Sunday, June 30, 2013


It's been kind of a crazy little week or two around here
I've been up to some good things outside that are keeping me from my computer inside

I hope you are too!

I am crazy in love with the smell of orange mint

the tarragon is getting used...YUM!!!
so delicious on grilled fish

how do weeds grow so quickly and need to be hoed every single day?

cabbage is doing well
the lettuce is bug free and I'm not sure why
the squash is covered with blooms

the thyme is fragrant too!

grow wisteria grow!!!

cozy little corner

I bought this statue because I thought it looked like Betty
but by the looks of the sonogram...I think I picked one that looks just like
our just about to be little Perrilyn

I wish the other side looked like this..maybe by summer's end

pots from Santa this color this year!

The kiddos are usually around a lot and we love that
but these past few weeks?
one is about to give birth and sticks close to home
one is frolicking in LA with her boyfriend
one is celebrating her first anniversary and headed to Mexico
we are obviously frolickers!

and we find ourselves waiting waiting waiting

on cute sprinkler guy to give us a turn

This week will be full of summer fun and celebration
to me...July 4 is the Wednesday of summer

and makes me pretty nostalgic

gosh I hope you're having a great summer!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Before I say anything let me just say this...
I am NOT a person who should be giving a tutorial in anything really

unless it's in just getting in there and giving something a try

Mr. PV decided he wanted to create a bench 
and I asked him if I could hire a decorator
this is the 3rd time he's laughed at me for such a comment
so then I asked him if I could take it to Sergio's Body Shop and have them make it
as in...a car seat...

so I'm thinking...what's mirror cost? and if I mess it up what have I lost?
so if I can cut the mirror then why can't I give tufting a bench a try?

I'm such a good ol' boy

Gather your supplies
Cute carpenter man cut the entire bench, including the top out of mdf
the bottom we covered with mirror leftover from a long ago project

I ordered the white leather from eBay and had the foam from another long ago project
I'm beginning to wonder what kind of girl I've turned into with all this leather and mirror
Miss (Sharon Stone) Muffet

eBay...I love you

Hobby Lobby?  I love you too!

covering the buttons was truly the hardest part of all...probably because the leather was so thick
Mr. PV had to push the button bottoms in for me 

He also drilled the holes in the mdf

take your long twine and long needle

and pull all the way through
you really need some very strong twine or comes in a kit
I actually bent my needle but will probably never use it again (I hope)

go through several times like you would any other button 
tie your button down 
this will be puffy because of your foam

reinforce the tie on the back side
this will be covered with fabric also if you want finished project
(did I say finished?)

and then staple the fabric all the way around the backside

cost?  less than $50 but if I would have paid for this to be done, no telling

this is a partial view of the bench that will have the
two way mirror as the back you see those wonderful angora pillows?
That's what I wanted to a throw...over the leather...but I found these pillows 50% off at Pier 1
Pier 1...I LOVE YOU!

I confess I am guilty of hardly ever having a complete project to show
(the mirror will could be installed over the weekend IF I light a prayer candle)
and at times a get a little ahead of myself like when I put pillows in places 
that are clearly not ready for pillows

add the piano hinge, shine the mirror, arrange the pillows
sit on it
eat my curds and whey

and look at all the spiders that are probably already in my closet
from my shoes being in boxes in the garage for so long

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


In our master closet we did all kinds of things wondering 
what was the best approach to a truly fantastic space
we pinterested
we googled
we read blogs and reviews
we researched 
we got bids
and we got advice
from our cute carpenter man

and this is what he recommended
(he probably had no idea Mr. PV would tackle this without him but it's Little League season for him and we have clothes to hang!)

it was quite simple really
you take the measurements
you drag and click
to create your own custom closet


we decided to take one wall at a time
this wall came in 25
twenty five
25 boxes

poor poor ups man
it was pretty hot that day

step 1
we all know this step

gather your supplies and tools
this box said
easy enough


thinking thinking thinking

reading reading reading

I won't bore you with more get the idea

I'll just include some results
finishes have lots of options--we chose the espresso
love the weight and quality of the rods
(can a man have too many white shirts?or too many wooden hangers?)

can a woman have too many white shirts?
love the white satin hangers
lots of baskets to hide ugly stuff
the final results will come later because we still have to
choose the island
choose the coat portion
install the tv and sound
and I'm leaning toward an antique vanity..but they have vanities also

front view of the dusty 2 way mirror that still needs to be installed
this is the back view
when the tv is can see it..when it's off you only see the mirror
the tv and sound will be hidden in a thin wall here that will be for
ties, belts, etc. on the back side of the mirror
ooooo the MATRIX

view into the bath

this is where the vanity will be built..unless I decide on some fantastic old dressing table that will just fit here

I have been seeing chandelier wallpaper but notice the subtle shadow this casts?
I think I will take a gray water color 

 cast a shadow of this chandelier and paint my own "wallpaper"

I was pretty darn proud of Mr. PV.  
he's good with numbers but he kind of scares me with the saw

and electricity!