Wednesday, May 14, 2014


My little art loft is such a happy space this May
I can't get enough of how cheerful and full of life it is.

May's artist is Lulie Wallace...her work fascinates me
it's naive like a child and I thought she would be a great artist for my little kiddos

It's been warm enough to finally paint these antique Chinese chairs outside
I ran out of paint and one of the pitfalls of small town retail?  Well...they ended up two different colors
which turns out--is rather cool!

I enjoy seeing the work all lined up to dry until next time

the paints and plates are works of art too!

in progress

so pleasing and fun

drying in the sunshine

her work is harder to duplicate

than you might imagine

interestingly enough...the younger ones are better at it...
maybe they are still more free
these are my studies for them to look at

we use acrylics...oil takes too long to dry


the sweet messages I find on the table

I will save this table cover forever...or cut it up and give it to them as a gift when they graduate highschool

who wouldn't want to create here?

even my 4 year old rescue poinsettia is turning colors

and I'm having a hard time moving my ferns outside...
seriously...we had a freeze last night MAY 13!!!

This nesting dove is just outside our window
in the loft we look down on her but from the ground she is way up there
and I would imagine this confuses her but she maintains her composure

are you a 


she is adorable and her work is full of happy lively color