Monday, February 20, 2012


I do believe that if my chef hubby knew back then what he knows now...

1.  Cooking would not compromise his masculinity
2.  His creativity is deeper than anyone knew

He might have gone to chef school instead of banking school
He might trade these jackets in for

this one 

 this would be his uniform...not khakis and a white starched shirt with a too tight tie

his notes might be these instead of mortgages and legal documents

his beef program might be this

turned into this

but...the fact of the matter is...he does both and he does both with flair.

I have heard from reliable sources that he is the best banker around these parts and I know for a fact he's the best cook.  He uses no recipe, just creates his own from things he reads and sees, he chops his own veggies, makes his own stock, peels his own onions and is happiest when he is in his cozy little kitchen steaming up our windows! With a hearty glass of Merlot.

And my job? 
Well...I set the table

fluff the flowers

light the candles 
and enjoy!

If not before, the next day I clean!

When I was doing a lot of mural work he would go with me and as he says...
he cleaned the brushes...he was the base coat guy.

I'm the busser

and while I'm smelling all those wonderful things cooking in front of me, I
 might just sew a  pillow by hand (because my hot glue gun is somewhere I can't seem to remember)

and then...

we do it all over again!


designchic said...

Banker by day and chef by night...perfect. Would love someone cooking my dinner every night and he has you to set the beautiful table. You're the perfect pair!!

Haynes & Rogers, Inc. said...

Love! I believe it exists because of you two and I miss you dearly.