Wednesday, February 29, 2012


For some reason today has been a very busy day for me on the HPOs.  
Usually I have my work done before noon and I can go about my other daily must do's.

Today, I was also in and out of 822 a lot and digging around..kind of a strange day for that sort of thing
and of course I almost ALWAYS have my camera near

These are the things I came across today that just made me laugh

A great vintage monk picture and my granny's hand written chocolate pie recipe

The Buddha who lives in my flour jar

The wonderful owl I bought at the library thrift store for a quarter

My empty laundry basket

Art work of a girl fatter than me

A lost rabbit needed to be got M.E.A.N.

One of ??? jars of hotel soap in Apothecary jars!

Something alive poking up through the ground!

A tractor in my yard with a man on it!

and best of all
5 O'clock!


In like a lion out like a lamb so they say...

This final day in February, the harsh cold winter is clinging on.  Cold, blustery, cloudy and the wind is gusting upwards of 60 mph.

No tee time today unless you want a different kind...perfect for a day like today!
A wee spot of tea for the spirits of 822

I'm not really sure why I collected tea pots at one point in my life

maybe because I turn everything into a collection and I'm not kidding

who could resist this sweet little number?

I found this in an antique store when I was raising ostrich so long ago.  I love the bamboo handle


and flowers

My oldest bopeep gave me a tea posy for Christmas this year

Earl Grey is just the best!  Y.U.M.

That little tea light keeps it just right

and speaking of about a bit of crystal ginger (good in martinis too!)

The green organza bag holds hibiscus flowers that grow in the warm tea

My tea stash...I also have a tee stash upstairs waiting for spring and summer

Hot chocolate is a must in our climate too!

and did I mention spirits? 

 If you have never tried American Honey then I feel very sorry for you.  
It is so delicious warmed in tea or hot chocolate or all by its sweet little self

for the spirit in all of us!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Love love love the all white, tone on tone look....I really do love it and no matter how hard I try to go for it? 
Something gets in the way...and that something seems to be

Coach Been's room began with, of course the gold foil wallpaper left over from 1964
(Pretty sentimental toward many things this house has had for nearly 50 years)
The plan was to play off the gold and white and add just a tidge of purple...on one small wall and on the bathroom ceiling.  

Inspiration duvet from Pottery Barn...not that crazy about the purple but really do like the birds and flowers!

Vintage chenille pompom bedspread...ok...we can't forget the bride!  Pompoms, lace curtains...a few feather pillows here and there. (The window seat cushion is original...only today it's crushed OSU velvet and as you can see...not white...I have enough floral fabric to cover it, but I really do kind of like the old vintage velvet!)

Granny B's (for who bo peep is named for) chairs and drum table...uh oh.

My mother's tapestry table cloth that is large enough for a throw at the end of the bed...oopsie daisy!  That's what I get for digging around in all the packed up stuff.

So...where is all that white?

Right there....see it????

When I was musing through all the still packed away things in the garage...I came upon this mosquito honor of my sister who thinks she contracted malaria while cleaning her pool this weekend.  Meant to be...and it's white! YAY!

I think I have discovered the's those gosh darn pillows!  I tossed them all out on the floor...

These are hand painted topiaries on beige tick pillows I painted a very long time ago

You can plainly see that beautiful old white bedspread (estate auction) and vintage crochet pillowcases (eBay)..getting covered up with color over and over

Like hubby layers his gourmet dishes...add in one green koi fish and flower table

and one chartreuse barrel table topped with extra grass cloth wallpaper

and there you have it...

one tone on tone nearly all white room!


Monday, February 27, 2012


This buffet was a recent addition to 822 when Granky asked us to come get it from his house.  It matches the china cabinet that is just to the left and has a definite Asian influence.

I am LOVING blue again!  The entry walls are painted Field Stone, the first tier is a light blue and the ceiling is one shade darker.  I have skulked around my house, garage and basement to dig out all the blue and white porcelain I have had and kept.  So glad I kept it!  This fabric is in honor of Lola and Mr. Cutie Pie...the peacocks that used to live with us.

The blue peacock fabric covers the piano bench and this fuzzy cheetah is now a pillow

This Louis chair has a fun parakeet print on it in greens and yellows.  I am having a hard time deciding what color I want it to be, but I really like these fabrics together with all the soft beige and pinks

and any room can NEVER be without some sort of blue zebras exist?

Thank goodness they do!  And my number ???  favorite thing...feather pillow inserts.  I like them almost as much as glass cloches.

I bought this chair at Tex Kopke's flea market for $5.  It needs a white wash for sure.

I am beginning to think I have too many chairs.  WHAT???  This cane seat  chair might become my cello chair.  The one with the arms really might not work and I don't know if I can give up that cute parakeet fabric!

Gosh I love pillows.  I hand stitch them all because that's the only way I know how to sew.  No machine at my house...just a needle and thread.  But if and when I do want them to be perfect, I have just the right lady who does have a machine!  The burlap is left over from this year's Christmas tree skirt and the one with the writing is a tea towel that I folded over and stitched together.

Blue Chinese fisherman came from an estate sale.  I love him!

I found this little Hobby Lobby planter in my garage and put a sweet little palm in it and set it on the mantle.  So "springy"!

Am I really doing pink and blue?  Weird but I like it!

While I was busy with all my blue stuff and making pillows and cooking cornbread....
other talents were alive putting in the new window

and getting the yard ready for the sprinkler system and hopefully soon (!!!!) some sod!

Man oh man oh man oh man...this is my kind of day!