Wednesday, February 29, 2012


For some reason today has been a very busy day for me on the HPOs.  
Usually I have my work done before noon and I can go about my other daily must do's.

Today, I was also in and out of 822 a lot and digging around..kind of a strange day for that sort of thing
and of course I almost ALWAYS have my camera near

These are the things I came across today that just made me laugh

A great vintage monk picture and my granny's hand written chocolate pie recipe

The Buddha who lives in my flour jar

The wonderful owl I bought at the library thrift store for a quarter

My empty laundry basket

Art work of a girl fatter than me

A lost rabbit needed to be got M.E.A.N.

One of ??? jars of hotel soap in Apothecary jars!

Something alive poking up through the ground!

A tractor in my yard with a man on it!

and best of all
5 O'clock!


Leslie said...

This is well written and I totally enjoyed it. Love the Apothecary jar and Budha .. Most of all - cocktail hour and I think I have the same or similar glasses!

So funny :)


designchic said...

Too the buddha and yes, 5:00 is perfect!!

PURA VIDA said...

5 o'clock did turn out rather well I must say


I can always appreciate an empty laundry basket! It is a sign of progress right? And yes.....a nice dirty martini can make celebrating all laundry finished a party!!!