Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Recently our baby bo peep became engaged to the man she has been in and out of love with since she was 14.

During the holidays she sat at the feet of his great grandmother who shared this bit of newlywed advice....

Be an asset, not a burden.

Simple. Plain. To the point. Right On!

If I were 22 I would probably be a bit annoyed at that advice like bo peep was.  But over the years I have learned and hope embrace exactly what this wise woman knows.

Certainly both in the marriage need to hang on to these words as if that's all they knew.  If they did that, marriages would not or could not fail.

But she knows something deeper than the words...she knew to say these words to the woman and not the man.

It's not that a man can't be an asset, of course he can.

But a woman in the home is the one who guides all else...the mood of the day, the mood of her husband, the mood of her children, the mood of her marriage and the mood of her future.

Rise early and get hold of yourself before the day gets hold of you (from my own grandmother)
Soft words are like honey (Proverbs)
There is no need to state the obvious...when something is amiss no doubt everyone knows it...no words are like ointment to the wound (Beth Moore)
Nagging is the #1 reason marriages fail (Rush Limbaugh)
Even though you might not be successful at this attitude consistently, maintain the attitude (me)

What if every single day your husband said to you, "Honey? What can I do for you today?"
What if you said it to him?

What if you said it to everyone?

If  today finds you angered or short tempered with someone you care about...then this all is mush. And I know that.

But the concept can live past today

Friday, January 27, 2012


I actually found myself liking him ??? after this!

Click here for an AWESOME reason to love Maroon 5!


Hub:   Want to go with me to Amarillo for PRPC Meeting?
Me:    Yes but need to be back in time for the forum...I have a few things to do for it and don't want to rush
Peep:  I have to go to Amarillo what are you doing today?

Hub text:  I took your phone by mistake
Peep:  Ha...B is texting from your phone to call you.  Let's go to NEST
Me:  There's another cute store too

Note on NESTt door:  Back from lunch at 2
Me n Peep:  Let's go to Grey is Gray and come back

2:15 Note on NEST door:  Back from lunch at 2
Peep:  I need to go
Me:  I do too

Me:  Around the block and back to NEST

Text to B:  I found us a 1924 Baby Grand

Pick B up from PRPC meeting back to NEST

Purchase 1924 Baby Grand that will be three years older than our house and live in the pink "music room"

While this part of the day may seem quite random and bizarre, we actually always discussed that hub would love to have a baby grand in front of the picture window and the living room would actually be the room in which all those who are able to play an instrument how ever so slightly, would entertain those who were willing to listen.

I just had no idea that day would come today.

So glad we bought Betty that flute on our trip!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Okie dokie...so maybe you were a bit skeptical about the Patron Of Bees bookmark and I'm pretty used to that...but on the very same trip, the very next day we were headed off to a fishing trip and after having been in this tropical paradise for days, I mentioned to same friend that I was surprised at having not seen one single bug...fly...butterfly...

She began to tell me the story about the funeral of her husband's mother...in November...after a killing frost...that her casket was adorned with yellow roses.  At the cemetery the family was gathered at the grave when a lone Monarch butterfly...out of nowhere....began to hover above and lite upon the yellow roses.

At just that moment, we stepped into a parking lot and from a nearby tree came fluttering a single Monarch butterfly...it flew all around us and then just as quickly as it came, disappeared into the distance.

Still skeptical?

There is another story that happened on this very trip with another sweet friend.

I never talk about politics and money and besides it isn't  my story to tell, but I was fortunate to get to hear about her pennies from heaven.

Later that day...she picked up a tiny little lady bug and put it in my hand.

So...I'm kind of thinking.... I would like to see this.....

It could happen!


This Christmas I gave my bff a book of saints.  She's Catholic and I am a Catholic wannabe.  The book was beautiful and I knew she would enjoy it.

This past week we were on a business trip together and it was the first time I'd seen her since Christmas.  She told me how much she loved the book and that she thought it was so sweet that I had placed the blue satin marker at the patron bee saint.

I had not put it there...but someone did.

Over the years because I love bees so much and because they are such a part of the history of 822, she has given me many sweet little bee gifts.

Not that many people would even think twice of something like that happening.  It's a shame that more people don't notice and enjoy these tiny little presents from heaven.  They are very soulful!
Every morning Bernard would ask himself, “Why have I come here?”, and then remind himself of his main duty – to lead a holy life.

Friday, January 20, 2012


During the Christmas Holidays I was at a party and had a chance to chat with some old friends.

While standing at the BBQ table, I ran into K.   We have a mutual friend J.

Me(after some chit chat):  So...how in the world is J?
K: Weeelllll....J is always on the look-out for a plum.

While that's the first time I had ever heard it put in those words, I knew exactly what he meant.

I'm a bit of a plum seeker myself.

Faith in your future
Moving on down the road
What else?
Looking for a plum

Not one thing in the world wrong with that...in fact...everything in the world right with it!

My plum(s)
a well manicured herb garden
a butterfly habitat in my upstairs art studio
new art students within the year
a sweeter marriage
a trip to the redwood forest with baby bo peep and bo peep
new residents on Barkley street
a perfect summer wedding

even though my life is so abundant I could hardly poke one more plum in my horn of plenty...I still dream of more.

So...what's YOUR plum?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've had a new peep friend for a while now...long enough that I would classify her in the BFF category!
She moved here from another town and she and hubby built a fantastic home!  This set of stairs go up to her "bonus room" and hubby told her she could do whatever she wanted with them.

She chose me!  And what a blast we had deciding what to do.  The stairs are in the back of the house, just off her laundry/sewing room and she wanted something over the top and whimsical.
Trust me...this matches her personality, which is why we became fast friends!

In addition to lots of colorful paint, I used a lot of old music, fun papers, book pages, jewels and jewelry

It kind of has a little old world artsy flavor finished off with a very heavy coat of varnish.  The wear and tear will only make this look better over time.

I happened to be at a party at her house during the holidays and overheard someone asking one of her guests if they'd seen the fantastic staircase yet.

It's amusing that sometimes people (my hubby for instance...her's too) want us to put the
whimsy where it won't take away from how cool the real part of the house is, when in reality it's just this kind of thing that bring it to life.

Not everyone has the guts to paint a staircase like this...but Pauler did.

She is gutsy and as colorful and fun as you can imagine by looking at what she let me do when I had just met her!

She just told me "make it fun"...and well...it is!

Unexpected and Fun!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


             When we first purchased 822 one of the things that attracted me to it was the flora
even though it was certainly too much

Our plan was to create a formal English (or French) herb garden on the north side of the house because we love to cook with fresh herbs.  As you can see...this took some vision!

you could barely walk through to the backyard it was so overgrown... but you can imagine how lovely it was in the fall when all this was shades of red and gold

this was the view from the street...a hidden gem that will soon have a peekaboo gate

the first thing was to remove the wall and support it with the huge cedar beams that are everywhere on the house.  The tree in the center will be removed by next week..along with several others.  There will be a half rock wall here with a gated entrance.

In our cleaning, we uncovered several rows of flower beds created with the rock from the house...we will certainly use these.  It has come a long way since we moved in.  Winter helped!  This will be where the front gate will be..an arch with at gate and a rock wall.  So it will have some privacy.

The plan is to have crushed granite paths that sort of have a casual old world feel

I love garden art and will put to use this lovely old bench that was hidden in the vines

we will have rock lined beds using what is there, it will just be more formal and geometric

Sadly, this aged old vine may have to be shipped out unless it can be shaped up...I have hope

so...in just a few short months and a few worn gloves later this will look like...

remember the story of finding the gold ring in the button box and that it will purchase the center feature of this garden?  Our angel will sit in a water feature.

Of course this is a very mature garden and we don't have the exact same space, but this is the idea

mostly greens but certainly some lavender

This is the crushed stone look and don't forget...the statue will be placed in a reflecting pool to attract the birds

definitely lots of fragrant artemesia, rosemary, thyme and well..you get the idea

we plan on using the four season ladies, but probably in the backyard instead of the side yard

Exciting...hard work ahead...but those are the most fun projects of all!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Ok...I clearly do NOT know how to cut up a fresh pineapple!
I should have watched this video first, but I was kind of in a hurry to go take photos at a basketball game for the HPO, and besides...is it really that hard?

Tomorrow is DOUBLE celebration.  Baby peep is in a wedding of her bff and her golf buddy bf's brother is having his wedding shower.  I am responsible for hemming dress and fresh pineapple.

Oh how do I get myself into these things?  I don't hem...I hot glue!  Or in case of hurry...gray tape.

And I CLEARLY do NOT know how to cut up a fresh pineapple!

But I will share my technique for cutting fresh pineapple.  Some might like it.

Go to lame grocery store in case you need to blame your lousy pineapple on lame grocery store which isn't quite so lame anymore since they sell beer, wine and pina colada mix.

Purchase all ingredients

Chilled glass
Eldorado Rum
Mexican Pina Colada Drink
Garnish with slice of smashed pineapple.
x2...or x3...or however long it takes you to cut pineapple taking special care with sharp knife.

Place in baggy and leave on hostess doorstep with note that you have to hem bridesmaid dress and won't make it to the shower.

And then have another???


Somewhere in this photo you will find two little girls who have lived closely most of their lives.

Front row from the right:

(At the wedding feast favorite memories of bride and/or groom)

"My favorite memory is the day that you and me were playing at my house and we decided that we were going to pretend that we were two sisters who lived in England.  We spent the night practicing what we would say and how our words would sound if we were two sisters from England.

That day I had no idea that today you really would be my sister and I am so glad you are.


Yep...feels pretty darn good to be on the same team with somebody you can pretend with and be real with.
Lots of cheerio up ahead!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I recently came across this song again while browsing my favorite blogs and it reminded me how much I love it and Neil Young.

Something about it makes me feel so good and wanted to share it with you.

This photo was taken during an eclipse a few years ago.  I always make my household get up to view spectacular heavenly events...even when the best viewed time dictates being roused from a deep slumber on a cold winter night.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


           Allsup’s clerk reported a female subject with purple hair stole burritos

The above information was taken directly from a press release emailed to me each morning from a local detective.  Usually the report includes fender benders, but this one...well this one is extreme indeed.

It kind of shot my "have a little faith in mankind" attitude right out of the water....really?  Purple Hair?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We all start out pretty cute
If we're lucky we have a stage that's pretty darn good
And for sure a best we can be stage
maybe a little crazy hippie stage as we fight the inevitable?
and then...well....it happens to us all.  
The boobs just fall.

Monday, January 9, 2012


This weekend was spent in a most fun way!  A new plan for two old sisters!  After the holiday rush, we will take a few days to visit each other's houses.

This weekend, I went to visit her.
We painted a few  pieces of furniture.
I taught her a few tricks and she taught me a few!
We drank garage cold beer, and listened to some KC and the Sunshine Band with a little Jewel mixed in.
We skulked about the flea markets and antique stores, hung out with her kids and our husbands, watched Bridesmaids and drank coffee and caught up on what really matters...which is

a whole lot of nothing except that we really really love each other and and even though I just left her, I can't wait to see her when she comes to my house this week.

We will just drink beer.

Friday, January 6, 2012


...this risk I take from time to time.  I guess living in a small town all your life kind of makes you have a little faith in mankind.

So far..that's worked out pretty well for me.

Spearman alum now living in Austin in Alco near Christmas:  "Hey Gina...how are you?"
Me:  "Great..how are your mom and dad?"
etc., etc., etc.
Spearman alum now living in Austin in Alco near Christmas: "man it sure is cold here...I think Austin is about 78 degrees today"
Me:  "I suppose that's true..and great...but you  know what?  It might be colder than heck here, but my car is running in the parking lot and I'm pretty sure my purse is in the front seat."

We both laugh because we know it's so true how we are.

I leave my purse in my car, my keys in the ignition, I post personal information both on this blog and in the HPO.  It would do no good to try to keep secret my address...everyone knows where my house is and most of the time it's unlocked.  And so are other people's....that's how you are able to surprise them with a meal or a gift.

We do have some registered sex offenders and I do say hi to them if/when I run into them at the grocery store or post office.  I'm not too scared that they are going to sexually offend me or anyone I know.

So...yes...it might seem risky these things I do....but I kind of dig having a little faith in my world around me.


 Last week....Santa Claus
 Last night....Groom Daddy
Tonight?  Drinking Sisters Driver

Thursday, January 5, 2012


This is the day he cut his hair off with the scissors. From the looks of the photo he might have cut a little of his eyebrows off too. He seems quite proud.

Today is the day her marries her.  The one on the right.

Pretty sure it's ok to divulge the wishes of the wishing ball when they come true.

Not for sure, but I think I might cry.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It always makes me a little blue to take away those fun and festive decorations after having lived with them for a month or more.

Last night peep, bo peep and hub looked through some pasta cookbooks while we were cooking pasta.  We came to a decision that we would cook more pasta in 2012.

My holiday dessert table is lean.  Thank goodness for that!

My dining room has so much more room with the tree gone
And even though poinsettias are seasonal, I can't bear to get rid of them.

I rescued this one last year from the grocery store around January 5.  I bought it for a dollar.
It started turning red the first of December.

So I'll hang on to them just for fun

I really like that red pop of color against my pink walls and behind the sofa is a good place for them

My buffet has gone back to pink plates and normal candles

I like this better I think

I brought my money tree out from the dark bathroom window

and stuck a Chinese fisherman in my glass jar

It will take me a while to get used to the all white and glass

These paper whites still have to bloom...they are very late

but my pink and purple hyacinths are right on

These paper whites did the trick and they smell so good

Out with the fancy sequin Nutcracker and in with the naked angel

and speaking of Nutcrackers...well...let's just say I still can't park my car in my garage yet. 
But I do have a plan!