Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Do you like Hobby Lobby?

Or is it a chore that you MUST do and therefore DREAD???

Not that it matters, but even in the midst of all the chaos and hullabaloo, I find Hobby Lobby to be one of the best places to shop and here's why...

1.  First stop from the long drive is always...the bathroom...this is where it smells fresh and clean and no matter the season there is ALWAYS glitter sparkling on the floor!

2.  EVERYTHING no matter the season is ON SALE...and a great sale...not just 10% off.  This  means when the season (Christmas) is is so affordable.  Exciting Stuff!  And if a sale isn't good enough?  Then take your phone in and use the app for 40%

3.  The wonderful Christian music....please listen and let yourself hum along to your favorite's one of the most relaxing and in my opinion, brainiac shopping strategies of all time!  

4.  Which probably explains #4....I actually like standing in a long line and watching the employees over and over and over be kind and gracious and helpful and NICE...
no matter the season...

5.  I just love it when I run into someone I love in the aisle, which happens often, so when you get done with your shopping, it's time for lunch and you make time to lunch with them...and then you notice in the middle of a bite of a Golden Light Cheeseburger...the glitter sparkling on the face across from you!  

I just can't wait to go back!