Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Living on Tulsa Time
at the BOK Center

we didn't have days and days to spend on this mini vacay
so we made the best of  our short stay for sure!

here we are, JT Groupies and Back Up Singers
celebrating at The Daily Grill at the Tulsa Hyatt
right before he goes on stage and just a mere block away

his music was amazing of course
and his band was exceptional

I must admit, though I do love Oklahoma, that I was state jealous when he talked about Oklahoma with such fondness rather than my Texas...I'm guessing he did that in Lubbock a few weeks before because his first song was a Buddy Holly song...sweet!

back at home our Betty took first place in the Butterfly
this is her 2nd year to swim and the Fly is the most difficult of all

and little Henry?  well thanks to little Henry

Grace was able to grab this shot because
JT's son is also Henry
way to go Grace!!!

And one of us in the group is a different kind of
groupie...he likes The Pioneer Woman and we couldn't drive through Oklahoma without seeing her new building in Pawhuska and the entrance to her ranch!


Monday, June 20, 2016


When he came to Dallas in 1995
me and my bo peep were there

She was 16.....
what 16 year old back then even knew who James Taylor was?


When he came to Lubbock in May 2016....it was in the middle of the week and
even though our baby bo peep lives there and it would have been a good chance to visit

week days and work days are just too hard to drive 6 hours there and back for a concert

BUT.....when he added TULSA to is list for June 24

BOK Center in Tulsa

well.....here we be...do you see those 4 seats right in the middle?
me...her...and our men

yes....there we be...me and my James Taylor loving gal...35 now...
and we still love us some James Taylor!  Tomorrow and Forever!
Which is your favorite James Taylor song?