Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It happens every single time. Hubby and I agree that we will spend the long cold winter months getting rid of our crap on Ebay. He really gets into it and uses the funniest descriptions in his auctions that make me laugh—out loud! He is focused and nothing gets between him and depositing into his PayPal Account.I, on the other hand, am much more impetuous than that. In fact, my usual M.O. is to
1. Locate my crap
2. Take photos in all ways to make it look great and desirable
3. Search it out on Ebay to see what it’s worth before I list it…and this is where the system goes haywire.
For example: I have these absolutely beautiful vintage perfume bottles--Evening in Paris. Cobalt blue glass, tassels, fragrant, vintage…do I need them? NO. I picked them up at some auction somewhere and have them only to dust. I search them on Ebay …there’s a nice listing of them, some of them are selling…for more than I realized my collection of useless bottles are worth…and the next thing you know…I’m not selling…I’m buying!
If they’re selling, then they must be worth something and if they are, I better add to my collection rather than get rid of it. Makes perfect sense…to Ebay that is!
Recent purchases: vintage rosaries, silver butter knife, more Navajo jewelry????, old pillow cases that smell like my grandmother’s house, and a new (old) magnifying glass with jade handle to read my fine print on my new (old) snuff bottle.Recently Sold: one plaid shirt for $.99.
And FYI…who knew my 1970 Frye Boots were something I should have held on to…current bid….$172.51…I’m in!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Marriage is like a silver sugar bowl.If you just leave it in the cabinet and take it out from time to time you will find it tarnished.Polish Polish Polish and it will shine again, just like new.But what if you take it out each day, use it, and polish it while you hold it? Each day?Your sweet little sugar bowl needs to be polished to shine. And it needs to be polished by everyone who takes the sugar out of it. So polish it every day and it will shine every day.The more you polish it, the shinier it is.And don’t forget the spoon. That’s part of it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Frosty December Sunday afternoon, just the perfect kind of day for staying home in front of a cozy fire watching football and HGTV. But instead…..

Button mushrooms: stuffed and topped with mango chutney--ready to bake
Nails: painted festive hot pink
Silver and green turquoise green bear: polished
Outfit consisting of gray hoodie cable sweater, black tights, combat boots, lime green rabbit pompom scarf: thoughtfully put together
Hair: poufed and sprayed in place
Lips: lined
Car: warming and loaded with snackie poos, scarf gift, and fizzy water
I get to BFF’s driveway at designated hour and I am the only one there. I usually am early, but her door was closed. I dial BFF and ask her where everyone is including her. “I am here in your driveway,” I say. She lols and says, “It’s next Sunday.”


I felt a little like one of those people who looks down and realizes they have two different shoes on.

At least I haven’t done that yet.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My life didn’t start out this way. In fact, I really am quite a private person who doesn’t like to gossip or get in people’s business and sure don’t want anyone in mine.And then one day I turned into a one man paparazzi…well not one man because I have some free lance contacts that call me up and say, “Hey, there’s a flock of turkeys in front of the Catholic Church,” or “Hey you need to go take a picture of that old chubby man sliding down the slide at the pool,” or “Hey, they’re roasting Hatch chilies in the mall parking lot.”The funny thing is that I do it. I grab my camera and off I run…not quite quickly enough to catch the turkeys on the church porch, but in the lot across the street is almost as good.And the fat man on the slide? I would NEVER post his butt crack because I have integrity and besides he might kick mine.But because of my newfound line of work, I can honestly say I know a little bit about everything. I know who’s meeting when, who got good grades, who had a baby, whose rocket shot the highest in the science experiment and the minutes of most meetings. It’s a weird life I have going now. It seems now that I view every single situation, happening, and photograph in terms of a “story”, and so do other people--(view that for me.) But you know? Life in the raw really is a story…life as it unfolds is a story. And life as the paparazzi in a small town? A very good story indeed.