Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Okie dokie...so maybe you were a bit skeptical about the Patron Of Bees bookmark and I'm pretty used to that...but on the very same trip, the very next day we were headed off to a fishing trip and after having been in this tropical paradise for days, I mentioned to same friend that I was surprised at having not seen one single bug...fly...butterfly...

She began to tell me the story about the funeral of her husband's mother...in November...after a killing frost...that her casket was adorned with yellow roses.  At the cemetery the family was gathered at the grave when a lone Monarch butterfly...out of nowhere....began to hover above and lite upon the yellow roses.

At just that moment, we stepped into a parking lot and from a nearby tree came fluttering a single Monarch butterfly...it flew all around us and then just as quickly as it came, disappeared into the distance.

Still skeptical?

There is another story that happened on this very trip with another sweet friend.

I never talk about politics and money and besides it isn't  my story to tell, but I was fortunate to get to hear about her pennies from heaven.

Later that day...she picked up a tiny little lady bug and put it in my hand.

So...I'm kind of thinking.... I would like to see this.....

It could happen!

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