Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Frosty December Sunday afternoon, just the perfect kind of day for staying home in front of a cozy fire watching football and HGTV. But instead…..

Button mushrooms: stuffed and topped with mango chutney--ready to bake
Nails: painted festive hot pink
Silver and green turquoise green bear: polished
Outfit consisting of gray hoodie cable sweater, black tights, combat boots, lime green rabbit pompom scarf: thoughtfully put together
Hair: poufed and sprayed in place
Lips: lined
Car: warming and loaded with snackie poos, scarf gift, and fizzy water
I get to BFF’s driveway at designated hour and I am the only one there. I usually am early, but her door was closed. I dial BFF and ask her where everyone is including her. “I am here in your driveway,” I say. She lols and says, “It’s next Sunday.”


I felt a little like one of those people who looks down and realizes they have two different shoes on.

At least I haven’t done that yet.

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