Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This is a photograph of the most beautiful diamond belt buckle in the entire world…in the eyes of an artistic 7 year old able to see beyond a few missing jewels.So beautiful in fact that she wanted to possess it. She must have thought it was extremely valuable and rare and that I would never consider giving it up. So she took it one day.
But her sweet conscience arose to the surface like a bubble under water and her mother brought her to me, tearful, sorry and shamed--to return it.I wanted so badly that moment to give it to her, but of course she was learning a very valuable lesson in life and I had to stay out of it.
Years later, I came across it in a pile of stuff leftover from my art gallery and I smiled to think of the precious young lady she has become today.
Believe me, her life has handed her more lessons than most of us could ever begin to endure. So this Christmas, I wrapped it up and gave it to her as a present. I would imagine that her pretend dress up days are long over and that she might laugh to think she ever wanted it.
But I didn’t give it to her to wear…I gave it to her to keep as a treasure, hopefully in a treasure box that she will keep things such as this.And I also gave it to her for myself.
Let go. Let it go…live and let live…forgive those that have taken something from you…forgive yourself for not forgiving them and then forgive them. What you will have left is a wonderful, beautiful, shiny diamond thing…missing a few jewels…but worthy of belonging in a box of treasures.