Friday, February 10, 2012


Today I was laying awake waiting for the sun to come up and for some reason remembering our rabbit gone bad. Actually, it was Mattie's rabbit gone bad.  One day she came home with the cutest little bunny complete with all that goes with it and after a while that little bunny was much more like a puppy.  It would roam around the house and jump up in your lap for you to pet it.  It was so sweet and I really liked having it around.  Then we left for the weekend and when we came back, that rabbit was m.e.a.n.

So, as I was waiting for the sun to come up, I started thinking about maybe getting another bunny.  That made me start thinking about all the unusual pets we've had over the years.
Raising ostriches was a very strange time of my life.  It's hard for me to believe that at one point all I did was hatch chicks.

That's when I met a couple in Amarillo that were "rehabilitators".  I walked into their store one time and was met by a baby deer wearing a diaper.  They gave us Peanut and Poncho..two baby squirrels that had fallen out of their nest.  We raised them until they were old enough to release.  They were so precious and very tame.
Mixed in with the normal dogs and cats there was 
Billy the goat..he peed on my green chintz chair and that was the last of him.

A baby calf to feed with a bottle..I still can't believe I allowed these animals in my least they weren't snakes!
A sweet little ferret that also roamed all over the house.  When we moved I found all kinds of things in the nooks and crannies of Miss Berry's house.
But who I miss the most is Lola and Mr. Cutie Pie...the loveliest pair of peacocks!
Lola was older than Mr. Cutie Pie and had a clutch or two of eggs.  They soon learned to fly and would roost in the giant pecan tree in the backyard.

It became apparent that they would have to move to the country when we would see them sitting on our neighbor's the door...waiting to be fed peanuts.  Several of the neighbors fed them on a regular basis.  One day I was in a hurry, driving home, behind a car and irritated that it was nearly stopped in the the car went on by and I pulled into my own drive...I realized the car in front of me was waiting for a peacock to cross the street...yikes! to the country life.

Pets are interesting...oh yes...I could I forget Bonito?
I walked into the house one day and B was cooking at the stove and this precious little bird was sitting on his shoulder while he was cooking.  He had a cage...he didn't actually live in this glass and silver dish...that was just B being funny.
hmmm...maybe we should consider another llama?  No wait...they spit...and come to think of it...never mind a pet consideration...they ALL POOP!


LKB said...

In my lifetime I've had a pet coyote, and a fox that I could walk around on a leash - her name was Barbara. I also had a 3 legged dog named Lucky - I opted NOT to go with the tried and true Tripod. I had a pair of mink once until the male latched onto my finger and didn't turn loose until it thundered - my screaming brought on a pop up thunder storm. My son gave me a parakeet that went toes up on day in his cage (I WAS NOT sorry to see him go) or and my son tried to have a worm farm once but he forgot to recover the bed and the ducks ate all his worms.

LKB said...

Please forgive the spelling and grammatical errors in previous post - my brain was running amok, my fingers were obviously taking a stroll.

PURA VIDA said...

I was recently told that cougars take on animals