Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It happens every single time. Hubby and I agree that we will spend the long cold winter months getting rid of our crap on Ebay. He really gets into it and uses the funniest descriptions in his auctions that make me laugh—out loud! He is focused and nothing gets between him and depositing into his PayPal Account.I, on the other hand, am much more impetuous than that. In fact, my usual M.O. is to
1. Locate my crap
2. Take photos in all ways to make it look great and desirable
3. Search it out on Ebay to see what it’s worth before I list it…and this is where the system goes haywire.
For example: I have these absolutely beautiful vintage perfume bottles--Evening in Paris. Cobalt blue glass, tassels, fragrant, vintage…do I need them? NO. I picked them up at some auction somewhere and have them only to dust. I search them on Ebay …there’s a nice listing of them, some of them are selling…for more than I realized my collection of useless bottles are worth…and the next thing you know…I’m not selling…I’m buying!
If they’re selling, then they must be worth something and if they are, I better add to my collection rather than get rid of it. Makes perfect sense…to Ebay that is!
Recent purchases: vintage rosaries, silver butter knife, more Navajo jewelry????, old pillow cases that smell like my grandmother’s house, and a new (old) magnifying glass with jade handle to read my fine print on my new (old) snuff bottle.Recently Sold: one plaid shirt for $.99.
And FYI…who knew my 1970 Frye Boots were something I should have held on to…current bid….$172.51…I’m in!

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