Monday, June 20, 2016


When he came to Dallas in 1995
me and my bo peep were there

She was 16.....
what 16 year old back then even knew who James Taylor was?


When he came to Lubbock in May was in the middle of the week and
even though our baby bo peep lives there and it would have been a good chance to visit

week days and work days are just too hard to drive 6 hours there and back for a concert

BUT.....when he added TULSA to is list for June 24

BOK Center in Tulsa we you see those 4 seats right in the middle?
me...her...and our men

yes....there we and my James Taylor loving gal...35 now...
and we still love us some James Taylor!  Tomorrow and Forever!
Which is your favorite James Taylor song?


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Love James Taylor! I think my favorites are Mockingbird and Carolina in My Mind. And of course, You've Got A Friend and Sweet Baby James... I obviously love them all. You're going to be in heaven in the best sing-a-long ever!
xo, T.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

so great you were able to attend with your loved ones. His music knows no age limit. My 87 year old mother loves him too.

Down On The Farm said...

Fire & Rain. I love that song, and I love James Taylor. Such a pure voice. So glad you got to see him!!!!

Anajá Schmitz said...

Amo James Taylor. Como ele era bonito quando jovem.
Bela cancão.
tenha uma ótima semana.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Love James Taylor! The concert is tomorrow?