Tuesday, November 26, 2013


For the month of November my little art students and I are learning about
Leonardo da Vinci

First we "painted" the Mona Lisa
then we studied facial space/symmetry...drawing 1/2 of a face to match the other face provided
and then on to
the Vitruvian Man

from time to time I do worry about about
body parts
if you know what I mean

I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoy the art of children

It gives me such a fresh perspective

so....they made their own
V-Men...however they wanted

in the colors they wanted and the medium they wanted
(no oil...yet)

and then we put together what they called 
"a compass"
and on the back...the measurements of each
fingertip to fingertip...head to toe

my personal favorite
this little guy is 5 and he is very entertaining

in case you didn't know......

The Vitruvian Man is a drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci circa 1490.  It is accompanied by notes based on the work of the architect Vitruvius. The drawing, which is in pen and ink on paper, depicts a male figure in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs apart and simultaneously inscribed in a circle and square. The drawing and text are sometimes called the Canon of Proportions or, less often, Proportions of Man. It is stored in the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice, Italy, and, like most works on paper, is displayed only occasionally.
The drawing is based on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius in Book III of his treatise De Architectura. Vitruvius described the human figure as being the principal source of proportion among the Classical orders of architecture. Vitruvius determined that the ideal body should be eight heads high. Leonardo's drawing is traditionally named in honor of the architect.

The lower section of text gives these proportions:
  • the length of the outspread arms is equal to the height of a man
  • from the hairline to the bottom of the chin is one-tenth of the height of a man
  • from below the chin to the top of the head is one-eighth of the height of a man
  • from above the chest to the top of the head is one-sixth of the height of a man
  • from above the chest to the hairline is one-seventh of the height of a man.
  • the maximum width of the shoulders is a quarter of the height of a man.
  • from the breasts to the top of the head is a quarter of the height of a man.
  • the distance from the elbow to the tip of the hand is a quarter of the height of a man.
  • the distance from the elbow to the armpit is one-eighth of the height of a man.
  • the length of the hand is one-tenth of the height of a man.
  • the root of the penis is at half the height of a man.
  • the foot is one-seventh of the height of a man.
  • from below the foot to below the knee is a quarter of the height of a man.
  • from below the knee to the root of the penis is a quarter of the height of a man.
  • the distances from below the chin to the nose and the eyebrows and the hairline are equal to the ears and to one-third of the face.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Being in love is such a wonderful feeling that is hard to compare to...
loving....loving is the thing
 the thing that is better than being in love
if you have loved the same person for years and years and made it through some fires
you understand what I'm talking about.


The title link will direct you to a very wonderful 
about real love
I hope you will take the time to read the whole thing...it's very moving
and even more so that it was shared to me by my sweet daughter...so glad she "get's it"!

below are a few of the excerpts that especially moved me to share with you!

He just pulled that beat-up Volkswagon Rabbit of his over in front of Murray Reesor’s hundred acre farm right there where Grey Township meets Elma Township, pulled out a little red velvet box, and whispered it in the snowy dark: “Marry me?”

The man who imagines slipping his arm around his wife’s soft, thickening middle age waistline and whispering that he couldn’t love her more

How a man proposes isn’t what makes him romantic. It’s how a man purposes to lay down his life that makes him romantic.

Because the truth is, real love will always make you suffer. Simply commit:Who am I willing to suffer for?

The kind of man whose romance isn’t flashy – because love is gritty.
The kind of man whose romance isn’t about cameras — because it’s about Christ.
The kind of man whose romance doesn’t have to go viral — because it’s going eternal.


I'm bored to tears

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


As we do in Texas like no other place...we combine words yet still draw them out in multiple syllables...
for example...
we turn you all into ya'll...but it takes just as long to say ya'll as it does you all...get it?

We do that with names too....so that Gloria Lee...becomes...Gloralee or the even quicker version..Glorlee

I will sure miss her.

She died Sunday at the age of 73.

Man...I just saw her in the grocery store which is where I almost always saw her...we both attended Lowes Grocery Market...often...

Gloralee could not have had a very easy life...for as long as I've known her...she cooked or waited tables at the local cowboy restaurant.  Her specialty was cheeseburgers, which she would say with the cutest lisp you have ever heard.

She made me laugh.  She made me happy.  She made me feel good.  She was good.

She was a person who just lived her life...every day...just living her life right where she lived it...no high expectations, no low expectations...just living life...doing what she did and in this day and time...I found her to be quite refreshing.  Honest.  Nice. Funny. Hardworking. Good.


I will sure miss her.  I didn't even know she was sick.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 I adore the holidays

and as one unfolds into the next 
sometimes I just like to take a moment to pause and enjoy
...lingering in the moment...

to me represents such a dramatic change
shorter chilly days
first Halloween and then
(I have so much fun with my scrabble game)

I splurged on these from Horchow nearly 25 years ago
back then...whatever I spent...was a splurge

but as I take this sweet couple out year after year

and refill the basket

they remind me of such wonderful memories
and they have even been on my travels if need be...here they are at a family trip to Taos one Thanksgiving

I am not sure I don't like Thanksgiving more than Christmas


perhaps just a little sentimental today

as we gather the last of the vegetables

from the garden

and get out all the fall-ish

and outside

and set the table for friends and family

it's no secret

fall is in full swing

but I will enjoy just a few more Indian Summer days

where the flowers still bloom among the pumpkins

and the green leftover from summer
procrastinates with me

we gather together
to build the fires on the hearth
and prepare

for the wonderful things that are just around the corner


and the possibilities of 
a whole brand new fresh wonderful year full of promise

just like the last one

Monday, November 4, 2013



I spent this weekend bringing in lots of plants before the 
(that they predict...yet it still stays above freezing...oh well...it is November)

I have said it before
it's a pain I know but I can hardly bear to let a good fern die

I have about 5 of these

and a dozen of these

where will I put the Christmas tree I had here last year?
and I was even planning on adding another to that one!

these looked so small on my front porch

another thing I love to do is plant bulbs for some winter pep
these are paper whites

we bought this old ball jar at an auction in Dalhart Saturday
and I just gathered up some of my new gravel for the bottom

I think the roots growing in the water are almost as lovely 
as the soon to be 
so lovely and fragrant!

Miss Pouty Been...is that really the same you kissing that man?

this little fern needs some love
good little dresser to be resting upon!

nature is so wonderful to experience
I love to show these kinds of things to Betty

and she loves it too

this is my starter tray
I love to save all my prayer candle jars for things such as this

not crazy about the ivy but I love the ivy vase with the quirky wire

when they get good and going, I'll put them around the house here and there

just a bit of life helps the winter not seem so gray