Friday, January 6, 2012


...this risk I take from time to time.  I guess living in a small town all your life kind of makes you have a little faith in mankind.

So far..that's worked out pretty well for me.

Spearman alum now living in Austin in Alco near Christmas:  "Hey are you?"
Me:  " are your mom and dad?"
etc., etc., etc.
Spearman alum now living in Austin in Alco near Christmas: "man it sure is cold here...I think Austin is about 78 degrees today"
Me:  "I suppose that's true..and great...but you  know what?  It might be colder than heck here, but my car is running in the parking lot and I'm pretty sure my purse is in the front seat."

We both laugh because we know it's so true how we are.

I leave my purse in my car, my keys in the ignition, I post personal information both on this blog and in the HPO.  It would do no good to try to keep secret my address...everyone knows where my house is and most of the time it's unlocked.  And so are other people's....that's how you are able to surprise them with a meal or a gift.

We do have some registered sex offenders and I do say hi to them if/when I run into them at the grocery store or post office.  I'm not too scared that they are going to sexually offend me or anyone I know. might seem risky these things I do....but I kind of dig having a little faith in my world around me.

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