


If you are going to expose your perfect breasts, tiny waist, long slender legs and luxurious blonde hair that doesn't go limp in the humidty in MY shower....

then the least you can do is be gracious....

Get off the floor....and hold something.  Or do something useful!