Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Recently our baby bo peep became engaged to the man she has been in and out of love with since she was 14.

During the holidays she sat at the feet of his great grandmother who shared this bit of newlywed advice....

Be an asset, not a burden.

Simple. Plain. To the point. Right On!

If I were 22 I would probably be a bit annoyed at that advice like bo peep was.  But over the years I have learned and hope embrace exactly what this wise woman knows.

Certainly both in the marriage need to hang on to these words as if that's all they knew.  If they did that, marriages would not or could not fail.

But she knows something deeper than the words...she knew to say these words to the woman and not the man.

It's not that a man can't be an asset, of course he can.

But a woman in the home is the one who guides all else...the mood of the day, the mood of her husband, the mood of her children, the mood of her marriage and the mood of her future.

Rise early and get hold of yourself before the day gets hold of you (from my own grandmother)
Soft words are like honey (Proverbs)
There is no need to state the obvious...when something is amiss no doubt everyone knows it...no words are like ointment to the wound (Beth Moore)
Nagging is the #1 reason marriages fail (Rush Limbaugh)
Even though you might not be successful at this attitude consistently, maintain the attitude (me)

What if every single day your husband said to you, "Honey? What can I do for you today?"
What if you said it to him?

What if you said it to everyone?

If  today finds you angered or short tempered with someone you care about...then this all is mush. And I know that.

But the concept can live past today

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Elizabeth said...

I love this - I want to be this kind of wife one day. Reminder, reminders, reminders! Miss you.